Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Bobby Gives Up

I remain deeply grateful for the support I’ve received from all of you, in all the various ways each of you has given it. Some of you have written letters to the Chairman of the California parole board, and I decided to write one to him as well. You can read what I wrote to him below.

With this I am letting go of all this parole hearing business. In the letter I said what I felt there was a need to say regarding the circumstances and fairness (or lack of it) in the hearing, while being fully aware that fairness has become severely marginalized in the justice system of today.

I am fully aware, moreover, that all of this arises out of past actions. Blaming my circumstances will only imprison me in them. The hearing decision is due to become final in April. Resources required for appealing the hearing procedure violations in the courts are unavailable to me, and even if they were there is only a slim chance that such litigation efforts would produce beneficial results. The obvious course, therefore, is to cut my losses and sweep the parole hearing baggage out of my path so I can move ahead with the work there is to be done.

Of course, if there are any significant developments in any of these areas you will hear from me. Thanks again for your love and support.



Here is what I wrote to . . . .

Robert Doyle, Chairman
California Board of Parole Hearings

Dear Mr. Doyle,

This letter is in regards to my most recent parole hearing, which took place on December 13th 2010.

What occurred in this hearing has deeply troubled me and the people who care about me. While I understand, and fully accept, that the Board of Parole Hearings no longer has a formal appeal process, I feel compelled to bring to your attention the abnormalities that arose in the hearing. In your capacity as the Chairman of the BPH, you may have reasons to share my concerns.

As you probably know, I have been continuously incarcerated for a life crime since August of 1969. Since then I have had about twenty parole hearings, so I’m very familiar with the hearing procedures.

In earlier hearings I was always permitted to make statements relevant to the events and circumstances of the crime, and what significant developments have occurred since that tend to demonstrate acceptance of responsibility and changes in personal orientation. In my hearing this past December I was on several occasions prevented from making statements pertinent to the hearing process. Most egregiously, I was not allowed to finish making a closing statement I had prepared for the hearing. This statement was intended to relate, in terms leaving no uncertainty, my acceptance of responsibility to the victim and remorse for my participation in actions directly resulting in his death.

This dismaying development is inconsistent with my experiences in prior parole hearings. I am unaware of any changes in lifer hearing procedures that would support disallowing an inmate from making statements pertinent to the hearing process.

During his remarks in the decision phase of the hearing, the presiding Commissioner put a great deal of emphasis on crimes I did not participate in, and could not have participated in due to my imprisonment at the time they occurred. Despite there being no allegations ever brought to suggest my involvement in these other crimes, they seem to have been a primary justification for a 5-year denial. In no hearing previous to this one has it been suggested that I should be held to account for crimes I could not have been involved in committing.

I understand that prison inmates with life-top sentences have no entitlement to being granted parole. However, it is also my understanding that inmates appearing before the BPH are entitled to a fair hearing. In light of the foregoing, which is plainly evidenced in the transcript of the hearing, I fail to see how my hearing last December meets even the minimum standard for fairness by any reasonable measure.

R. BeauSoleil
March 23rd 2011


Anonymous said...

Oh my word, "Free Speech" is now permitted on the "Official" Blog?

So I guess I have the floor and can address the Politburo.

So now i'm hearing that Bobby Beausoleil is just "Giving Up" on his fight for his freedom?

Just like that - Done?

Since when does any man turn his back on something that nature instills in us?

I know that Bobby has to be bummed out about his recent denial. It sucks and even I have to acknowledge that Bobby is one of the few guys out there who could make a successful transition back to mainstream society. There's no question about that. He has that musical gift and that's something that he can share with society upon his release.

The BPH is supposed to evaluate you based on the kind of person you are "Today" and make a determination as to whether or not you pose a reasonable risk to society upon your return to it, but they don't do that do they? At least not when your associated with Charles Manson in any way.

That's not how the system should work. Being unfairly held because who you may have associated with at one time in your life puts you in the category of being referred to as a "Political Prisoner" and that's what we have here with Bobby Beausoleil.

Why should Bobby get hit with a 5 year denial in a parole hearing that is more "Ceremonial" in nature than it is terms of his getting a fair suitability evaluation and then getting sent back to his cell like some child that was given detention after school?

If i was Bobby, I would have dropped my pants and took a piss right on those corrupt and cowardly BPH members.

Send a message to the establishment that what they're doing is WRONG !

What are they going to do to him, give him life in jail?

When you hold out the carrot of parole and dangle it under somebodys nose and then yank it away time and time again, then you forfeit the courtesy and respect that is due you.

We now live in a nation that has the worlds largest prison population and that tells you that something is WRONG here in America.

ColScott - if you're a real "Friend" of Bobby Beausoleil's, then you tell him to pull himself together and keep fighting. You don't quit especially when your freedom is at stake because it's all you've got.

Once this country collapses economically, those prison cell doors will open and many people, who should have been given their freedom, will finally get it.

You tell Bobby to hang tough and you tell him that it's his DUTY to persevere and to see this thing through.

He came a long way - Quitting is NOT an option.

He owes it to Barbara to stay the course. Don't quit on her.

ColScott said...

Free Speech was always permitted here. It just required registration. What was never permitted was random scrawling and idiotic postings.

candy and nuts said...

I just read on jimny blog that he is kinda blaming you Col for not making bobby fight on his cause of parole....interesting JIMNy seems to think nothing is left to talk about this case yet he is on backporchtapes channel that posts 40 old videos everyday about this case...

candy and nuts said...

excuse me I mean monkeyboys "rolemodels for dummies" you tube page but he also posted his message in BPT channel Ive had a run in with this freak monkey before he should know well of obsessing on a case since he still belives him and LUlu have a spiritual connection and hmm one day they will marry OMg

candy and nuts said...

ColScott - if you're a real "Friend" of Bobby Beausoleil's, then you tell him to pull himself together and keep fighting. You don't quit especially when your freedom is at stake because it's all you've got.

Once this country collapses economically, those prison cell doors will open and many people, who should have been given their freedom, will finally get it.

You tell Bobby to hang tough and you tell him that it's his DUTY to persevere and to see this thing through.

oh this has to be monkeyboy here hippie scholar hahaha he is hiding in new name I guess

Anonymous said...

Never posted anything on your site Col. Love reading your stuff. For what it's worth, Hippie Scholar is MonkeyDick or whatever his name is.

candy and nuts said...

thanks Ken I just said the same thing hippie scholar hiding with a picture of SUSAN here is monkeyfuck haha JImny are you so scared you hide now in id with SADie pic jim youre total despo

lilmagil said...

I'm curious if there was some sort of letter writing campaign that opposed Bobby's release. There have been previous massive campaigns against those who were directly related to the Tate/Labianca murders protesting their parole. Is this also the case for Bobby? There was a great emphasis at the hearing (according to Bobby's letter) about his involvement and/or relationship to the "Manson" murders. Just wondering if the BPH is making the connection possibly due to those who don't wan't to see any "family member" released regardless of the fact that he was incarcerated at the time of the murders. Or, can it still be just the notoriety and politics that BPH isn't brave enough to release him?

Anonymous said...

candy and nuts said...

>>>oh this has to be monkeyboy here hippie scholar hahaha he is hiding in new name I guess<<<

I'm not hiding under a new name. I've used this name all of the time on the "Thelma and Louise" Blog. This is nothing new to anyone except you perhaps.

Your name, on the other hand, is obviously a fake, but then that's the kind of element that this blog always seems to attract and that's my main issue with ColScott as he tends to attract a bad element here, but it's his blog so that's none of my business.

I came here because i had something to say and I said it. End of story.

I didn't come here to raise his blog back from the dead. Whether his blog lives or dies is up to its members - not me.

Up to now, this blog has basically been dead.

I haven't "Come Back". I made a statement because I know that ColScott is interested in Bobby's parole situation and it's disturbing to hear that Bobby has given up.

I hope that he reconsiders.

As for the BackporchTapes Youtube channel, Mike's channel is probably one of the better channels out there right now on this topic. I have no issue with Mike. He's a good person.

As for my Youtube channel, what i do with it is MY business - Nobody elses. If you don't like the channel then stay the f*ck off of it. It's that simple.

As the ID "Hippie Scholar" says - there's only "1" real scholar in these parts and you're looking at him !

I paid ColScott a very rare visit and, as usual, i encounter a hostile crowd. Nothing ever changes here.

I would advise ColScott to tell Bobby what he needs to hear, if not for himself, then for his wife Barbara.

If Bobby quits, then they win. He has something good to offer society upon his return.

Don't let him throw it away because they broke his spirit.

ColScott - I told Leslie the very same thing, "Real Friends Fight For Your Rights".

Don't let him quit.

Tell him to hang tough and see it through to the end.

Goodnight Folks.

ColScott said...

what is the link to the MonkeyBoy blog?

Anonymous said...

ColScott said...

>>>>what is the link to the MonkeyBoy blog?<<<<

So i hear you're looking for me?

I don't have a blog, Colonel.

Being "All Knowing" aan such, as you say you are, you probably should have known that.

I'm over at my Youtube Channel. That's my "Information" center.

In fact, i was going to send you a friends request but, when i clicked on the ColScott Youtube account name, I got a message back telling me that the account was suspended or something like that.

I'm a busy guy, so I have to go now. Do try a post something new say maybe 1 every 6 months just so that your loyal readers have something to do.

An idle mind is the devils workshop.

I mean, i wouldn't want any of your loyal readers to do anything stupid like doing a little shoplifting at Kohls at getting busted by the cops.

You'd be amazed at what goes on with some people.

ColScott said...

does anyone have a link to Monkey's site?
His gloating over getting my youtube channel taken down makes me remember that he needs to have his taken down.
I have a little system of my own, heh heh.

candy and nuts said...

JIMNY btw yu like to block out yu tuibe channel ok i have 200+ screenanmes in 3 different countries so f yu think yu will hack out me go for it

Anonymous said...

MonkeyDicks YouTube address is

ColScott said...

Candy and Nuts
I deleted your comments because I could not follow them.
If you know the real identity of this loser please email me privately. We can talk about what to do then.

Matt said...

Ahhh, I miss this place!

candy and nuts said...

COl whats youre email addy> i will email you about this monkeyfuck

candy and nuts said...

monkeyfuck james robinson the same freak who claims he has a spirtual connecttion to LULU and who is also trying too woo STAR and who is forever pissed at COl Scott

ColScott said...

candy and nuts said...

Col I guess I dont need to email yu about jimNY since Ive seen you have dealt with him before only now he call himself hippie scholar everyone know monkey is obsessed with two subjects 1)leslie 2) the Col need I say more on this douchebag?

ColScott said...

I was asking if you knew who he was and where to have the police contact him?

Anonymous said...

His name is James D. Robinson. Someone posted his address at the BackPorchTapes yesterday. He is going by the name RoleModelForDummies there. I'll email you the address that was posted.

A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

OMG, let's please not transfer the in-fighting of some other sites to this blog, okay? That gets rapidly devastatingly boring.

Let's discuss the case, which is only mildly boring, instead, all right?

candy and nuts said...

A.C. well I dont know if it is really in fighting or more likely a sad reality that this hippie scholar (Jim R)needs to try to gain any recognition in his dreary existence by claiming he is some pertinent insider to anyone involved in this case-sadly reminds me of white rabbit-I only feel empathy towards this JIm R I think he has some competency issues he should look into-hopefully he will get the help he needs :)