Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Hard Copy of Tex

Fucking love this video. The man who stabbed a pregnant woman found God. Probably between Katie's hairy legs.

(poor quality video, good history lesson) (and look- there's Bill!)


Heaven said...

Awesome Col, thank you!


Anonymous said...

Whatever became of Suzan? Did she finally stop the forgiving?

Anonymous said...

Perry Walshin, one of Tex's California attorneys, was convicted of smuggling 80,000 worth of coke. He got disbarred in 1973, but apparently got his license back. Stupid question here, one can get convicted of a felony and still practice the law?

He and David DeLoach, Tex's other Cali attorney (both got turned away when they got to Texas), were also charged with running massage parlors as well. It appears as if DeLoach is the only one who got convicted of that offense. (and I believe pimping too. The DeLoach went on to run "fake" law schools)

How does one get convicted of drug smuggling and then get ones license to practice law back?

ColScott said...

Being disbarred is based on a vote from the Bar Association. Who can also vote you back under some circumstances. In those days it was easier. Sigh.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Now, I would assume then, there is an actual Disciplinary Board of some kind comprised of members who vote? And is one elected to this board or appointed, and if so by whom? And is there a hearing, where one presents ones case? And then to get voted back in, how does it work? (Sounds kind of like a legal Survivor show.)

And I also wonder too, if Walshin was busted with that much coke back in the early 70's (seems like a lot), and he was Tex's lawyer, perhaps he was a little more than that. (Thinking of the Gerber jar under the porch-snort.)

ColScott said...

there is a board that is voted on by members of the bar

Anonymous said...

Thank you again.

Now, is this a one time shot, or can you go back in a specific time period to reapply so to speak?

I know there is no statute of limitations on murder, but what about the act of conspiracy to commit murder? (a little rusty on my rules)

ColScott said...

if you don't get reinstated within a 3 year period you are not likely to get in again- I guess you COULD try but why?

Conspiracy depends on the state - problem is you usually have to be charged within a specific time that the conspiracy is uncovered

Anonymous said...

I don't know, perhaps a member change on the Board of voters would allow you back in to practice law. I don't know the term of office for that, whether it is based on years, or if it is a lifetime placement but it seems like if a Board member or two had a hair up their ass about you they could vote a certain way, just like anything else. I guess I have this Don Quixote tilting at windmills syndrome..

I just find the lawyers in this case different. We have Paul Caruso covering Tom Harrigan and Susan Atkins (at points), Daye Shinn (who seems to have stepped up for everyone at points), and then we have Maxwell Keith defending Leslie after Hughes dies, and sitting what appears to be second chair for Bubrick on Tex. A lot of that seems like conflicts of interests to me.

Hypothetically speaking-I plot to kill my parents with Bob. Bob in turn takes up and goes in with a different group of people and slaughters my parents. Gets tried and convicted along with the others who helped kill them. My initial plotting with Bob does not come to light in this sentencing and trial, but after years of incarceration, Bob starts talking about the initial plot with me and killing my parents.

Taking that confession by Bob with a grain of salt, and accepting that there is truth in it, is my initial plotting with Bob considered part of his conspiracy to kill with the other group, even if a different motive to the latter was set forth? Or are they considered different? And can I be held liable as part of the scheme?

This is accepting that when Bob tells of my involvement he is not laughed away after many years as pointing the finger at someone else. (and accepting the fact the Bob is willing to accept the fact that the fallout from said confession of sorts is worth his effort in the name of truth.)

Happy Fourth to everyone.

ColScott said...

Taking your puzzle EXACTLY as you wrote it, you conspired to kill your parents but then a DIFFERENT conspiracy committed the murder. You are guilty of conspiracy to commit attempted murder, but after a year o so no one would care.

Anonymous said...

Okay-taking my round peg out of the square hole and making a similiar yet different puzzle.

Me and my buddy Bob conspire to slaughter my parents. Bob enlists the "help" (still hear Bruce in that Manson movie doing his help spiel)from others to commit the murder of my parents for profit. And even though they don't know the "real" reason for the murder, they help commit it.

After a fine day at the local amusement park, I decide to leave and go home with my parents, and my little brother stays with his friends family, to return the next night.(obviously, my little brother thinks I had to work, and that is why he calls my boss from a local Rally's burger joint, and my boss calls me. I may or may not have told little bro I had to work and go home from the amusement park)

My parents drop me off at my place where I sit and wait for a pre-arranged phone call to see if it is a go for the slaughter. Phone call received, its on.(Had to make sure little bro wasn't home. Even though the kid may be a pain sometimes, I certainly do not want him dead)

Little brother comes home, can't get in the house, even though Mom's keys are in her car. Calls me I go with my boyfriend, we find bodies. Little brother testifies at trial of killers, and I clean the estate out.

The murders are prosecuted and blamed on another motive. Years later, information comes out, that I, in fact, helped orchestrate the murder of my parents for profit.

I have gone on with my life, found God, and have thusly forgiven one of the killers, and went public with this forgiveness trying to help him get out. (for I still owe him, and since I basically can not offer money like I said I would, I must do something in order to "help" him keep his mouth shut)

Would I then, be guilty of a conspiracy to commit murder, or would the same charge of attempted still apply? (since basically Bob has been tried and convicted of the crime. Or could he be prosecuted as a co-conspirator too, so there in effect would be no double jeopardy?)

ColScott said...

If Suzan were proven as in your example she would be guilty of first degree murder- the conspiracy would be beside the point, she helped to commit the murder.

Anonymous said...

Thank you.
Do you have a first name Colonel Scott, for I have only seen you referred to as Colonel Scott?

And it would seem that your brother Darwin had quite the gambling habit before he was murdered.

Anonymous said...

And before it gets taken out of context and weird rumors spread, I am referring to the Col Scott of Manson fatherhood, not actually our Col.

Anonymous said...

And, humblest apologies, it appears as if "Colonel" is actually Manson's fathers name, and not a military rank.

deadwoodhbo said...

Tex watson .Dear Col i totally agree with you.