Thursday, February 02, 2006

Vests and Vestiges

Okay, now- there was a full on combat vest the girls made for Charlie around the time of Barker Ranch. There are photos of this vest that exist and you can see it in the Hendrickson Documentary. The girls added their hair to it as a macabre neck lining when they shaved their heads during the trial. This is the main LEGIT vest that would be worth a fortune to someone today. Except we know for a fact that Charlie CUT THE VEST into pieces (which pissed Sandy off but good) when he was finally incarcerated for good so he could curry favor with the inmates and maybe minimize assrape. So Main Legit vest is no more. It has ceased to be. It is an EX-vest.

The girls also started on a SECOND Legit Vest. They fully cut it, illustrated it and half finished the embroidery. This was Bobby Beausoleil's combat vest. You can see many photos of it on the cover to THE FAMILY JAMS CD. This was UNFINISHED but high quality and done by the girls. This lay dormant in Bobby storage somewhere until it was unearthed by Barbara in 2002 and sold to a private collector. This has unknown value but surely must be worth $15-25 k in the right hands. It has museum quality value.

The vest offered over at Mark Turner's site and seen above is some sort of hybrid thing. Dennis was not a real member of the group, just a later hanger on. His vest was not done by any of the main Family girls but by newcomers as well. And to add to comments that I have receieved, his vest looks like shit. And if it was a three piece suit that he describes, where are the other two pieces? Like, back up your own tale man, okay?

Go buy the vest if you believe that criminals who find Christ should be selling crime artifacts to benefit their ministry. By all means.

But we asked Bobby to speak on the subject and he said "Listen, the whole thing is laughable. The girls spent MUCH love and detail working on Charlie's, okay, and then the trials started and they did great work on mine, but only halfway. Any other "Manson Girl" embroidery is something tossed off in between hearings, kind of like reading the newspaper. I have nothing to gain here, having sold mine years ago. But buyer be aware, you know?"


closed blog said...

I was surprised to see that such a vest existed, but i'm even more curious as to how someone came up with a price tag of $50,000 for it.

The vest looks like a cheap rag that someone made in a hobbyshop class. The back of the vest alone says it all. It looks like someone just sewed two patches on the back and the sewing itself sucks.

I hate to admit it, but the "Devils Witches, Devils Hole, Death Valley" replica jacket that the White Rabbitt had made up is a better looking garment and is probably worth more than the Dennis Rice vest.

The Dennis Rice vest is a perfect match for the $25,000 Sharon Tate costume ring. For $75,000, you can be the king of fools.

If you compare the quality of the embroidery between Charlie's vest, the Kitty Lutesinger embroidery and the Dennis Rice vest, you can very easily notice that the Dennis Rice vest looks like it was sewn by a ten year old kid with large gawdy patch quilts.

$50,000 for that????? Um, Don't think so.

A pair of Susan Atkin's bloody jeans from the night of the Tate murders would get you $50,000 from a serious historical collector but i can't see anyone paying that large a sum for something that looks like it came off the rack of ringling brothers and barniman bailey circus.

If John Aes-Nihil won't nibble at it, you know it's not that rare of an artifact.

I doubt if the people at Supernaught.Com would either.

It's interesting to look at but if it doesn't have "Eye Appeal", i can't see anyone paying $50,000 for it.

The only person that i can see even nibbling at this is a very well to do investor that is looking for the big tax deduction by purchasing the vest but the odds are slim and none.

Dennis should have listed the names of the girls who sewed his vest on his affadavit at the very list. We know that Sadie, Katie and lulu didn't contribute to it because they were behind bars.

I don't think too much of this deal. Such a high price for something virtually unknown.

Curse of the Were-Rabbitt said...

I'll buy that for a dollar...

cortex_jnr said...

im thinkin of selling my jacket and will autograph it
$5,000 if u want it let me know

Elmer Fudd said...

I'll give you 50 cents for it...if you give me a dollar...and awe you gonna sign it nellie or wabbitt, you wascally wabbitt??? Elmer Fudd/Wabbitt Hunter

cortex_jnr said...

I also want a pair of converse all star sneakers

Elmer Fudd said...

figures you would you wascally wabbitt...look good with those coke bottle lensed rims...Elmer Fudd/Wabbitt Hunter

cortex_jnr said...

i will see my jacket for $5,000 if anyone is interested

will also include an autographed copy of my manuscript

closed blog said...

Are you willing to "Show" someone your jacket for $5000 ?

Or did you mean "Sell" ?

Satori said...

It is a cheaply made and badly embroidered vest.

I don't know what is more shameful, the price they are asking or those who are assisting in promoting its sale! (Present company not included in that critque).

4Sharon said...

This is what the girls are best at doing...sitting in prison, and making crafts. Kum Bye Ya....they can make these for the rest of thier lives and give them to the needy. LOL That's where they can do their good work, IN PRISON.

Salem said...


Peter said...

In America we call neck liners "collars".

sillyworm said...

Anyone have a picture close up of Manson's vest? That was a work of art.