Monday, February 06, 2006

Ka-Boom--- The Will Arrived.....And All That

The Col did what y'all could have done- he wrote away to the government and got a copy of Paul J. Tate's probated will. The government has to give you copies of public documents, in between starting wars for oil and shit. You don't have to be a disabarred attorney from Torrance, California to understand what it says. Col Paul J. Tate, as an honorable man, HONORED his wife's unprobated (and thus not valid) will and provided monies to Debra Tate that her mother Doris (Gwen) wanted her to have, and past that, SPECIFICALLY DISINHERITED his daughter Debra. I am leaving out names that are irrelevant to our discussion.

FIRST: FAMILY. I hereby declare that I am a single man,
that I have one surviving daughter Debra ____,
and four living grandchildren,____,____,____,____.
My wife Gwen Tate and my other two daughters Sharon Tate
and Patti Tate have predeceased me.

SECOND: EXECUTOR. I name ____ Executor of this will…

articles of personal property including
household furnishings, equipment, boats and
automobiles as follows: I hereby give certain my
tangible personal property to those named in a written
statement or list which I intend to be in
existence at my death, which statement
shall either be in my handwriting, or signed by me,
which shall contain a
description of the specific items and recipients
of such property. If not such
written statement or list is in existence
at my death, then all of such property
shall pass in accordance with the remainder of my estate.
In the event any person
designated to receive certain property in such written
statement shall
predecease me, then such property shall pass
with the remainder of my estate.

As herein, the term “tangible personal property”
means articles of personal
or household user or ornament, for example, furniture,
furnishings, automobiles,
boats, airplanes, and jewelry, as well as precious metals
in any tangible form,
for example, bullion or coins. The term includes articles
even if held for
investment purposes and encompasses tangible property
that is not real property.

The term does not include mobile homes, or intangible
property, for example,
money that is normal currency or normal legal
tender, evidences of indebtedness,
bank accounts or other monetary deposits, documents of
title or securities. The term does not include
property used primarily in trade or business.


deceased wife, Gwen Tate, and myself owned at the time
of her death, our home in
Rancho Palos Verdes in Southern California.
It was owned as community property.
Upon her death, Gwen left a Will which was not probated,
but which Will
nonetheless devised her one-half interest in that home
to our then two surviving
daughters, Patti Tate and Debra Tate, in equal shares.
Both daughters survived
Gwen, however Patti subsequently died. I recently sold that
house and the net
proceeds came to $ _____. In order to honor Gwen’s
non-probated Last Will and
Testament, I am bequeathing one-quarter of the sale proceeds
to Debra Ann
______. This one-quarter interest comes to $_____. I may
even pay Debra this sum
prior to my death. Except for this one-quarter interest in
the proceeds from the
sale of the house at Rancho Palos Verdes, I intend to make
no further devise or
bequest to Debra Ann ____. Should I disburse those proceeds to
Debra prior to my
death, then she will receive no additional portion of my
estate and I will in
that circumstance be intentionally disinheriting her.

When my daughter Patti Tate died, she left three children
surviving her,
____, ____, ____. To further honor my deceased wife
Gwen’s non-probated Last
Will and Testament, I am bequeathing to Patti’s three
children in equal shares,

one-quarter of the proceeds from the sale of the house
at Rancho Palos Verdes;
$_____ to be divided equally three ways or
in other words, $____ to each of
Patti’s surviving children. The shares to ____, ____, ____
are to be distributed
to _____ as Trustee, to be held pursuant to the trust
provisions set forth below.


OF ARGUMENT, $100.00.








FIFTH: RESIDUE: All of the rest, residue and
remainder of my estate, whether real or personal
property, or mixed and wheresoever located I give,
devise and bequeath to my four grandchildren,
____, ____, ____, ____ in equal shares, per
stirpes. The shares to ____, ____, ____, ____
are devised and bequeathed to
_____, as trustee, to be administered as separate
trusts for the benefit of each
of my four grandchildren, or their issue should
any of them predecease me
leaving issue surviving. The trust provisions are
set forth below.


So, Ladies and Gentlemen, unless I am missing
something here, WTF?

I have a damn list of WTF's?

1- WTF did Debra Ann Tate DO to get disinherited?

2- WTF right did Debra ever have to tell sites
that SHE owned her
sister's image when she clearly does not?

(It would have gone to Polanski, who gave it to the
Tate's, and would now be in trust for the 4 grandkids)

3- WTF does Paige and her peons have to say
about this piece of news?
Obviously her own father did not trust Debra to preserve
her sister's memory.

4- WTF does Stephen Kay say next time Debster
goes to parole hearings?

5- WTF do we have to do to get a beer around
this place...?

Ladies and gentlemen, thank you for your time and input.
I have gone from defending
Debra and feeling that she was the wronged party to
now completely feeling ill at the thought
of my last position.

I am sure the comments will get hot and heavy,
but all Col Scott
wants to hear, and

Someone get that woman some crow RIGHT NOW!!!!
She's hungry.


Problem Child said...

I'm gonna sit back and enjoy this.

Hold on everyone. This ride is gonna get wild.

ColScott said...

Really odd to me- did Debra think she could hide this little fact forever?
And where the hell ARE those ashes?

PAIGE? To the batphone.

Dok said...

WTF is right!
WTF are Col Tate's ashes and when will he be interred with his family? The family he did not disinherit/disown.
WTF Debra, I defended you once before, but it seems I can defend you no more.

Col, good job, lets keep on her, maybe she'll do the right thing. But from the pattern of behavior, it's highly unlikely.

Heaven said...

What a fascinating tale to read first thing in the morning...

I have often wondered what Debra did to piss her family off so badly.. I'm also wondering how is it that she came to own all of Sharon's possessions...

Very interesting....

GLH said...

One has to wonder what she did to make him disinherit her. Maybe she just lost it after what she went through. Maybe Patti was always supportive of her mother, and that is why Debra never got involved in the fight for justice as per her mother.

I'm not supporting her stance, but I have to wonder what psychological damage her sister's murder may have caused for her. Not everyone handles traumatic situations in the same way. Maybe she felt left out growing up in her sister's shadow only to have any attention from Doris redirected from her to Doris' fight for justice. Maybe Debra did things to gain attention, but they backfired. Maybe she and Patti got into it over that woman Patti was friends with who lived in the guesthouse. It seems as though there may be many underlying issues that brought this to fruition. I just don't understand how she could make all these claims about owning Sharon's things. She had to know this would come out eventually.

Deb B said...

What I don't see is that if there was some type of dispute that involved Sharon's belongings/ photographic images of her, why isn't there one word about that in this document? It contains language defining personal belongings are, but doesn't touch on that type of belonging at all.

Nice pic of Debra.

cortex_jnr said...

she is a woman with no love in her heart. she is a piggie.

closed blog said...

Is that really a picture of Debra Tate? I'm shocked because this chick was actually attractive at one time.

Hey Col, are you sure that's not a doctored up picture of Michelle Philips of the Mama's & The Papa's?

How can something that sexy end up looking like a dog with a shaved ass later in life? That's like the Darwin theory in reverse where the Man becomes an Ape.

I'm actually shocked if that really is Debra Tate. Maybe all of the coke she shoved up her nose screwed up her looks but that picture is "HOT".

I still can't believe thats Debra Tate ... looks more like Michelle Philips if you ask me.

Denise said...

no one stays young and beautiful forever.

tm_372 said...

Debra's one-time mouthpiece, Robin Olsen, once claimed that Debra had some sort of document from a judge that stated that she owned the rights to Sharon's image/likeness. She never mentioned anything about a will, just a document from a judge. Col, do you know if that's legally possible? Or was Robin spewing bullshit. Just wondering.

60skid said...
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GLH said...

Debra's not a bad looking woman, but, either way, that shouldn't be a factor in this discussion. She was disinherited, but couldn't she have obtained the rights to Sharon's likeness before her father died? Maybe that is part of the cause for their emotional split. There are two sides to every story, so maybe she will enlighten us so we may understand. However, it's her business so I wouldn't hold my breath for her response.

GLH said...

60skid, up 'til now, you were doing okay. Where do you get such ideas about the Col? Can you back up your accusations?

Denise said...

That is Debra. It's not Patti. It accompanied an article.

Denise said...

That's a good one 60skid, you ARE joking, right?

ColScott said...


we allow dissenting opinions here
we do not allow lies and bullshit
The Col has more money than he needs.
Get a grip.

cortex_jnr said...

60skid u are a shit desturber
u belong in prison with cupid

Heaven said...

Hey Col, since you have more money then you need, can I have some?


60skid said...
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closed blog said...

I agree with you. That can't be Debra. The girl in that picture is Hot and she almost resembles Michelle Philips or a young leslie van houten with blonde hair.

That can't be Debra thats why i asked if the picture was doctored up by the Col.

Any chick that looked that hot and ended up like Debra is now would be on a 24 hour suicide watch.

There's no way that something so beautiful could wither away into the corpse-like facial features of Debra Tate today.

I think youre right on 60skid ..... that cant be Debra.

Heaven said...

Maybe I'm wrong, but that does look like Debra to me.. It's just a very young Debra.. Go look at the picture for the topic "Daddys Little Girl", then go back and look at the picture for this topic.. You can tell it's Debra.....

Michelle Phillips was blonde, trust me, you can't mistake a blonde for someone with reddish hair...


60skid said...
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Heaven said...

What on Earth does discrediting Debra have to do with Bobby?

Bobby murdered someone, Debra nor Col Scott have any control over his fate. Debra doesn't even go to Bobby's parole hearings cause she wasn't related to Gary..

So one has absolutely nothing to do with the other.

Debra doesn't own Sharon's images, she just likes to think she does. Sharon was a model and an actress, she was a public figure. There are millions of pictures of hers out there that Debra can never lay claim to?


Because the copyright belongs to the person who took the picture.

They can sell them on Ebay because someone bought a copy who then made copies and so on it went. The only person who actually owns the image is the person who took the picture.

Debra does own Sharon's personal belongings, such as her clothes, jewelry, and other personal items. She also owns all the clothes and stuff Sharon had for her baby..

What I'm wondering is how Debra came to own that stuff...

Denise said...

It accompanied an article that said it was Debra. Now I'm sorry, but I don't think she looks like Patti at all. Besides, Patti's eyes were the bluest blue while Debra's are brown, like this picture. I've seen other pics of Debra when she was young, and this is her.

Denise said...
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Heaven said...

You can easily see that it's a very young Debra.. Look at the other pictures of Debra posted here, it's the same long face, the same eyes, the same hair color and the same turned down mouth..

Patti was the spitting image of Sharon, Debra wasn't..

60skid said...
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Heaven said...

Manson is news, Tex Watson is news, Susan Atkins, Leslie Van Houten and Patricia Krenwinkle are news..

Debra is not big news, Col Tate was not big news...

This is obviously a family squabble, and that is not big news...

Denise said...

All of us said she was greedy? Where did I or Heaven say that?

Heaven said...

What did Doris have that was so valuable?

Why is it you think the Tate's are rich?

To dispute a will costs a lot of money in lawyers, how was Debra supposed to pay for that? What was there to gain? Doris mentioned Debra in her will, there was nothing Debra could do...

Heaven said...


What you don't seem to realize is that when two people are married and one spouse dies, their "estate" automatically goes to the surviving spouse, unless otherwise stated in their will. Obviously Doris didn't state that she didn't want her personal possessions to go to her husband.

There was nothing Debra could do, you can't contest a will to get things that you're not legally entitled too. Col Tate retained ownership of everything that Doris left behind.

Doris said in her will that a share of the sale of the house was to go to Debra.. So Debra was mentioned.. Nothing left for her to grab, it didn't belong to her. She got what Doris wanted her to get... So there was nothing to contest.

Now we have Col Tate's will, Debra again was mentioned and left what he wanted her to have. There's nothing else she can do here either.

Col Scott, any way of getting a hold of Doris Tate's will?

ColScott said...

"But then if the Col can decredit Debra Tate he wins and gets Bobby out "

I want your drugs...please?

ColScott said...

"Oh Why was Doris Tates will un probated? If Debra was so greedy like all of you say, she would have made sure it was to get her money"

Probate is determined by executor, or in this case, Col Tate.

ColScott said...

"Col Scott, any way of getting a hold of Doris Tate's will?"

without probate it never becomes public

Heaven said...

Well poop!


60skid said...
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60skid said...
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ColScott said...

1- stop typing like a retard
2- learn to make sense in the English language

Debra has no affect on Bobby.


GLH said...


Maybe he meant that her integrity has been compromised or maybe she's lost a little respect. You're off base thinking that there's any connection between Debra and Bobby B.

Heaven said...
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Problem Child said...

Col --

Has there been any news from the Debra Tate worshippers?

So if Debra doesn't own Sharon's image must she close down her little Sharon Tate store?

She had involved lawyers in the Ebay ring ordeal. What are the lawyers going to think when they find out about this will?

My guess is that Col. Tate decided to disown Debra when she decided it was cool to make money off her dead sister's name/image. If Doris or Patti were still alive there is no way she'd be selling that crap.

60skid said...
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Problem Child said...

Go to and click the Shop Sharon link.

60skid said...
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JRCD2 said...

No one has mentioned CMG, the company that, according to Debra, manages all of Sharon's images and even her voice! I remember reading about CMG on Sharon's old official site.
Col-are you familiar with the LA based company "CMG" that apparently handles images of deceased movie stars? You may want to check out CMG. Perhaps you will find out some very interesting and pertinent information.
Just a suggestion.....

Heaven said...

The images on Shop Sharon are all computer generated.. You'll notice not one of them is an actual photograph.. With the exception of the Sean Berry Weske collection. That is the stuff that's on the CMG site..

I bought two "posters" from there and they were very small, overpriced and took forever to receive.

This "star" has been so many years in the making that Debra could have raised the money 10 times over by now.. If Sharon's items brought in more money, which they don't. I'm told the sales are far and very few between.

Dok said...
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Dok said...

This is to 60skid. I find your comments at times very equivocal. Maybe the use of punctuation would help solve the problem of sounding like an excited puppy peeing on oneself.

midnightime said...

Well it does look like its going to be a wild ride.
You can run but you can not hide.
I bet Debra is hiding under a rock tonight- with the ashes.
The Col is going to make her turn those ashes over to the family yet.

60skid said...
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Heaven said...
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60skid said...
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Heaven said...
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Denise said...

Yeah, I didn't realize those comments were questions. I have one for you 60skid....How would discrediting Debra Tate get Bobby B. out of jail?

60skid said...
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Heaven said...

You'd really have to ask him..

I don't know if Debra not going to parole hearing would mean they'd all automatically get out. They did still murder people in a pretty heinous way. I think the crimes speak for themselves. But Debra going obviously is a good thing...

Lisa wouldn't have any control over Col Tate's will. The Tate's weren't rich people, there really isn't anything there for her to get. That I'm aware of anyway...

Lisa is just probably the only person left who knows why Debra was disinherited.

There is nothing Lisa or Col Scott can do to get Bobby out of prison, that's up to the parole board. Lisa and Col Scott can't even go to the hearings..

I agree 100%, Debra doesn't want Lisa having anything that belonged to Sharon, but why is the question. Why can't Patti's children have something that belonged to their aunt?

Why is Debra so stingy with things that belonged to Sharon? Does she think when she dies she can take them with her? Why does she want to "own" her dead sister?
Sharon was a human being, not a possession. Memories of her are not possessions either. Debra owns SOME pictures, but not ALL the pictures. She just thinks she does. Besides, she sold her rights to them to CMG anyway.

Maybe Col Tate didn't know what she was doing, he was an old man..
Or maybe he did know and that's why she got disinherited..

All I wanna know is, how did it come to pass that Debra got all of Sharon's belongings? When Sharon died, Roman gave everything to Paul Tate except for the Rolls Royce, that went to Sandy Tenant.. So, if everything was his, how'd Debra get it?

Did he give it to her? Was it divided between Debra and Patti? Or, did Debra just begin helping herself, maybe to start selling it online perhaps? Maybe, just maybe, that's why her family cut her off.

Her father disinherited her, her mother didn't speak to her for years and Patti didn't want anything to do with her..

According to Debra, the Tate's were a very tight family. So, what makes a "tight family" kick one member to the curb? Had to be a pretty damned good reason I know that much......

I'm not going to rip you for asking legitimate questions...


Heaven said...
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60skid said...
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Heaven said...


Debra says she owns everything that was Sharon's.. From her bedding, to left over bottles of make up and lotions, all her clothes, jewelry, even baby Paul's clothes. Whatever was Sharon's personal property when she died, Debra now owns..

Maybe she will split them up with the kids, I don't know what her intentions are. Right now they don't seem very good if she won't allow Patti's kids anything right now. It's to my understanding that Patti's children aren't babies anymore. I think they're old enough now to have a few of Sharon's things.

He did leave things to Debra's kids.. Her children aren't the blame for anything she may have done...

What about Patti and Lisa? It's possible they were lesbians, it's also possible they weren't.. No one seems to know for sure.

I dunno where Don Ford is.. Can't answer that one.. But Lisa has the kids so there must be a reason..

I don't see how Lisa can be "behind this will stuff".. Please elaborate why you feel she has great magical control over a grown mans will...

Col Scott can't keep Debra from going to parole hearings..

You seem to forget that this is just a blog online.. It's not any kind of legal documentation..

Regardless of anything Debra may have done, she's still Sharon's next of kin and no one can stop her from going to parole hearings.. You seem to keep missing that.. For as long as you do, he's going to continue mocking you... The faster you learn that, the better...


60skid said...
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Heaven said...
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ColScott said...

"I also noticed that the Col. big thing on an earlier blog. Was Doris& Bill Nelson. Debra & Don Wilson... Sharon & Roman, What about Patti & Lisa?"

KID you are uber retarded

That was this blog and it was all about CHILD MOLESTERS.

Has Statman molested somebody?



SiebenzumSterben said...

I trust you got the user name abuse problem resolved. Awhile back someone was posting under my user name and it was irritating. Especially as some of the comments were off-color.
Regarding Debra---I'm no expert on this case, but it's nice I can offer some thoughts here anyway. Thanks Col. BTW, if that's Debra in the photo, she was a doll, too. That DNA was really something special, all three sisters were stunning.
Like the Col, in the past I've posted some comments in defense of Debra when she was being attacked.
I see now that there were/are some internal family issues with Debra. So be it. I don't want to sound flip here, but is this really any of our business? As far as I can see, it’s a Tate family issue--not a legal issue, not a political issue, not an issue that pertains to the general public. Now, when or if suit is filed, then it will be a different story. Yes, the will is public, but so is the amount we paid for our homes and how much we owe in taxes. Does anyone really like that idea?
So there's that.
I would venture to offer that what happened on Aug. 9, 1969 was to the Tate family and Roman the mental equivalent of being hit by a train. That family went through a severe emotional trauma, worse than anything most of us have been through. It's no surprise then, some members of the family dealt with it in different ways. Trauma is like that. If Debra went off the deep end, well, she was the youngest, right? That makes her the most vulnerable. Again, I don’t see what she did that was so wrong. Cocaine? OK, who here has never done that?
In terms of "ownership" of Sharon, Col check the copyright office and see who owns the rights to Sharon’s name and likeness. If no one, Debra has as much right as anyone else to "claim" ownership. In terms of Sharon’s possessions, I had the understanding Roman didn’t want anything and offered it all to Sharon’s father. Roman probably wishes today he didn’t do that. But it’s done. That’s how he dealt with the trauma.
In those days, wasn’t it left to the family to "clean up" murder scenes after the police were done? Rudy owned the house, didn’t he sue for costs to clean up after the murders? That said, if he was owed money, how much in terms of possessions did he release to the Tate family without being reimbursed for his clean up expenses?
My guess is, Sharon didn’t have much in terms of possessions anyway. And if the family didn’t push to gather her things, and Roman didn’t want them, perhaps most of her stuff was thrown away or given to charity. So Debra got some things. Apparently that was good, because she’s the only one left now. I would hope the grandchildren when they receive the items cherish them and keep them safe.
I guess what I’m trying to see, is what Debra did that was so bad that completely anonymous people on the Internet should drag her name through the mud. Maybe there’s a good reason, I just haven’t seen it.

Heaven said...

Hiya Sieben

Not to correct you but Debra was the middle child, Patti was the youngest...



Heaven said...

This shouldn't even be about Debra and her past or any mistakes she made. We've all made mistakes, we've all done things when we were younger that we wished now, we hadn't. Debra is no better or no worse than any of us..

This really shouldn't be about her looks or her weight. Debra has been through a lot in her life, regardless of how easy any of us think that going to parole hearings might be. None of us are perfect. Debra is now into her 50's, she lost every member of her family without ever having a chance to fix whatever might have been wrong between them. Now, she'll never get that chance..

Every few years Debra has to face the sick monsters that not only took her sister and nephew away, but also destroyed her families lives. That can't be easy...

I admire Debra for going to each parole hearing. She could easily do what the other family members do and that's not go at all.

For me, it's not about hating a woman I don't know, or her looks, or her weight. None of that matters to me..
I'm just simply curious as to how Debra came to own everything of Sharon's when there was an obvious rift in the family..

I agree that it's none of my business, but regardless, I'm still curious...


60skid said...
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60skid said...
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SiebenzumSterben said...

Much obliged for the correction Heaven. As I said, I'm no expert on the case. Was Patti the youngest, then? I seem to recall Debra was younger than Sharon…
Also, I didn’t mean to infer you were among those casting aspersions to Debra. Some have here, I just don’t see the need. From what you say, it appears you don’t see the need either.
One point you bring up I’d like to add something to. That Debra goes to the parole hearings by itself says something about her. But isn’t it sad that we’ve come to the point where if family members don’t go to hearings, that perhaps a convicted criminal might stand a better chance of being released? Do you think that could be true?
It seems as if Mrs. Tate weren’t so vocal at those hearings, those convicted might have walked? Wasn’t Mrs. Tate very vocal against conjugal visits? That Tex and Charlie had children in jail, while her daughter was denied that right by them? It seem very hypocritical to me, the whole system.
And I’m afraid that when the family ceases to care, who will? Who will speak for those who were murdered? And if no one speaks for them, does the government then say, OK, you people have paid your price now and you are free to go?

60skid said...
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Heaven said...


At the time of Sharon's death, she was 26, Debra was 16 and Patti was 11...

Heaven said...

Thank you 60skid..

I didn't want anyone to misunderstand me.. My being curious about the possessions, will and family rift do not mean that I agree with those that only seek to trash Debra's looks and weight..

One has nothing to do with the other.

If Debra once had a problem with Cocaine, that's her business. I'm glad she found the strength to get herself clean.

If she dated a child molester, that's also her business. I personally wouldn't, but I'm not Debra...
But if I was Debra, I'd be concerned about dating such a man when I have a daughter to look out for...

I'm not here to make personal judgement calls against the woman.. She has to live with the choices she makes...


Denise said...

Debra doesn't even go to Bobby's hearing though. And even if she was "discredited" which I don't believe, that would have nothing, absolutely nothing with her right as next of kin to attend parole hearings.

Bobby has plenty of support. He doesn't need Lisa Statman's money. That would absolutely have no bearing on his parole, because if it were all about money, he'd been out already.

Bottom line is, although the will raises questions, Debra doesn't owe anyone an explanation for what she does or does not do in her private life, except her family members, which we are not.

60skid said...
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Denise said...

Debra did NOT date Don. They were friends. But she had no idea what Don's activities were. He didn't come up to her and say "Hi, I'm going to be committing lewd acts with a child in a few years, but hey, I was a fan of your sister's, so can we be friends?"

Don W. volunteered for a time with those people who gave Sharon the award that Debra accepted. That's how he came to be friendly with Don. I also heard that Robin (Debra's former spokesperson and Patti's friend) showed up uninvited at this event and ingraciated herself onto Debra. Debra had never met her before then (which now makes sense because there was some sort of rift between Patti & Debra). I would venture to guess that Debra has had her fair share of "weirdos" ingraciate themselves upon her, just because she was "Sharon Tate's" sister.

Heaven said...

That sounds just like Robin doesn't it?

Denise said...

hehehe "allegedly" Heaven, "allegedly".

Heaven said...

Well, it's all allegedly lol

60skid said...
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Heaven said...

We're really really smart lol

For me, I just read everything I can get my hands on...


Denise said...

I've been around the block a couple times LOL.


Heaven said...

And she has the herpes to prove it..


Denise said...

takes one to know one LOL

Heaven said...

ooooo good come back. Do you write your own material? LOL


Denise said...

no, i get it from my obnoxious moderator.

Heaven said...

Next time I see Jenn, I'll chew her out for ya LOL

60skid said...
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Heaven said...

Be real, these killers were denied parole before any family members began going...

You honestly think that if no one goes to Tex Watsons' parole hearings that they'd let him out?

I sure don't..

How bout Manson? You honestly think they'd let him out?

No family members go to Bobby's hearing and he's always being denied.

Leslie stands a possibility, but family members only recently started going and she's always been denied too.

While I think it's great that the families go, that alone does not decide the fate of these killers...


Heaven said...

You're also forgetting that it was Doris Tate who got the laws passed that the Governor can take back a parole date after it's been given. So even if a parole board decides that any of these killers can walk, the Governor can say no..

These killers came up for parole in 1978, the first parole hearing Doris attended was in 1987, it was Watson's 6th parole hearing..

Since no one was there for the first 5, what do you suppose was the reason they denied him?

Did you also know that Doris Tate was the first family member in California to ever attend a parole hearing?

No one goes to the parole hearings of Bruce Davis either...
So please tell me, with no one going to these hearings, how is it they haven't been released yet?


Heaven said...

Excuse me, the first parole hearing Doris attended was in 1985...

Had my years outta whack lol


60skid said...
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Heaven said...

My point was, no one goes to Bobby's or Bruce Davis' hearings and they keep getting denied. So I don't think that the family going is the line in the sand..

It helps yes, but it isn't the sole reason they get denied. Obviously, look at Bobby and Bruce...

Family only recently began attending Leslie's hearings and she's been denied every time she goes up.. And that was well beyond the first few years after the crimes... And she's the one who they say stands the best chance of getting out.. So if family only recently began going, why wasn't she released a long time ago?

I understand what you're saying but you're not remembering all the facts...

Try to remember that Steven Kay attended hearings long before family was allowed in. It was he who did the talking for the victims.. I believe it was because of him that they weren't released years ago... At least some of them. Manson and Tex will never get out....


60skid said...
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RichSpeck said...

60skid said...
Siebenzumsterben ,

You think like me....


cortex_jnr said...

i dont think like you because that would mean that i'm as stupid as you which im not.

60skid said...
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ColScott said...

actually 60s kid I wonder how you know certain things

I think you know Debra and Paige and only ACT retarded.

closed blog said...

I was thinking the very same thing myself. I was almost wondering whether the 60skid was actually Debra herself masquerading as a L-I-B-E-R-A-L.

60skid said...
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60skid said...
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SiebenzumSterben said...

This comment posted under my user ID

"dont think like you because that would mean that i'm as stupid as you which im not."

Was not by me. Someone is using my user ID and I think I know who. It's someone posting here who can't wait for Leslie to get out. I don't call people stupid or make attacks. That's how you can tell it's not me. If it attacks someone posting here, it's a phony post.

cortex_jnr said...

The person is using another id called curse-of-the-were-rabbitt.
and Elmer Fudd. Everyone wants to be Sieb but there is only one me.

4Sharon said...

No, no, no...this IS Debra - just look at the nose, long face and Patti looked NOTHING like this.

Isn't that something. All this time, Debra has acted like she is just so close to dear ol dad, and owns everything and is miss goody goody, when all along, things were not that way. No wonder Debra and Paige and Don Wilson get along so well together. They are all Bull Sh#tters and cons.

4Sharon said...

On the Debra and Robin story, that is not OUR take, for us in the know. Debra and Robin were "buds" until Debra wanted sole rights to the board, so she and her con freind Don could run it, with the help of Paige, of course. I am sure Debra tries to downplay alot now, that that scumbag DW is in prison, but why are her pictures still IN and ON Don Wilson's group? From what WE heard, Debra and Don were "tight" freinds, not a casual encounter.

I think there was something BIG that happened for Col. Tate to cut off his daughter...maybe she had her share of the inheritance long before, when they bailed her out of all her troubles. Just a thought.

4Sharon said...

Another thing to think about is, when a Dad is mad at a daughter, he gets over it or stays mad, but to disinherit her means he is DONE.

4Sharon said...

So, WHERE ARE those ashes???!!! LOL

I guess anyone can post what they want and do what they please, now that we know Debra does not own the rights to Sharon, right? LOL

George Vreeland Hill said...

A few things that are certain:
Debra does not own the rights to Sharon Tate's images.
She goes around as if she does.
Debra is not a nice person.
She does things for her own benefit and has a history of it.
Believe me, if Debra was your daughter, you would cut her off too.
Because Paul Tate did not put in writing about who would take control of his ashes, they went to Debra.
He wanted to be buried next to his wife.
Because she was cut off, Debra is taking revenge on her father by not honoring his wishes.
That is the kind of person Debra Tate is.

George Vreeland Hill