Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Remember to Shake Afterwards

Bret, the owner of the best Manson site on the web, thinks the Manson Girls Script is great. I wonder if it is the amazing dialogue (Fuck you- no Fuck You) or the fact that.... nah it just sucks beginning to end. Here's a scene at the Hinman house. Notice how he seems all down and into being the victim. Drive me to the emergency room indeed!


Sadie finds she can’t look Charlie in the eye and turns her attention back to Gary.

SADIE cont.

Let me look at it, Gary, okay? Just take your
hands away… I need to look at it...


I can’t believe he did that!

Gary lets Sadie push his hands to reveal his wound as Mary looks over her shoulder. Then Bobby walks back in to look over Mary’s shoulder and grimace at the sight..


Fuck, Gary! Shit! Oh, man! Your ear’s like,

completely split in half!


Great, you guys! Just great!


He really tore him a new ear hole.


Fuck off, Mary!


Now which one of you assholes is driving me to

the emergency room?


Forget it, Gary... … Emergency rooms mean cops…

Let’s just keep this shit in house, okay?


Which means, I gotta sew your ear up myself,

Gary... For real... You need some serious stitches.


No way you’re getting near my ear, Sadie! No

fucking way!


Look, I’m gonna go to the market an’ get some

food and find whatever I can for Gary’s ear, okay?


Yeah, get some pizza or something… With meat,

okay? I’m tired of all this fucking vegetarian shit.


You want something, Gary? My treat… What do

you feel like?


Fuck you, Sadie!


I’ll just get whatever looks good.


I’m not eating anything with meat in it.


Sadie drives up and gets out of the car with a bag of groceries in her arms.


Sadie enters to find Gary laying on the couch BOUND with ROPE at his wrist and ankle.


Why’s he all tied up?


Because he threw a glass at me, okay?




So listen, Gary... I got pizza and drinks and all

kinds of good stuff for your ear, okay?


You aren’t a doctor, Sadie... So stop pretending

you are. No way you’re touching my ear.


I used to work in a veterinary hospital, okay? So

we can do this the easy way with you cooperating,

or we can do it the hard way and then we’ll just sit

on you… It’s your choice, Gary.


You’re crazy!

Gary lets Sadie examine his ear.


Now hold still… I need to put this medicine

on it and it’s probably going to sting a little…

Sadie uncaps the plastic bottle of Bactine and squirts it all over his hair, his collar, his face, his eyes and sort of incidentally onto his wounded ear.


Fuck, it hurts! It hurts!


Well, I warned you didn’t I?


You’re being very brave, Gary. I’m really

proud of you.

Sadie then threads the dental floss into a sewing needle and sits down by Gary where she starts sewing his ear back on. Meanwhile, Gary begins to chant to deal with the pain.


Nyom Nyoh Ringeh Kyoh… Nyom Nyoh…

ON BOBBY – watching the procedure and getting very queasy..


God, this is so disgusting...

ON MARY – queasy to the point of nausea.


Nyom Nyoh Ringeh Kyoh… Nyom Nyoh

Ringeh Kyoh…

TIGHT ON SADIE – concentrating intensely as she sews Gary’s ear back together.

GARY O.S. cont.

Nyom Nyoh Ringeh Kyoh… Nyom Nyoh

Ringeh Kyoh…


There… Now you look beautiful again.

Bobby looks over Sadie’s handiwork.

INSERT ON GARY’S EAR – it’s the most badly executed stitch job ever, like Dr. Frankenstein went to work on him


I gotta pee, okay…

Sadie grabs a bowl of bloody water and tosses the contents out the window, then hands it to Mary for Gary to pee in..


Take his pecker out so he can pee.


I think I can pee for myself, if you just fucking

untie me!


Not until you sign the cars over, okay?

Mary rolls Gary to his side and undoes his pants. Then she takes the bowl from Sadie and holds it under him, then takes his dick in her hand and aims it for him so he can pee.


(to Mary)

Don’t forget to give it a little shake after.


Fuck you, Sadie.


Listen, Gary... If you sign the cars over, I’ll give

you a super awesome blowjob.


No way!


Come on, Gary, please! I wanna go home!


Fuck you!


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

You are just enjoying this waaaay too much, Colonel Scott. :-)

Perhaps this movie can win a special effects award. I wanna see how they're gonna do the scene about sewing the guy's ear back on. Like, wasn't Hinman squirming and crying and prolly even throwing up? I don't think he'd be quite ready for a double pepperoni pizza five minutes post-op!

Force 17 said...

Oh this just gets better and better-more please. I like the vegetarian debate. If the film is from Brenda's viewpoint why does it need this whole scene anyway. Sadie/Mary come back to Ranch and tell her what happened-sorted.

starship said...

More, Col, More! Please!

You're not making this up as you go, are you?

deadwoodhbo said...

It really is amazeing people have no better things to waste their money on then makeing movies about the whoars who hung around with manson.The manson girls how bloody degradeing for charlie .
the script would make great bog roll.

deadwoodhbo said...


April 09, 2008
Natalie Portman Breaks Charlie Manson Out Of Jail to Enjoy The Springtime
Natalie Portman's soon to be bunking down at Spahn Ranch with the other girls! Ok, that's actually hippie guru-type musician Devendra Banhart. He's Natalie Portman's dude. I bet he's into her cruelty-free shoes, and vegan lifestyle.

Bret said...

lol. i never said that!. i said it was better than helter skelter 2004. that's what i said.

FrankM said...

What is it with this site at

It's been announced as on the point of opening forever - anyone have any idea who's behind it and what the story is?

Another question: is Bret Bret? I mean hi, Bret, welcome and all that, but are you a Bret or the Bret?

Becca: I went to that Natalie Portman site thing you mentioned (she's cute in my book but it might be my age) and it reminded me of all that’s wrong with the world. That vacuous, E-entertainment, celebrity lifestyle is simply stultifying. I’d rather go and read delete delete’s blog, especially the nice bits about me.


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Mr. Manson ain't gonna be doing to much speaking as long as he is incarcerated in solitary confinement... I think the whole premise of the "Manson Speaks" website was that it was going to offer his recent declaimations. The last person to actually record him on the phone was the lovely Herlaka on 11 Dec.


Another issue I have with the ungainly movie script: from what I understand, during the entire Hinman incident, Mary B. sat there and whimpered in fear, and was quite incapable of offering Hollywood wisecracks. She was, after all, Marian the Librarian, and not at all suitable for that enforcer role.

deadwoodhbo said...

Frank who is delete delete?Dam what am i missing now:P

Brian Davis said...

Hello A.C. !

A.C. wrote, "...from what I understand, during the entire Hinman incident, Mary B. sat there and whimpered in fear, and was quite incapable of offering Hollywood wisecracks. She was, after all, Marian the Librarian, and not at all suitable for that enforcer role.

Intresting what a difference a couple of years go from whimpering in fear during the Hinman murder in 69' to getting in a shoot-out with police during that Hawthorne incident in 71'.

Of course the Hawthorne hold-up was completely wrong and a stupid thing to do.
But, Mary Brunner seems to have had balls the size of boulders that day and later at her sentencing hearing Judge Alarcon
labeled her "an extremely dangerous person" based on the testimony at trial.

Some could argue Brunner and Gypsy were just crazy at that time. (I think it was Gypsy that actually started the shoot-out.)

But Brunner was just as "crazy" in 1969 as she was in 1971. So, I dont think that would explain it.

On a side note about the Hawthorne amazes me no one was killed.

And imagine had they actually got away with the whole plan. OMG !
They wanted to hijack a freakin' 747 and kill people per hour until Manson was released.
That is SLA stuff there.

As far as this movie script is hard to even read because it's one of the biggest piles of monkey crap I have ever seen.

Now, something that IS NOT a pile of monkey crap or any other kind of crap is Bret's web site.

So if that post above from "bret" is that Bret of that great site then "Hi Bret, love your site, man ! And your YouTube channel."

And "Hello over there !" to Jean Harlow ! Marliese ! Heaven !-great group too, thanks for letting me in ! Pristash ! JM30 ! FrankM ! - funny post ! And to everyone else !

And as always, Thank YOU Col, Sir !

Anonymous said...

Fact checking this is like fact checking an episode of F-Troop. I think BB told the story of how he used floss to stitch up his dogs when they got hurt fighting, and he used this same technique on Hinman. However, the legend of Susan as largely created by Susan puts her where she always wanted to be, right in the middle of the action. This mythology has not helped her parole chances.

starship said...

The SLA was a pretty ragtag group themselves. Talked big, even did a few things here and there, murder, kidnapping, bombing police cars...but hijack a 747? Never woulda happened. They were much more suited to hiding out in the countryside of NE PA and upstate NY.

deadwoodhbo said...

wasnt the sla who Patty Hearst was involved in?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Deadwood: Yup.

Brian: It's awfully difficult to hijack a 747 when one has stolen the wrong ammo to match the stolen guns. No, Catherine Share, you will never, ever ever live that down. You have been drummed out of the Revolutionary Hall of Fame (tm).

You see, if they'd have simply read the "Official Revolutionary Training Manual and Guide to Etiquette", they would have known what to do. Revolutionary Tip number #349: Always ask the helpful salespeople in the sporting goods store what ammo matches what firearm... Tip # 952: When acquiring ordinance to break your ferless leader out of prison, it is always best to pay for it with someone else's credit card, rather than steal it outright. Armerd robbery attracts way too much attention. Tip number 675: Please ask your official hippy cult leader if he actually wants you to pull some stunt like this, because if (when) you fail, he'll just have to do more hard time -- you KNOW the authorties will think that it was all his idea.

Chapter thirteen: What to wear during the average daytime revolution, and how to jazz it up for evening...

Heaven said...

Hiya Brian, it's great to have you with us!

Anonymous said...

Bret, Love your website!!
Couple of questions for you..

1.You mentioned on your site that you were going to explain the fall out between Debra and her Dad..was this a dead end?

2.Do you have any info on Danny DeCarlo passing away in 2001?

Thanks so much!

FrankM said...

If any of you guys are interested in Scientology this link might interest.

Check it out here

Interesting reading


Marliese said...

Col, great reading on The Manson Girls. It's either an awesome picture we've never seen before or the title of your column that never disappoints. "Remember to Shake Afterwards"

At least Bobby has a decent line "i'm tired of all this fucking vegetarian shit" (and Gary's not eating any meat!)

Great posts, thanks Col.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

One of the nice gentlemen housed in CSP Corcoran, with whom I correspond, just wrote me a lovely letter, politely requesting the addresses for the dudes who are producing and directing this film. He also asked me for the address to Ms. Lohan's fan site. Of course, I will cheerfully comply, forthwith. Or is that henceforth?

Everyone must've been so very impressed with the movie script, which the Colonel so admirably provided for us, that they want to respond with letters of appreciation to the film-makers, honoring the literary merit of the project. You think?

Oh my my, let's us watch the sparks fly!