Saturday, April 26, 2008

Funniest Shit Evah!

Jimmy, the obsessed fan from Staten Island who thinks the murdering whore Leslie Van Houten loves him has just posted THE FUNNIEST SHIT.
I beg you to go read it.
He just paid $850 or so for two old file photos. Photos that every paper in the country had. And he thinks Debra should leave the murdering whore LVH alone in return for the photos.
You will blow snot.

I did.
Here are the photos. For you. For free. Wait till he realizes he didn't buy the copyright when he bought the photos!


Anonymous said...

I definitely "blew snot".The best yet...I need some klenex...

augusteigth1969 said...
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Anonymous said...

It's getting even better..OMG.. crying...

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

From a previous page:

Lil Magil wrote: "OMG.. went over to take a peak at that "other site"..I haven't laughed that hard in a loooong time. gotta go see...Fricken Hilarious...The best yet..."

What other site, Lil? Are you referring to the same one as this blog entry, or is there yet more?

Anonymous said...

One in the Same. Urni is now ransoming Leslie VanHouten's pic...priceless.

Bret said...

It's incredible! I saw this last night and I couldn't believe what I was reading. Who in their right mind would pay this amount of money for these photographs. I have about 15 different copies of each from various paublications. This is from the Wire services.

Why on earth would Debra want these photographs? She undoubtedly has countless private family albums full of photographs of her sister.
...and that deal regarding Leslie, I really thought he was kidding.....this is just hilarious.

Anonymous said...

well, Urni is giving him 30 days to quit being a moron..or he's pissing on a picture of Leslie..Let's see if he takes him up on this offer...more Kleenex please..'Lil

Heaven said...

This has to be a joke...

Surely Debra already has these pictures....


Brian Davis said...


I don't mean to go off track of The Funniest Shit Evah but going back to that MANSON GIRLS movie script, do you have a scene or do you know if there is one, addressing Nancy Pitman allegedly going back to the Tate house that morning after the murders ?

As ridiculous as the script is I am a bit intrested to see how the movie people handled that.

And did they actually consult or interview with Nancy/Brenda ?

Again I apologize for asking this here but with the recent flurry of your great posts, I didnt know if you ever replied to your backposts or not. I thought you might keep checking this one until you post a new entry. Thanks Col ! And Hello All !

FrankM said...

I just love the countdown indicator on that crazy site. I hadn't been there since he did the promo job on me ...

Anyways, folks, according to the 'On Trial' site:

At 12:40 am on the morning of Saturday August 9, 2008, exactly 39 years ago to the day, both photographs will be burned and their ashes will be scattered on the grounds of the Old Spahn Movie Ranch as a sacrificial offering in response to your unwarranted persecution of Leslie Van Houten.

Which means that we all know where and when to pay our pesonal tributes. I have a particular interest in this as the site owner has said to me publicly:

To be honest with you Frank, even if could sue you for slander, I really wouldn't bother because just seeing how many teeth I could knock out of your mouth in a FACE to FACE confrontation would be worth more to me than any cash settlement.

Shouldn't be hard to arrange to be in CA for a couple of days - we might even have a blog meet up! Col can buy us all a round of drinks for supporting his blog.

And I won't be bringing my dentist.


Anonymous said...

I'm going to wait for it to come out on video...LOL.
but if any of you are going.."right-click" and bring your copies.

Brian Davis said...

Frank , Are you a pugilist by trade ? lol !

A blog meet with you folks would be kick ass ! I'm in if that ever
happens !

60skid said...

Brian Davis said...

A blog meet with you folks would be kick ass ! I'm in if that ever
happens !

Count me in too

FrankM said...


Well, I'm 6' 4" and a little over 200 pounds. Keep in pretty good shape. And I did box when I was in the marines (heavyweight) - even won a few medals - but that was a good few years ago (and that's an understatement).

But I'm a pacifist by nature, unless my family is threatened or you go for my beer.


FrankM said...

Hey, if we're going to have a blog meet let's do it at Barker.

Bring camping gear, food, a few joints and some vino. We can meet up in Ballarat and drive up Goler together.

Savage can be our guest of honor; if he's man enough to drive up the Wash I'll share a spliff with him as long as he doesn't come on all violent.

Now that would be a fun get together.

AC: you get younger every day. You doing the Dorian Grey?


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Well then, I reckon it's time to consider our travel plans, since a few of us were fixin' to make the trip to sunshiney California ANYway... maybe we can get a group rate on plane tix!

August 9 is a Saturday, so I'll be parked in the CSP visiting room until they kick us around 3-ish. Do you think, considering the drive time from Corcoran, you might delay the reunion 'til a bit later? Heavy sigh, yes I realize I'll miss the incineration ceremony and subsequent butt-whoopin' party, but the rest of it sounds like incredible fun.

Jim: Please don't break any fire laws or littering ordinances.

Frank: Flatterer. That's actually a more recent picture than the previous one. And I didn't get it out of the attic, neither. :-)

Anonymous said...

Yes Jimmy, I am a secret operative, hired by the Colonel to activate suggestions in your brain implanted long ago for obscure reasons which no one now remembers. It appears the plan is working.

We are trying to bring about a civil war in this country, inflaming the passions of supporters of Leslie Van Houten by keeping her illegally imprisoned BY MIND CONTROLLING DEBRA TATE.

Stayed tuned for more activation messages.