Monday, April 07, 2008

About that MANSON GIRLS Movie....

First off let me note that neither the HOLLYWOOD REPORTER nor VARIETY have reported on this film yet. Considering they usually do a story on any film that even MIGHT get made one might assume that the movie THE MANSON GIRLS is more tenuous that one might think. And you would be correct.

Brad Wyman the producer is legendary in Hollywood for having lost his mind one year in Cannes, stripping naked and running up and down the Croisette. Matthew Bright the director, aside from directing the unmistakenly bad film FREEWAY directed a film called TIPTOES in which Gary Oldman played a dwarf. Yes you heard me. You could ask Matthew about the film but he got fired off of it pretty fast. He had nothing to do with the post production of the film at all. And then there is the alleged star Lindsay Lohan. Her last 5 films have been bombs. She has been in and out of rehab. Wyman said in his interview that they got insurance for her. But I don't believe they have insurance or even money to make the film. And thanks to her tabloid exploits I don't believe anyone will finance it- it would be like pissing money down the drain. Top that off with the screenplay I read- written not even on a screenwriting program but simply on Microsoft Word, it is stupid and grossly inaccurate and badly written. Helter Skelter the remake was better than what I read and THAT SUCKED.

But I got better reasons why I predict this never happens. The law of the land. You see, the real Nancy Pitman must now be aware of the possible existence of this film. She has not been looking for attention by lying out her ass like Gypsy. She has been quietly doing her planting and nursery work in Oregon. Now, the filmmakers have the right to depict her based on the public record, sure. But that means the court trials. And there is so much bullshit in the screenplay that any Errors and Omissions insurance company will refuse to insure it.

If Nancy Pitman is out there, get a lawyer honey. You can stop this film without trying and you really should. Protect whatever good name you earned over the last 30 years.

----------another scene from the screenplay- badly written and all inaccurate------------


A day time get together with about fifteen upscale Rock & Roll CELEBRITIES.

Mingling among the professionals are various Manson Girls, including Brenda, Squeaky and Sadie, really pouring it on and acting as flirty and vivacious as possible.

ANOTHER ANGLE - Dennis is introducing Charlie to various PARTY GOERS, one of whom is an enormous FAT WOMAN.


Hey, Cass... I want you to meet this guy I’m getting

ready to record… This is Charlie Manson... Charlie,

this is Cass Elliot, from the Mamas and the Papas…


Hello, Charlie… I’ve heard a lot about you.

Charlie proceeds to kiss ass with the rock stars to the point of nausea.


Hey, Mama Cass... I’ve been digging your records

for a long time now.


And this is Frank Zappa. Frank, this is Charlie


Your music is so groovy. Definitely groovy.

Frank takes an instant dislike to Charlie. Something about his heavy handed charm offensive just rubs him the wrong way.


Well, Charlie… We try to be groovy in

everything we do… Grooviness is definitely

one of the qualities we strive for…

Charlie catches the disrespect immediately. He gives Frank a cold look. Frank sees it

and laughs contemptuously. Dennis sees it too and takes Charlie by the arm.


Hey, Charlie… C’mere, there’s someone else

I want you to meet…

Charlie looks back coldly at Frank Zappa for a moment as Dennis leads him away to a MAN standing on the other side of the room with a beautiful blonde WOMAN.

DENNIS cont.

Charlie, this is my producer and our host, Terry

Melcher and his girlfriend, Candice Bergen…

Charlie looks Candice Bergen like she’s a particularly choice piece of meat.


I really like your movies, lady.


Why, thank you, Charlie. How nice of you to

say so.

ON BRENDA, SQUEAKY & SADIE – dancing with a funny little guy with a mustache. This is SONNY BONO (32).


So, Sonny... Where’s Cher?


She’s visiting her mom back east.


She’s really hot.


Yes, she’s definitely that.


Is she into girls?


You’d really have to ask her that yourself...


So, who’s your friend?

Sonny gestures toward Charlie who’s talking with Terry Melcher and Candice Bergen.


Oh, that’s Charlie... The most amazing man in

the world. And the next Bob Dylan... No, he’s

better than Bob Dylan.


Really... He’s like your guru or something?


Something like that.


Hey, Sonny...

Sadie leans in close to Sonny and puts her hand on his leg.

SADIE cont.

Wanna go inside?


Come on, you’ll have fun.

Sonny smiles – he’s going for it.

ON CHARLIE – talking with Terry and Candice, while Sonny can be seen being pulled into the house by Brenda, Sadie and Squeaky.


So, Charlie... Dennis tells me you’re into some

really happening sounds.

Candice sees Sonny go into the house with the girls and elbows Terry to get his attention.


Well, I’m just doing what comes honestly..


I like that. I do…


I was hoping you’d drop by and listen to what

Charlie’s doing when he gets a little more material



Say, don’t you have a tour coming up?


Yeah, but I’m letting Charlie use the studio…

Charlie’ll call and tell you when he’s ready to

show you something, won’t you, Charlie?


Definitely, man… Definitely…

ON CHARLIE – having big dreams of stardom.


Terry was this big time music producer whose

mom was that actress Doris Day… He was also

the guy who’d discovered Paul Revere and the

Raiders and he was also the producer for the

Byrds... And now he was going to be working

with Charlie...


Sonny Bono, sweating profusely and completely ripped, is holding Sadie up against the wall like Sonny Corleone in The Godfather, fucking her like some kind of animal, while Brenda and Squeaky in various stages of undress lay on the bed watching with stunned expressions..


Who would have thought Sonny Bono was such

a stud?


It’s always the quiet ones.

ON SADIE – being driven to new highs by Sonny Bono.


deadwoodhbo said...

Col you ALWAYS! do such great blog
entries.Thank you for your time and dedication in keeping us up to date on all thing related to manson. Waiting to hear from

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Post: Awesome

Script: Utterly beyond Vile

Image of Sonny and Sadie: Hilarious. Wonder if he contracted any diseases that he later had to explain to Cher he caught from a toilet seat?

Dialogue: Preposterous

Advice to Nancy Pitman: Spot-on; request injunctive relief, like, yesterday!

Hope of my menfolk to see Lindsay Lohan naked: You keep dreamin'. They're certain to use a body double

Suggestion to Charles: See if you can get hired as a consultant

starship said...

Oh, man..I'll never be able to listen to "When You Say Love" again!

Anonymous said...

This little excerpt of a bad script that will never be filmed does illustrate some worthwhile points. Few who have showbiz ambitions ever get the opportunity to mingle at the level CM was able to manage, and no one denies that a lot of people in the business thought CM had potential as a singer songwriter. So why was he unable to capitalize on this situation? I think he turned a lot of people off very quickly, having only two basic modes of social interaction: obsequious and menacing. At a basic level, he operated in the time honored manner of pimps throughout history and this would have been instantly apparent to sophisticated types and cause him to be dismissed. He walked into this world of media stars programmed for failure. I think this was a major cause of Charlie's frustration. Adherents of the "Charlie was angry at Hollywood" theory can see in this little sketch some of those dynamics at work. A good actor playing CM and a good actor playing FZ could illustrate this very well.

One would imagine that FZ knew Brian Wilson and by extension Dennis as well although I have not specifically read that this was so. Brian Wilson knows a lot I bet.

I did read somewhere that FZ had some dealings with the Family, as some of them were living in the back of his Laurel Canyon house and he had to kick them out in early 1968. Anyone know specifically if he ever met CM? Not too much of a stretch to think he did.

FrankM said...

I seem to remember reading someplace that Bobby B had been a 'friend' of FZ and sang back up on Zappa's 1968 album Freak Out.

I just checked the album - yes I still have it !! - but BB is not credited - not that that discounts the theory as it could have been a copyright thing or simply he was there at the recording.

So I checked out Bobby's own site and found the following:

Yes, it is that. Frank Zappa, another guy I made friends with in L.A., was a really interesting guy to me. In fact I was on his first album, just as a guest—the Freak Out album. I was one of the people yelling "Help, I'm a rock! Help, I'm a rock!" "We are the brain police!" and all those things. He just came and got me and a few of my friends off the street and put a microphone in front of us and had us do that. Frank Zappa came to the scene lampooning that sort of superficiality: "Brown Shoes Don't Make It," "Plastic People, You've Got to Go Now". . . that was the L.A. scene..

Check it out at


FrankM said...

Excellent post, Blip - very perceptive (to me at least)


starship said...

Blip makes a good point. I wonder if Charlie's comment that if the real motive were ever known it would shake Hollywood to the core is just him blowing smoke, playing it up big, as if he were much more substantially on the scene then he was. The Beach Boys and Neil Young are known to have hung out with CM, Melcher knew him and of course CM went to Cielo while he lived there, but no one has admitted that he and the girls hung out at parties at Cielo although it's long been rumored. Candace Bergen even wrote an autobiography which mentions Charlie but she could easily confirm or dispel any notion of such. In the absence of a confirmation, I would bet she'd dispel if asked.

Force 17 said...

Can you imagine CM doing tours across the USA, been on time, playing the same set list, playing the corporate game, it was never going to happen. Nevertheless he has a talent with lyrics and meeting D Wilson was a great opportunity which was ultimately wasted.
As for the film script well it made me laugh if nothing else, surely any Hollywood star who is potrayed as meeting CM but didnt is going to sue.

Anonymous said...

Frank, thanks for reminding me about Freak Out. I had forgotten that.

Force 17, I agree about the lawsuits that would fly. One imagines that quite a few recognizable names had encounters with CM, yet there are few such stories circulating publicly. Dennis Wilson was heard near the end of his sad life saying how he refused to talk about those days out of respect for Sharon Tate, who he claimed to have known and liked very well.

Can you imagine what Dennis must have felt when he heard that CM was involved in her death? To what extent did he feel personally responsible for promoting CM and introducing him around, and what role did this play in his self-destructive behavior in the seventies?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Blipcrotch says: "I think he (Manson) turned a lot of people off very quickly, having only two basic modes of social interaction: obsequious and menacing."

That's never been my experience, and as I have a low tolerance for both modes of communication, I don't think I'd put up with either for very long.

The way I understand it is that Charles rapidly became disenchanted with the commercial Hollywood game, and the ridiculous level of butt-smooching, self-promotion and corporate slavery required to be able to thrive in that mileau. He states that he is "not an entertainer", and that he fled the Beach Boys, Los Angeles and the whole corporate-based music scene for peace, spirit and ATWA.

I guess it depends on what is defined as successful... and may I politely suggest that you'all are promoting a false idea of what it is to succeed?

At our music fesivals, there are three levels of musicians. Those who perform a good set, offer demo CDs, sign autographs, and schmooze with record producers are destined to succeed on the commercial level. Those who get wasted, fight with security and indulge in major property damage, are likely to crash and burn early. And then there are those who facilitate musical seminars, offer the background music for religious ceremonies, demonstrate technique to beginners, and stay up late jamming around the bonfire with amateurs and professionals alike. The latter are the musicians whom I consider a success on a spiritual level, and that is the type of musician that Charles is.

Perhaps, Blipcrotch, it's possible to succeed *without* capitalization?

No, Force 17, I don't think the opportunity with Wilson was "wasted". Charles saw it as rescuing his own music, and thereby his own spirit.

FrankM said...


I enjoy your posts and respect (most of) your ideas, even while reserving the right to disagree with you (but let's not go there again).

But you do keep on painting CM as a benevolent philanthropist, and there are so, so many others who seem to have experienced him differently.

Assault and forced anal rape (while in prison); slashing Hinman's ear; tying up the La Biancas; beating on people who followed him (ask Dianne Lake); humiliation and depersonalization of so many young people at Spahn and Barker; well .. you've read it all, hey, I don't even know why I'm typing a list.

Apologies to Jempud (if s/he still reads this blog), but in the words of Hoosier poet James Whitcomb Riley, if it walks like a duck and quacks like a duck ….

But I do enjoy your posts – it’s just your state of denial that bothers me.


Bret said...

I don't agree with the Colonel 100%. I've read the script and I must say that it is musch better than Helter Skelter 2004. (it doesn't take much to accomplish that)
No movie will ever be able to do justice to a case of this nature. The film is now listed on
With good direction and the right cast it might be very good.

Ok, there are some inaccuracies and whatnot but its just a movie. I would certainly advocate and support that this film gets produced. Hopefully, it will reach the final stage. Shooting is supposedly to start in July.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Well, Charles was / is also a biker, and perhaps I'm just more acclamated to their type of behavior than you, Frank. Bikers cuss. They spit. They've even been known to fight, once in a while, especially when losing at billiards. Didn't you once threaten to leave this blog over a few minor insults utilizing the word "c*nt"? May I suggest that you avoid patronizing any taverns which cater to motorcycle enthusiasts, lest you be terminally offended?

The "assault" in reform school -- payback to a boy for doing it to him first. Mr. BeauSoleil claims the ear incident didn't actually occur as reported, that HE himself slashed Hinman (a dope peddler) upside the head. And Ms. Lake is likely not the only biker's woman to ever mouth off and get herself b*tch-slapped. Try doing that to ME, and see what happens, hahaha! As for the humiliation and demoralization, if ya can't take the heat, then get off the Ranch.

None of which has anything, whatsoever, to do with a rejection of the commercialization of music, the media-drone mentality, and the related attributes of "success".

Pristash: At that time and place, in the world of "Hollywood Reporter" and "Tiger Beat", yes, Mr. and Mrs. Amerika would have been utterly stupefied by the accusation of all the drugs, wild sex, drugs, homosexuality, drugs, alcohol and drugs parading throughout Hollywood. Remember, this was the era in which Rock Hudson was not gay, and Doris Day was not using diet pills, and John Lennon was not on heroin, and Roman Polanski was not a pervert, and other states of denial. If Charles had divulged his entire catalogue of Hollywood gossip -- not to mention just exactly who was supplying all of those illegal drugs to the stars-- yeah, it'd be a shakeup, all right.

Of course, media whore that I am, I so totally would've used it for blackmail!

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Welcome, Bret!

angeLos said...

Blip said
I think he turned a lot of people off very quickly


that is very true

and especially his music was particularly a pain in the a.. etc... to listen to
like some kind of torture for the average brain ....
for a Human brain , just the vibrations would be a huge no no for an average brain ,
not even talking about the "money" and the "business"
just the negative aspect of the "vibes"
and I have to say ....
very sick vibrations,
without even understanding one single word of English, just the vibrations of the "music" and vocals is.... a major turn off.... a kind of very painfull experience for an average brain...
...that is just what probably some "Elite" of Hollywood "money makers" have thought just the first and only time they heard him and the familly...... and then tried not no come in contact whatsoever again in their entire life
it was just a........torture ... for a peacefull brain , I mean just the music,
a torture...for the ...mind .

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Everyone's a critic.

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