Monday, June 06, 2011

Rudy's Notes

So I met with this cool young filmmaker who made this great Manson doc a couple years back. He brought with him a book of Rudy Altobelli testimony that Rudy had given him. He let me copy it so we will be blogging it soon enough.

Inserted in the book was a 3 page very yellowed, old document that seems to be Rudy's notes for his testimony at trial. Some of it is very interesting to say the least.


Conversation with Manson
Left for Rome 2/24/69

On 2/23/69 he was getting packed and taking a shower and dog started to bark and Manson was in outside the house alone on the patio (between screen door and the front door) (Sharon was in front house getting packed)

He introduced himself and Rudy knew who he was and Rudy opened the front door and spoke to him but he did not enter the living room he had met the summer before and Greg Jackson wanted a ride to the beach (Dennis Wilson) and Charles Manson was there with people and a little boy –

Sat for a few moments, listened to tape of Manson playing music – stayed for a few minutes and left.

Manson asked where Terry was – He said he was in the front of the house and she said to come to the back since he was looking for Terry.

Sharon told Rudy on the plane that she saw Manson that day.

He told Manson he had to leave for a 1 year – clients to make movies

Manson said he was going also to make a movie and Rudy said yes, understand you are very talented

He also asked for Terry’s address

He then asked when Rudy would be back, he would like to talk to him again – Rudy said – over a year.

Rudy never saw Manson except at the house that once and at the beach. Maybe another time – don’t remember.

Roman moved in February 15, 1969.

Terry moved out in January 1969.

Roman left for Rio de Janero a day before or after Rudy called to obtain consent for Garretson’s to stay and told Roman he would take care of the dogs and keep guest house clean.

Garretson moved in on March 24.

Roman said Sharon was going to Rome also and that he would go with Sharon (Sharon was going to make a movie)

Other people were there when Sharon saw Manson at the door

Jay Sebring

Photographer – Hatami (friend of Roman)
(he was at the funeral)

Rudy thinks these people were there when they talked on the phone and she said a few people were here

Manson has semi long hair – no beard, pants and shirt and on the top a space seemed to be between his teeth and bad teeth all around.


Vera Dreiser said...

Okay, couple things, don't mean to be a nudge but...
1) Is this a double typo?:
"Left for Rome 2/24/69
On 2/23/69 he was getting packed and taking a shower..."

It's otherwise been reported as 3/23 and 3/24....

2) "Manson asked where Terry was – He [CM] said he was in the front of the house [MeaningCM had just been in front of house] and she said to come to the back since he was looking for Terry."

"She"? So Sharon or Gibby sent CM back to Rudi -- not Hatami?! -- as the official version maintains? Important delineation, Vera thinks, considering what happened to Sharon -- not Hatami -- on Aug. 8/9.

3) "Sharon told Rudy on the plane that she saw Manson that day."
But she never said his name, correct? Because, well, how would she know it?

4) "Garretson moved in on March 24"
But, apparently, he was there when CM visited on 3/23 (or was it 2/23???).

Vera has other questions, but this'll do for now (and so relieved to be off the subject of AC's despicable racism, which, admittedly, Yours Truly initiated).

ColScott said...

Hey, I checked the document against what the intern typed. I just share what I have.

My favorite bit was Charlie doing a movie too.

Vera Dreiser said...

I love that you have interns.

ColScott said...

they gots to be kept busy!

adam said...

The movie Charlie spoke of had to of been that one Melcher and Jakobson were meant to be filming of the Family at the ranch.

starship said...

Yes, this is a problem. The dates do not fit except for Terry moving out and Roman and Sharon moving in...which again proves my point that there was very little time for all the hi-jinks that many accuse Sharon and Roman of doing (orgies, etc) while at Cielo Drive, as they only ever spent at most 5 weeks there before leaving for Europe...and when Sharon comes back she is 8 months pregnant.

Jean Harlow said...

Thanks Colonel, that is really a cool find!

MrPoirot said...

Rudi suspected Manson as a suspect while he was flying back to the US yet Bug had to interview him several times before Rudi finally eeked out the story about Manson meeting Sharon at Cielo. Bug was astounded that Rudi didn't offer up his Manson story without being prodded. What was Rudi's problem?

Anonymous said...

well the time line must be off, Moorehouse moved in after Melcher left.

Anonymous said...

legs mcneil is doing some shit! lol
oooooooooo whata world!

starship said...

No, that is not true about Moorehouse.

I had always been skeptical about that being true at all, but I think the Wells book put it straight that it was while they were crashing at Dennis Wilson's place that Melcher helped him out by letting Moorehouse move into the guest house...for a very short time, but it was then when Tex came into the picture that he may have first been on the Cielo Drive property by visiting Moorehouse.

Which also puzzles me as to why Tex did such a shoddy job inspecting the guest house in Aug 1969? Which then leads me to believe that mistook Steven Parent for the caretaker. Which then leads me to believe that Tex had a pretty good idea who he expected to encounter while he was there...

ColScott said...

The SIMON Wells book?

starship said...

The Col returns...yes the Simon Wells book. Whatever.

The point is, it is really not that difficult to document certain things in this case. We obsess over what we want to know and what we think we know because we heard it, and often forget to focus on the facts...the provable facts of which there are many. Moorehouse absolutely did not live in the Cielo Drive guesthouse post Melcher...unless he shacked up with Garrettson which he didn't. End of story, no mystery here at all. Anyone who argues it's so obviously does not grasp the realities of the facts.

David O said...

I knew Rudi personally. We were very close friends in 1980-81 during my stay in L.A. We had in common spiritual/metaphysical interests such that our conversations (over tequila shots) would sometimes last for hours after others had gone home. So I often spent the night there in what he called Sharon's room. It was at the end of the hallway leading from the living room,on the left, where a right turn leads toward the master bedroom.Entering the hall from the living room there was a closet on the left with bookshelves that were filled with film scripts.And one book: "Helter Skelter", autographed by Vincent Bugliosi. Anyone who knows, or knew Rudi as well as I should know the truth of this. There is so much more I can tell, but only to Rudi's friends. He was, after all, a very private man and now, as then, I regard him with utmost respect. It was a long time into our friendship before he told me of the crime at his home(this was when he opened that closet to show me that book) and this Only because he had reason to Suspect that I knew but he was unsure. What led him to suspect that I knew is astonishing and uncanny-because I really had No Idea consciously ! But, with very good reason it strongly seemed to him that I must have. My jury is out on this business about collecting damages...if this is true it seems overtly crass to me as well.All I can say is that he was not in his right mind at the time.Would you have been ? You had to know Rudi. He was a Very Very respectful man. He was thoughtful and kind. And, yet, he could be the most incorrigible smart-ass at the same time. His wit was quick and often biting. BTW, when Manson knocked on his door that day Rudi knew, as Manson tried to lead the verbal exchange around to his talent, his music, that this was the real reason Charlie was there, knowing that he, Rudi was in a position to put him toward success.He also Sensed that this miscreant was well aware that Terry was no longer there. Rudi, of course, saw right through it all and politely got rid of him. You know what Rudi's biggest regret was in the whole tragedy ? That he took his two big Rotweilers to Rome with him instead of leaving them at 10050...

David O said...

BTW, if you were friends with Rudi, here's how you may know I'm real, as I with you- his phone number at 10050 and for awhile at least, this # transferred with him where he moved to (yes I know). If you or I give even 2 or 3 numerals (out of 7) in order with x's in between either of us can fill in the x's first time in a personal e-mail.

Unknown said...
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