Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Don't Feed The Under Bridge Dwellers

It never ceases to amaze. The trolls show up and people feel a need to respond. Or in one case pack up and leave.

I have a better solution- DON'T READ their bullshit.

AC Fisher Aldag, just for one example, is fucking wrong about everything she posts. Everything. If she told me the time I would assume she was off by 3 hours. There is nothing credible in anything she says.

Now do I read her stuff and say "Holy shit no, I've got to straighten her out?" Do I offer to interview her (hi Patty!)? Do I deal with a deep seated need to be right and therefore ban her?

I do none of these things. And here is why.

I can just see her name and skip her post, secure in the knowledge that nothing she says makes sense.

I don't have to prove she is or is not a racist, like Liz's site is doing. I KNOW she is wrong about everything. That allows me to skip anything she says.

But I still allow her to say it, because it doesn't disturb our task.

But Sadie was of course at the LaBianca house. I mean for FUCK'S SAKE, every single person there said so, including Sadie.

Ignore the trolls. You'll be happy you did.


Jean Harlow said...

Thank you Colonel. :)

candy and nuts said...

Col has provided alot of info thru the years however Im still waiting to see Bobbys vest pictures that would be quite interesting ( if you do actually have it)

candy and nuts said...

Col no offense but you truly seem upset at AC Im not sure why can you elaborate?

A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

My source is Charles Manson. He was there. Youse guys were not. :-)

I've not read most of the books or seen many of the films. I have, however, read the trial transcripts, looked at what photos of the evidence are available. Charles has been correct about many other things, even when I am totally skeptical, what he says usually turns out to be true.

I was told, for example, that Red was being released, a month before anyone else knew about it.

A new book is coming out by Nicholas Schreck.* Much of what he writes will say the same things as Charles has told me... yet Mr. Schreck has the time, energy, resources and effort to back up his statements.

Often I will write something that Charles has said, and later, the statement will be parroted by others, OR folks will quote from one of the books which essentially states the same thing. You're welcome.

*Actually, a much-expanded version of the original "Manson Files" with new research, new sources.

bobby said...

Nicholas Schreck

do a little research on this guy.

candy and nuts said...

bobby I know nik wroite the manson files and had radio werewolf at this time I was writing to red and I sent her all the literature from radio werewolf she told me she never heard of niok and he had no reason to mention that She red approved his book-which I have in her letters if yu need proof-why nik has come out with new reflections Im not sure maybe he learned something he hid from

Marliese said...

You weren't there either, AC, and Charles Manson wasn't the only person there. Your perception of these events isn't necessarily fact.

grimtraveller said...

Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Don't Feed The Under Bridge Dwellers
It never ceases to amaze. The trolls show up and people feel a need to respond

On the blogs, there is so much misinformation, conspiracy theorists muddying up the waters and supposition stated as fact that sometimes, the rubbish posted needs to be countered, if for no other reason than to demonstrate to future readers that not everything in print is kosher. Especially from those that claim to have Charlie's ear or insider information. Some of them might. Not all of them do and if they do, then it doesn't say much for Charlie Manson.
Personally, I think of future readers that years later may chance upon pretty decent blogs like this one.