Friday, May 01, 2009

We're Back // Bobby and Jane Doe

I didn't post for an entire month. I'd love to tell you that I was on vacation but I wasn't. Or that I was in prison but I wasn't. Or maybe I was on an Amazonian exploration with BRET (whose goddamn site is goddamn down again) but I wasn't. You know what?

I didn't have anything to say!

Sorry kids... I tried. I wanted to. Truly I did.

But I just didn't have much new to add to the discussion. And the Col doesn't like to flap his mouth off. So I shut my pie hole and kept earning major dollars and ignored the ONLY Official Tate LaBianca Blog in existence.

I'm not sorry. I'm just sayin.....

But now I'm back. And I promise to make up for it in the Merry Month of May.


Today's Topic

Did Bobby Beausoleil kill a girl before he killed Gary Hinman?

Cats and others are discussing this here.

The Col's Thoughts

I'm friendly with Bobby.
I kind of doubt it.
It came from the Zodiac message board, which tried to charge me $5 to join.
How come this has never ever ever ever been mentioned before? Even by the BUG during the trials? They were desperate to get a conviction the second time around and would have used anything.

on the other hand

It takes a lot to kill people. I mean I there are people I'd LIKE to kill but it ain't gonna happen. Conscience, blood and all. Now once you have done ONE, two or three more, it gets easy. Look at Tex for example. And if you study the Hinman story as much as I have (the fringe stories, Hinman, Lotsapoppa, Shea, are where I believe you will find the truth) you'll see there comes a point on Sunday where Bobby just decides in his head, Fuck it, and kills him. And do not underestimate, that is an amazing step- major- unless he has done it before.

So I don't know.

What do you all think?


spookycatz said...

Did Bobby do that girl? Nope, I don't think so. Sounds more like Bundy, who may or may not have been active in the Bay Area at that time. The Zodiac was active too. Imagine being a teenager in the bay area back than. Wow, we had lots of boogymen to scare us! Parking was a double adventure, lol.

starship said...

Hmmm, this reminds me of something. Hold on, be back in a bit...

starship said...


LOMPOC - 1969

On Sunday, August 3, 1969 the body of a murder victim was found by hunters near a quarry on Highway 1, south of Lompoc. The victim's identity was not established following a lengthy investigation, hence the "Jane Doe" identity. She died from multiple stab wounds.

Jane Doe is described as being a white female between 16-25 years of age, approximately 5'4" tall, about 125 pounds and medium-brown colored shoulder length hair. Jane Doe had pierced ears, current dental work and most notably, "bucked teeth". Jane Doe was wearing what appeared to be home-made clothing with a flower print. The clothing appeared consistent with that worn by youth during this time period.

Jane Doe's remains were buried at the Lompoc Cemetery in 1969.

In 2001, Sheriff Department Detectives, in conjunction with the noted author, Sue Grafton, exhumed Jane Doe's remains. Tissue samples were obtained for DNA comparison purposes. Jane Doe's skull and jaw were sent to a Forensic Reconstruction Artist, who created a rendition of Jane Doe's appearance.

Sue Grafton's newest novel, "Q" Is For Quarry, is loosely based on our investigation into the murder of Jane Doe 1969.

If you have any information which could lead to the identification of this victim, please e-mail our detectives at:

starship said...

And so now it may be the Frenchman who is involved after all?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Where was Mr. Reverend Davis during that time?

zoomjaw said...

Bret is back!

Anonymous said...

AC, I had exactly the same thought.

There appears to be some discussion of physical evidence (soil samples from boots) that physically links BB. That doesn't preclude Davis's involvement. Maybe Davis liked to murder young women (Doreen Gaul?)

I liked the line of reasoning that makes the case for Jane Doe being the English girl from the Hinman house. Would explain why she needed to die.

If you've seen Austin Powers or have seen an interview with Shane MacGowan, you know about English dental hygiene. Another interesting line of inquiry: remember when Dennis Wilson was paying for all of these girls to get their teeth fixed, and he supposedly ran up over a 100,000 in medical and dental bills? 19 fillings in the last two years? That sounds like a lifetime of cavities being filled in a short time. Where did this girl suddenly get the money to have all of this done at once?

Anonymous said...

Kiss me, I'm Irish.

starship said...

Ok, so Bobby, who already had killed at least once, was already in jail, but just for the fun of it, why don't we wonder what it would have been like for Bruce Davis if he was indeed the Zodiac killer, but Manson decided not to send him out on either Tate or LaBianca?

angeLos said...

Dennis Wilson was paying for all of these girls to get their teeth fixed, and he supposedly ran up over a 100,000 in medical and dental bills?

Humm........ DW was a very nice guy then....right ?, he was trying to help all those lost girls with health problems and he spend a lot of his money probably in a very altruistic way...
congratulation DW you were a very nice guy where just unfortunately in the wrong place at the wrong time , because those girls where CM friends...and plain sick ...!

Anonymous said...

I did some reading over at the other forum, and I came across some good stuff that refutes the nifty theory of this jane doe being the person who answered the phone at the hinman house. The cops tested susan on her ability to fake an English accent, and she was able to do so convincingly.

That doesn't rule out the notion that this girl was english though. And then of course we think of The Process, Bruce Davis's little trip overseas, Scientology, doreen gaul, Joel Pugh.... Uggh! Gaul murders were gruesome. Did one person do them? Each victim stabbed 60 times, each one with the right eye gouged out.... Doreen raped. All those other murdered girls. There was definitely a monster on the loose in 69-70 California.

We always go back to Bruce Davis, since he was free during that period, but manson himself hints at unsolved murders and a murderer still at large. Bruce and bobby are in prison. Is there another presumably male associate who was never charged who could be this person? Or was it someone known by Manson outside the family?

starship said...

So I'm kinda wondering where everybody has gone as well...Seems pretty quiet when there is a 40th anniversary comin up.

And for anyone who doesn't believe the Bugliosi version, something new to consider from Jesse Ventura:

agnostic monk said...

hey pristash, how are you doing? I heard that jesse ventura quote when it first aired. had my back turned to CNN while I was working on my computer and I was like "whoa!"

anyway I'm curious what you mean by putting it in the context of not believing the Bugliosi version?

starship said...

Hiya Monk,

Please consider for a moment: If the former governor of the great state of Minnesota can get former VP Dick Cheney to confess within an hour to the Tate murders, then why stop there? Why not Joel Pugh? Or Jane Doe 69 or whatever she is called? Hell, the Zodiac murders are still unsolved too! So, I wonder, could Dick Cheney, who admittedly knows an awful lot about torture, been running around the Bay area and SoCal during the years 1966-69? Where was Dick Cheney then? The only thing I know for sure was that he sure as hell wasn't in Vietnam!

Anonymous said...

I caught that too. Pristash..good point & hilarious.
No posts going on about the burning of Barkers. Does Col have a lead? I might have a few suggestions......'Lil

Anonymous said...

How Did He Do It?

agnostic monk said...

Pristash, I think I get you. and I hate to echo someone like Sandra Good (because I do think Manson is guilty) but isn't it ironic that we have Manson locked up and vilified while the "Dicks" of the world are running loose?

On another note, I wonder what El Coyote will look like this summer on the 40th...

starship said...

I don't think the persp are in question, just the motives.

I, for one, will finally watch my copy of "40 years of Helter Skelter" on Friday, kicking off the 40th anniversary summer... I see GoRightly has a new version of his book for sale, if anyone has a copy, please share whether it is worth buying vs the original. Also, any news on other books coming up?