Monday, May 11, 2009

Movies That Won't Happen for 300, Alex

CANNES -- Bill Gottlieb's U.S. production banner Gorilla Pictures and L.A.-based American Media Group are ramping up their co-production partnership with a slew of projects including Jesse V. Johnson's "Debt Collectors."

Going into preproduction in the fall, "Debt Collectors" is written and will directed by Johnson and is billed as neo-noir drama centering on the story of two professional debt collectors.

The project marks the second collaboration for Gorilla and AMG on a Johnson movie. The first will see the duo unspool the filmmaker's noir drama "Charlie Valentine" here in the Marche du Film.

"Valentine" stars Raymond J. Barry, Michael Weatherly, Tom Berenger and Steven Bauer and details the story of a gangster and his relationship with his son.

Also in development at AMG is "Within Screaming Distance," written by Joseph Stefano before his death in 2006. Stefano was living next door to Sharon Tate when she was savagely murdered by Charles Manson in 1969. His screenplay centers on a Hollywood party occurring next door to Sharon just before she was murdered.

Also heading into the preproduction phase in early 2010 is "Dead Man's Party," a horror pic written by Lou Aguilar, and "Hard Dazed Night" written by Steve McKean, Frank Elkins & Jack Airey.


starship said...

And AGAIN CM is murdering Sharon Tate!

starship said...

A Hollywood Party occurring right next door to Sharon's house right before she was murdered? The Kott's House? I can see it now, historically accurate, of course,

INTERIOR, DINING ROOM: three couples enjoy dinner, have an after dinner drink, head out to the patio.

NIGHTTIME EXTERIOR, PATIO: Couples say their goodbyes, the host couple (the Kott's) clean up then head to bed.

Camera follows one of the guest couples car down the road a bit, passes a 1959 Ford heading up towards whence they came.

INTERIOR, BEDROOM: Mrs. Kott hears four shots in close sequence, glances out the window, shrugs and goes to bed, her husband comes out of the bathroom and joins her.

DAYTIME EXTERIOR, FRONT PORCH: Mr.Kott opens the door to pick up his paper, looks towards the gate next door, notices fallen wire and bug light still on.

INTERIOR, KITCHEN: The Kott's drinking coffee and reading the newspaper, hear in the distance a woman's voice getting closer screaming, "Murder, bodies, blood!" etc. over and over again, then frantic knocking on their front door. The Kott's look at each other as if to say, "should we answer that?" but do not and go back to their newspaper and coffee.


Again, I'm not familiar with your strange California ways, but hey, can I get paid a couple of mil for this?

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Pristash, hahaha!

The Col. has been a busy man. Thanks for new posts!