Tuesday, August 05, 2014

Krenny! I Love it....


- Krenny talks about it all started with one man and one woman but wtf is she talking about?  It didn't start with her the first woman was Mary Brunner and number 2 was Squeaky Fromme.

- While she talks about her love for Charlie I keep seeing the image from the Watkins book where he describes Clem going down on Krenny's hairy beaver.  I hurl and then I wonder what love she is talking about.

- The photo of Krenny with the Sixties do isn't half bad.  She looks like any other Sixties Hausfrau.  There goes my image of her as the ugly one.  Mary still is the winnah.

- The Col knows a lot of people who want to please.  None of them have killed anyone.

- Moving in with Manson was not throwing away the rest of your life.  Killing 7 strangers with Tex Watson?  Yeah that was.

- At 23 you didn't end up on Death Row since California did not have a Death Row for women at the time?  Come on Krenny, didn't you read Sadie's book?

- You made the decision of your life when you stabbed a bunch of people during a home invasion, not when you rejected Charlie's supposed influence.

- My definition of love was totally skewed?  Listen, Krenny, your psych profile isn't that complex.  No one loved you growing up.  Your parents were shit.  Your sister fucked up her life.  You met some loser kids who were willing to fuck you and suck you and drug with you.  In order to continue to feel part of that group you were given a test most people don't get- you were asked to do some seriously fucked up shit.  You did it over two nights and would have done many more.  You wanted approval and for ten minutes you had it.  Everything else is just epilogue.

- Krenny today fights for her beliefs.  None of which include Xs on the forehead

- "I learned choice at the most horrific cost."  Yeah, I learned not to stab anybody when I poked Mary DeMartino with a bobby pin when I was 6.  Slow learner Krenny.

Obviously Krenny is positioning herself for a throw at the Board in 2018.  As messed in the head as Orca Tate is, she was right when she said if these people were really sorry, they would stfu and stop trying to get out.  Sickening.


Anonymous said...

Indeed, Col. She not only went along once, but pitched up for the encore performance on the second night. I do, however, think that she didn't know the real motive behind these killings, but didn't give a shit anyway.

The remaining Family members in jail (with the exception of Charlie) seem to be of the opinion that they've spent long enough inside. This documentary's content will probably be innocuous because PK wouldn't want anything that would disjoint the collective noses of the Parole Board. Can't see it having any revelations like whether Charlie did in fact return while Voytek and Abigail were still alive.

Anonymous said...

With reference to your comment about PK's "hairy beaver" (yuk, ugh), the woman was like solid evidence that Darwin was right all along.

Unknown said...

Your funny and right...

Aside from Tex- this is the scariest bastard in the whole story.

ColScott said...


andy said...

she must have been such easy pickin's with all her self esteem issues

Unknown said...

If Helter Skelter was not the motive, then what was, drugs ?

CrisPOA said...

Ja, it'd be nice if someone could elaborate here on the most probable motive theory. So much has been said and there's so many details it's hard to get the whole picture.
I just finished HS and began reading Tex book but as far as i did my research all of the theories presented were weak.
1. HS - may be but would be too much insane IMO.. but insanity seems to run in the family.
2. copy cat murder to free BB - nah, they could have done it with much less trouble. Kill 5 people in one night was not necessary to do it.
3. Money to bail Mary B? Needless to answer, i think.
4. Drug mafia settling of accounts seems reasonable but i have to dig more into that.

CrisPOA said...

I forgot to say, my number one motive theory is that Charlie got upset by being treated like shit on Cielo the night before (or days? don't remember) by that photographer of Sharon. Remember in HS Bug interviewed this guy and he told him Sharon also saw the "weird man". He got so upset and hatred he used the Helter Skelter fantasy to deceive the other about the need to start it. IMO Charlie never believed in HS, just made that up to control the Family. But what about the Waverly house?

Awaitingmyescapewithlove said...

the photographer confronted Charlie in the spring not the days before.

Unknown said...

I reckon the Tate house was picked as a copycat to get Bobby out coz Manson thought Bobby might mention his name RE hinman. The fact there were 5 people in there was just unlucky. 1 person would have done the job. I reckon if Manson chose that particular house it was because he was pissed they were rude to him when he went there looking for Melcher, or maybe Tex chose it coz he had been there before and was familiar with the layout.
The LaBianca house I thought was chosen coz Manson thought he might find enough money there to pay the Satans, which maybe he did since he went to their clubhouse afterwards.