Wednesday, August 27, 2014

"It's Made Me What I Am."

So I see that it is a slow news cycle what with it being the dog days of August and all, and People magazine has decided to do a story about Sea World denizen Orca Tate while utilizing beautiful photos of a decades dead actress.

The lies and deceit are everywhere as to be expected.

- She says she never read Helter Skelter but she refers to it at all the hearings
- She says she never reads any books on the case YET she issued a full blown descriptive attack on the brilliant book RESTLESS SOULS.
- Her version of how she found out what happened differs from every other report from her own family members
- Someone else can look this up but I do not think LAPD questioned Orca in 1969 did they?
- Orca puts forth BUG's Bullshit motive again like it was real
- We'll wait to hear from Statman, but the idea of Debra acting like Patti's mom made me vomit in my mouth

I mean hey. it's People Magazine, not real journalism.  But they do give a shout out to Anthony DiMaria who is available if you want to cast him in something.  And a shout out to the Debra Tate book, which you can buy next summer super cheap.

Otherwise, it was nice to see Sharon on the cover at the Supermarket for the first time in decades.

Click on the scans to make them bigger so you can read them.


Patty is Dead said...

Thank you Colonel, the news stand near Patty already has the September 1 issue. She and Katie are happy to have a place to read about the "new shocking details"

Patty is Dead said...

correction "chilling new details." Whatevs...LOL

Suze said...

Q: What do orcas like to chew?
A: Blubber gum!

Q: What do you get if you cross an elephant with an orca?
A: A submarine with a built-in snorkel.

Q: Whats the difference between orca and a blue whale?
A: ten pounds.

Unknown said...

I think Sharon had a timeless beauty..

I think Restless Souls is the second best book ever written in relation to the case...

I think Debra loved her older sister and it is a shame what she had to go through and how it has turned out for her...

Still not sure who Robin Olsen is though lol

HellzBellz said...

@Suze... Why do Orcas always mate in the water ???

Because there is no other way to keep such a big vagina WET !!!

Suze said...

Too funny, HellzBellz!

TomG said...

Welp, a few fat jokes, but at least not fat mail lady jokes, which I always object to, because most mail ladies are fit. And love their sisters too!

TomG said...

The whole western, Californian idea that only attractive and successful people can have happy lives needs to be challenged.

So I guess I'm challenging it. You can be a Taco Bell worker with a biracial kid, living with your Mom, and still be happy.

But it would be harder and take more effort, possible still.

CrisPOA said...

It's okay to never forget about it but to state that it's made her what she is is a bit too much IMO. Doesn't she have a life of her own?
And oh yes, it's her life but she didn't bother to read the prosecutor book.

Anonymous said...

The Title of the article is off by two letters. MN should be replaced with WT in the last word. Don't let Tex get away with murder anymore in the public's eye. Do you know how many people don't even know who Charles Watson is? I don't see how this is a good thing to mislead the public into thinking it was ALL Manson. Those people weren't mentally challenged. Even if what Bug said was true, these people acted on their own accord.

Matt said...

Gina, I'll agree with you on that point. Watson was far more culpable in the murders than Manson. Beyond that, we part ways.

Uncle Gilly said...

So good to see Debra manipulating the publicity to put lovely Sharon in the public eye. On that faved supermarket rag PEOPLE no less! Should help to acquaint or reacquaint some with the tradgedy, and maybe some will think " are those bastards still alive?" " they must never be set free" Great job Debra, it is a time game now and looks like you bought some more. My only advice was the " murdered by Manson' tag nah not true...directly .

Uncle Gilly said...

" ORCA" as you call her has garnered over 90,000 signatures and counting to overturn Van Houtens parole hmmm the power of nature. DEBRA seems to have more power than any detractors here,prove me wrong MAY 1 2016 Glad to see your health is improving Colonel.