Friday, November 22, 2013

Rolling Stone, Redux

They call Charlie all kinds of names, but four and a half decades after naming him the most Dangerous Man alive, they revisit Charlie in an in depth article.



brownrice said...

Wow... a non-hysterical, well-researched, reasonably balanced article about Charles Manson in a mainstream publication. Will wonders never cease?

Chris B said...

I like the idea that the whole saga can be reduced down to Manson coveting Watson's pick-up truck.

If only Tex had had a bicycle instead Marilyn Manson would have had to re-think his entire career.

Interesting comment about Van Houten's vagina.

Part of the attraction of for me is that the copycat motive is the genuine motive. It seems to work within their dynamic of thinking outside the box without an real thought about the consequences of their actions.

SJ said...

Never heard him say he had been in the LaBianca's house before the murders before.

Chris B said...

Oh, I have often wondered how Manson could achieve innocence for LaBianca. So interesting to hear that he went to the Harold True next door nieghbour party vacant house crashpad only to find it occupied and then Tex as per went "bat-shit crazy".

Weird that he still insistent that Shorty was cut into pieces.

Unknown said...

"I've always been pretty truthful with myself, as much as I can be under the circumstances," Manson says later. "But I'll never tell on nobody, not even me, man, so that's why I ain't never told nobody what really happened back then. I can't tell you right now."

To which I would add, "Why should he?".

Patty is Dead said...

Hey did anybody notice where it says that Sandy and Squeaky may be the only two left that "believe in" Charlie? Here we go with the ambiguous pseudo-religious wording again. Do Red and Blue believe in their friend because they love and support him, or do they believe in him like people believe in Christ? Here we have another twist on the whole, "do you follow Manson or do you follow the Manson story" nuance. Patty thinks that RS' intent is to exploit the sensationalism associated with "cults."

grimtraveller said...

christopher butche said...

Weird that he still insistent that Shorty was cut into pieces

He kind of did that with a few things, like Susan handing him a bloody knife when we know they got rid of all the weapons.
This however, was a fantastic interview and article, I felt for Charlie at points.
However, one thing utterly amazes me. That only 5 people had anything to say about this particular thread.
I would have thought it would run to the hundreds.