Thursday, March 21, 2013

BUG Swatting

We heard not too long ago on TMZ of all places that the BUG was very sick.  Now Sadie was sick and still breathed oxygen I could have used for almost three years before she rung down the curtain and joined the choir invisible.  So for all I know the BUG will outlast the COL and then some. We all saw Sandy Hook and know first hand there is no justice in this world.

Now I don't expect that the solution we seek will magically appear a day, a week or even a year (cue FRIENDS music) after the old mistress puncher is morte.  But I wonder.  The fiction was maintained so well all these years.  The mysterious Tom O'Neill of the unseen opus told me over a decade ago he had found the true motive, but we ain't seen nothing from him except hearsay lawyer tapes leaked to FOXYCUDA!  I was sure that one more martini with Aaron Stovitz would have been the breakthrough but then he went and passed on me.  The facts remain- in a world where if two people know a secret then that secret is kaput, a true, realistic version of why the TLB murders happened remains the Holy Grail.

I am not saying that I think people have been mum because they are afraid that a milkman stalking, Latin music listening Lawyer might sue them for shits and giggles. Wait, yes I am.  Clearly many of the participants were out of their minds high and thought after the fact that yeah, it was a race war thing, that's the ticket.  But somebody has to know the answer.  Bryn maybe? Tex? Bruce?  Some random fucker knows and isn't talking.  That has to be the case or I'll cry.

I am not wish the BUG to die. I don't have that power.  But yeah, when he does I do wonder what it will mean for the truth.


brownrice said...

Personally, I'm of the opinion that Vinnie was just a shill for larger more powerful interests. Those interests (or younger people mentored by them) still seem to exist and will probably continue to muddy the waters with their helter skelter bullshit long after he shuffles off the ol' mortal coil.

It'll be interesting to see who gets the gig as "official Manson expert" once he's gone though…

DebS said...

Vince is nobody's shill. He is the grand orchestrator.

starship said...

He was still around as of yesterday commemorating the ten year anniversary of the Iraq war by claiming there has bveen intelligence reports which have been uncovered which prove that Bush and Cheney knew there never were any WMD. He still wants to put them on trial for the murder of our servicemen and women.

Anonymous said...

You are smart enough to not beleive in the BUGs fantasy motive but yet you mention 'Sandy Hook'
Beleiving everything you see on tv is akin to beleiving the BUG. I really expected more from 'the Col' I guess I was wrong and you are basically the same as the other BS sites, just with a bigger mouth. HAHA I bet you beleive in Santa Claus too!!