Saturday, December 01, 2012

Today Is The First Day of the Rest of Your Life

[The Last Fifteen Months of Hellish Bullshit is DONE]

True Story---

Crime Scene

The body of Mabel Monohan was half in and half out of a closet that the trail of blood led to. Her hands were tied behind her with a strip of bed sheet. A pillowcase was over her head, tied very tightly around the neck with another strip of bed sheet. When the pillowcase was removed, police saw that the frail widow had been beaten viciously about the face and head with a blunt instrument.

"Pistol-whipped, sure as hell," said one veteran detective, who had seen such handiwork before.

The entire house had been ransacked, top to bottom; even a furnace vent in the floor had been torn out. The trail of blood continued throughout the house, as if the victim had been manhandled from room to room, being beaten along the way with increasing fury when the intruder failed to find what he was looking for. Despite this activity, the crime lab would not find a single fingerprint or other physical evidence.

Surprisingly, in a bedroom closet where numerous purses and pieces of luggage had been opened and cast aside, detectives found a shabby old black purse, hanging from a hook that had not been touched. In it was $475 in cash and an estimated $10,000 in miscellaneous jewelry.

Preliminary investigation revealed that the victim's daughter, Iris, had once been married to a Las Vegas gambler named Luther Scherer, and that the Scherers had once occupied the house. When Iris and the gambler divorced, Iris got the house as part of her settlement. Iris later remarried, a wealthy importer named Robert Sowder, and gave the house to her widowed mother when the Sowders went to live in New York.

Investigators also learned that Mabel Monohan and her former son-in-law maintained a close, affectionate relationship that continued even after Iris and Luther divorced. Scherer still had a closet full of suits and personal effects in the house that he used when visiting the area. And once, when Scherer was seriously ill with cirrhosis of the liver, he came home to Mabel and she nursed him back to health, cooking and caring for him so he would not have to hire a stranger.

There were rumors among numerous people that the police interviewed that Luther Scherer even had a safe somewhere in the house, and was believed to leave large amounts of cash there with Mabel for safekeeping.

With that information, police believed they might have found the motive for Mabel Monohan's vicious murder.

The famous murder I talked about in the last blog post was the I WANT TO LIVE case of Barbara Graham.   She and her crime partners were executed for invading the house of someone they had never met and then violently killing them  because they mistakenly thought there was money hidden in the house.

I am sure this shit happens ALL THE TIME.  Criminals are not that smart and the fucking family in many ways were drugged out chimpanzees flinging their own poo.

So....Something happens where Tex and or Charlie, who as per BUG knew Melcher had moved, learn that the new residents (probably Frykowski and Folger since the other two were not there often) have lots of money or drugs in the house.  Doesn't matter that they don't- they think they do.  And any way, maybe they DID have them on August 1 or something and moved them out.  I mean with Folger, Voytek has all the money he needs to buy large quantities of drugs.

So they THINK there are money/drugs.  They want them.  The killers show up on speed.  Everybody loses their shit and people wind up dead.

Based on what Matt at evilliz reported about the LaBiancas and their connection to criminality, wash, rinse, repeat.

I am starting to conclude it is the only thing that makes ANY sense people....


Jean Harlow said...

Welcome back! I hope your wife is recuperating. Excellent theory.

Matt said...

In case anyone missed that post: click here

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Yes my wife got clean scans last evening
Thank you

Matt said...

Thank goodness for that!

Anonymous said...

All the best to those who matter Col...

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Great, that is good news!