Wednesday, December 19, 2012

People Sicken Me

Unsolicited in the previous comment section St. Circumstance went into a huge tirade about his opinion regarding Barbara Beausoleil's relationship with Bobby.

He thinks that she really had some nerve to fall in love with someone who was in jail for murder.

The self righteousness sickens me.

There is no evidence in the relationship that Barbara sought fame from her marriage. 

There is no evidence that Barbara sought money from the relationship. In fact I know first hand she did no such thing and struggled.

You want to lay into Bobby for being a killer fine.

You want to rip into Bobby for being a liar, go for it.

Barbara was not like Kristen Watson even, exploiting ministries and welfare offices.

She fell in love with who she fell in love with.

People can rip on Woody Allen but he says it best- " The heart wants what the heart wants."

Shame on anyone who has the temerity to criticize someone for falling in love.


Anonymous said...

Well let me take a second before I begin my holiday vacation to address this

I am sorry if my post offended you

I have always felt you are fond of Bobby and were Barbara although I do not know for sure if that is true. I assume it though from some of your posts. Regardless, I know it was sort of border line to make those comments about someone so close to their passing, and so I expected to have some question my comments...

I never said that Barbara did what she did for Fame, money of any other reason. I QUESTIONED why she would chose someone in his predicmanet to fall in love with. I simply wonder aloud what makes a person take the time and make the effort to get involved with someone in his situation knowing not much more about him than his criminal past and how difficult a relationship would be going forward. Of course- people can and do fall in love with whoever they wish. But this isn't an ordinary set of circumstances to fall in love under and you have to really get dedicated and be focused. I just wonder why all the effort on someone with that situation?? In fact if I meant to imply anything it was that she did if out of some perverse dark " turn on" attraction she might have felt. the " girls always want the badboy" syndrome. I never insinuated any materialistic purpose. Not sure I said anything along those lines?

I very rarely disagree with you Col about anything. People call me your minion or disciple at times and I feel pride when I hear that frankly... It doesn't insult me that people think my style imitates yours. I have been a fan of yours since the first time I read your blog. It will always be my favorite.

But I do not see how the circumstances of putting in the time and effort to get to know a convicted criminal and spending the time and laying the foundation to fall in love is any different between Kristin or Barbara. certainly there is a big difference between what Tex and Bobby did and what type of people Tex And bobby were and are today. As well, what type of married lives they have are different, and the motivations they have are different...

but the decision to show and act on interest to a complete stranger is the absolute same to me. Neither one of them knew anything about Bobby or Tex outside of the Manson stuff and that they were locked up for good. They both decided to pursue an individual and then a relationship- then take that relationship to the ultimate level and eventually attach their name to a person who was alien to them and had a violent criminal past. It is those early steps and that first decision which I wonder about??

Anonymous said...

People make me sick too Col.

I tried my very to make my point about Barbara as delicately as possible.

Imagine you or I had a brother or sister or wife or husband or anyone close to us we loved dearly. Now imagine that person has a friend who goes over to their house and does to them what Bobby did to Gary. you have to live the rest of your life with the reoccurring dreams and thoughts of him slowly dying over two days. bleeding and begging only to finally be stabbed to death and left to rot...

Now imagine you have to read or hear about another person who has never met your lost loved one or his friend who killed him. But this person decides to take up the murderers cause and do nice things for him, and say nice things about him, and tell the world what a great person he is if people would just understand him... listen to her describe how wonderful he is and how much in love with him she has become...

now that would make me sick.

Someone pointing it out that it is a sort of questionable thing to do??

Makes me sickening?

I can live with that. I am not a perfect guy and I am self righteous on here because in an internet world based on Charles Manson someone should be. If people feel it is o.k. to tribute and defend the killers/criminals and their supporters/defenders - I think someone should be able to speak up for the other side. There are millions of people in this world who do good for the environment and make art and music and all types of things. Anyone has the ability and freedom to choose who they want to love, follow, support, whatever. when people make such dark choices with so many unlimited options- it makes me wonder why? I will never feel it is not o.k. for me to ask such questions of people who make such decisions.

But when/how I ask them is another story. this time maybe I should have waited or chosen another place. This was not how I imagined being called out on your site for the first time... I will try and do better next time.

Happy Holidays and New Year!!

Anonymous said...

I went back and re-read my post in an effort to make doubly sure I was not implying Barbara married Bobby for any materialistic reasons and the only sentence I could find which may have led you to get that idea was:

If Bobby had been a plumber who robbed a bank would Barbara have been willing to sit through all those hours of red tape and paperwork for a stranger to sit in a smelly holding area for a few hours a month?? I honestly wonder??

If you look at the sentence just before it I am mentioning the hardship of the lifestyle. In the context of the entire post the above sentence was supposed to point out that she was taking on a a lot of headaches and going through alot just to get close to somebody and get very LITTLE in return. My point was would she do it if not for his DARK NOTORIETY -not his financial potential.

Bobby was hot potatoes to a certain type of girl. Everything else in the entire post points to my ASKING- not telling anyone- why she would go through so much to get back so little???

you yourself Col said she struggles- that was my exact point. It is a very hard and lonely have to be willing to spend holidays and weekends alone, have very little personal comfort in bad times and no physical contact for the most part. and not much help with finances or any crisis that arises...

It is a very hard life in many ways

If you love someone and they go to jail- then the bond is already there.

Too make a decision to put yourself through that for someone who is orginally a stranger? you are understanding who they are/ what they did and what the future is to be like, and you want select this particular person to let it happen and go ahead do all the work, suffering, and sacraficing to make that bond??

If it pre-exsisted is one thing. to choose that person to form a new one??

WHY??? I know it wasn't money...

money would make it very much easier for me to understand lol

But I never thought that, never said it - so please let me make that clear..

My message was never to state why she did it?? I am trying to understand myself why??? My thought - which I thought was really clear is that she was attracted to something in his aura- which too me after reading his site and writings word for word and listening to the music and checking out the art- sort of DARK. A turn on for some people. Maybe that isn't it and it is something else?? I dont really know...

I never meant to have temerity lol I didn't even know what that word meant?

I was trying to tip-toe around a very tough subject. Apparently not with any success :)

But really...

Using Woody Allen as a moral compass does not make me feel better about things lol

Seasons Greetings from the Circumstance Family!!!!!!

Patty is Dead said...

Love comes in all shapes and sizes. To quote the Buzzcocks, "Ever fallen in love with someone you shouldn't have fallen in love with?" Patty has. Repeatedly. For instance, she is in love with The Colonel, and he is a hardass mofo with sadistic tendencies. What's up with that? To try and rationalize love is a futile cycle. Let it be.

Anonymous said...

I question not love Patty :)

She did not bump into bobby at the market and become smitten by the kinetic energy and chemistry between them....

She had to seek out a stranger who was locked away for killing someone and go way out of her way to be in the position to fall in love...

That's the question :) and it is not the same thing as asking why she fell in love with him after meeting him.

she had to WANT to get into the relationship and initiate it BEFORE she knew anything about him to love...

Different to me :)

Happiest of holidays to you !!

Patty is Dead said...

Thanks, Saint. Be well.

ColScott said...


My feelings are simple. Bobby and Barbara said they were in love and I never saw anything to doubt that.

I know believe that Bobby is a liar and has lied to me for years. That affects my feeling for him as a person but he is still a human being.

The difference between Kristen and Barbara is that I feel Kristen did try to get some notoriety out if it. Barbara didn't. She hated the notoriety.

If I came down too harsh on you the so be it. Even in these comments you still seem to think you have the right to question someone's love. I disagree.

Go back to the author of my quote. Woody Allen's crime was not falling in love with Soon Yi, with whom he is STILL married to after all these years. It was not being open with his girlfriend at the time, Mia Farrow.

I do not think Barbara intended to fall in love with Bobby - but she did.

After spending a year plus trying to save my lovely wife, I respect true love.

Anonymous said...

Col I still think you might misunderstand me and that is because Try as I might- I am still not as good at this as you are...

Not fame or money. Not Notoriety in as far as being famous or in a getting attention sense...

maybe another word would have worked better.

Some people are just drawn into things sometimes which are dark. The notoriety of Bobby and what he did. The dark energy and vibrations all around him. What bobby represented at one time in a sense. I dont know- its hard to explain really. It is just a phenomena I have witnessed in my life. Some great girls I grew up with always seemed to go for a certain type of guy who had a dangerous streak to them...

That is why I chose the ATWA- Charlie comparison specifically. same concept as to why people are drawn into Charlie after incarceration when none of them met him. Something to the darker energy, and infamy or notoriety is a draw for some people. I dont know what to call it lol I dont think that makes them bad people. They just are attracted to things different from than I am. I would like to understand. Only by asking can I do so. After all these years- I still haven't figured it out.

Barbara had an initial attraction to someone to go through that much trouble getting to meet them let alone spending enough time to fall in love with them.

The falling in love stuff came later. I went to some length describing how I thought Bobby was probably very charming once he was given a chance, and had a foot in the door...After it happened- I have no doubt it was very real and became very strong.

I dont question her right to do anything at all let alone fall in love. I dont question at all that she was deeply in love...

I question why she would want to get involved with a guy who was locked up forever for murder?? That choice comes BEFORE you can fall in love. Something has to pique your interest, or attract you in the first place. A basic curiosity makes you open a computer or read a book. It takes more to fill out the paperwork and wait to get a visit date and walk into a jail- no???

But I can see that it bothers you, so I will not question it any longer...

I respect your situation ,and hope it is working out as best as possible. I hope you are able to enjoy the holidays as much as possible and thanks for another year of great stuff.

I should have keep this to myself knowing that these people were friends of yours.

I really dont have the right to ask any questions of a person who is not around to answer them, and that was my biggest mistake here I think.

I wont make this one again.

I feel badly I pissed you off, but not sure what else I can really say... Sorry dude.

except Happy Holidays lol :)

Unknown said...

long winded and no substance,
hope the wife is better Col

Spooks said...


ResGestae said...

To borrow from Chucky, stop projecting, Colonel.

By the way, re the Woodster, he's a low-life cretin, grooming his wife's adopted daughter. And here's the deluded fool's sad idea of a photo op:

Note the daughter with her arms crossed and not hugging him back. So much for warmth and say hello to putting a barrier between yourself and Mr. Groomer.

In other words, if you haven't yet figured it out, and you haven't, he's one sick puppy.

Doc Sierra said...
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Sam Peckinpaw said...

Col, what did Bobby lie to you about?? You got to give him credit he has survived in a nasty place

Anonymous said...

Happy New Year to all :)

Thanks Col for another year of really great stuff!

My New Years Resolution is to make sure 2013 doesn't end with me being ridiculed on the headline of your blog :)

Anonymous said...

Blogger katie8753 said...




January 3, 2013 12:23 AM
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January 3, 2013 12:25 AM
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January 3, 2013 12:28 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

Lynyrd don't ever call me again. Or e-mail me again.

It's nice to be done with this shit.

So many of your followers don't know a shittin' thing.

I can remember the winter of 1969 very well.

But you have users who think they know everything.

Have at it.

See ya...wouldn't want to be ya.

January 3, 2013 12:33 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

And as I told you, don't EVER mention my name again...EVER!

January 3, 2013 12:43 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

And Josh I copied all of that too. Beat you to the punch cry baby. HA HA.

January 3, 2013 12:46 AM
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January 3, 2013 12:52 AM
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January 3, 2013 1:03 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

I'll make sure you know my story because it's not the same as what you've heard.

It's too bad that people have to keep on and on. They can't just let it go. They know how to open my wounds.

I know how to open theirs.

January 3, 2013 1:15 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

Just leave me alone! I'm sick and tired of you fuckers changing everything around to meet your needs.

Lynyrd you're a hippy cult leader, and driving me to these lengths.

I'm sure no one believes it but it's true. If you spend any time alone with him you'll know it's true.

Leave me alone! I mean it.

January 3, 2013 1:40 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

And Josh...I have a special place waiting for you....

I can copy your comments as well....

Sayanora motherfuckah.

January 3, 2013 1:53 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

Kiss my ass. I'm gettin' off this blog. Get off my back!

January 3, 2013 1:55 AM
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Where is Le de da?

Your savior? HA HA

January 3, 2013 1:56 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

Nobody is taking up for you Lynyrd. That's troubling. Should I vomit? HA HA.

OH well I'll just go to bed and hope that everyone else likes you.

Not me.


January 3, 2013 1:58 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

Well at least I stood up for myself when everyone was desecrating me, including Lynyrd. Everyone but Johnny that is.

That's more than others can say.

I have a lot more to say tomorrow. If not here, somewhere else. LOL.

January 3, 2013 2:17 AM
Blogger katie8753 said...

In fact Josh, I copied all your comments that you've ever made.

How do you like that?

I can post them anywhere I want. HA HA.

Uncle Gilly said...

st circumstance, from my reading of his rambling, pretentious, love of self driven posts, this is probably the worst. Not because of what he says, but when called on it tries his damndest to back track and try not to accept responsibility. jesus! grow a set. Where do you live ? if near NYC, Macy's has a sale on back bones.

Marley said...
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Marley said...
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grimtraveller said...

ColScott said...

but he is still a human being

This is the bottom line for me and why I think there is nothing strange about being attracted to a lifer. We're attracted to all kinds of people for all kinds of reasons. You may meet someone you're attracted to and dislike them. Or it may go the other way. But either way, it's because we're human beings.

Go back to the author of my quote. Woody Allen's crime was not falling in love with Soon Yi, with whom he is STILL married to after all these years

I think one can have that kind of love and it can be wrong. But if the person feeling it has any smarts, they simply do not move on that feeling. It's a misnomer that it is so all encompassing that we are totally and hopelessly controlled by it.

I do not think Barbara intended to fall in love with Bobby - but she did

I think it's rare that anyone goes into a situation planning to discover a life long love for someone. I think it really is one of those things that one can analyze till the cows come home and leave again but it can't be explained. It just happens. It's where you take it that matters.