Friday, February 24, 2012

Orca Not All in the Family

I'm grouchy. I read the comments and readers who are loving the Statman book are going "Gee Whillikers a whole book about the Tate Family and Orca is only mentioned three or four times what is that about?"
Is this the first post of mine you ever read? I've been here for fucking years already. DEBRA TATE WAS DISOWNED BY HER FAMILY TILL THE VERY END.

There. English.

She is not included in the wills. She was not left the family house (that was actually Statman). She was disowned and disinherited. This is a fact people. This isn't a mystery.

WHY she was treated thus is not certain. Speculation wonders if it was her relationship with her sister's suspected killer Pic Dawson. Her full nude OUI magazine photo shoot. Her need for attention. I don't know.

Like the ADD brat she is, when an incorrectly filled out document led to PJ Tate's ashes being delivered to her, Debra refused to allow the family to bury them according to his wishes. She still has the urn, and God knows what she says to it.

Her nieces and nephews don't know her. Statman has no relationship with her. And so why WOULD she be in the book?


Eddy said...

perfectly put!

bobby said...

My guess is it has to do with the author of the book being Patti's daughter not Debra's.

And of course everything the Col. has said.

martine said...

That's the truth. I have often wondered how she got a hold of some of Sharon's clothes. I doubt the authenticity of some of the items and was kicked off "The Official Sharon Tate" site for suggesting that the dress she showed in the Inside Edition special wasn't the same dress that Sharon had worn at her nuptials. It's obvious that by watching interviews given my Debra that she is lime-light seeking -- she certainly changes her stories often enough.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you, Maria, and all you guys on this. Col is correct. I read an article not too long ago (maybe 3 weeks?) that Sharon's clothes, from that Inside Edition hinky special, had been stolen from Debra's home, or something. Yeah right. Those weren't Sharon Tate's clothes.If ya ask me.She seems like a publicity hog, and she was disinherted by Col Paul Tate. I saw her few years ago saw her at some Roman Polanski: Wanted and Desired gala with Samantha Giemer (the girl he drugged, raped, and sodomized when SG was only 13. Orca Tate is crazy.

Uncle Gilly said...

Debra does all she can, no matter what she does she will be under fire from some with less than savory motives! Her sister and baby were butchered she has a life long obligation to do what she has to. All force and power to her love ya DEB !

George Vreeland Hill said...

Debra is the kind of person who when she does not get what she wants, she will retaliate.
She wants attention and will do most anything to get it.
She is not a nice person and her actions led to her being kicked out of the family.
Not burying her father's ashes with his wife and Sharon is an example of what Debra does.
Mr. Paul Tate disowned Debra, and Debra in turn would not honor Paul's final wishes.
Debra is a piece of bad work.

George Vreeland Hill

Unknown said...

If you tell her she's prettier than her sister, she'll do ANYTHING you want. She's cray cray, which means tight .... and can't wait to do it. Yum.