Saturday, May 07, 2011

They Think 3310 will Confuse People Looking for 3301

First stop on the tour- LaBianca House. Down from the Rectory. Next to the True House. There's been an addition to house since 1969. Comments from the tour "It is so close to the road and so close to the True house." "Is that the driveway?" "Did they really park here?" "Were those bushes there?"


katie8753 said...

"There's been an addition to (the)house since 1969."

What addition?

Comments from the tour "It is so close to the road and so close to the True house."

It's next door.

"Is that the driveway?"

Uhhh yes. Hello!

"Did they really park here?"

No, they parked on the street.

"Were those bushes there?"

Those aren't bushes...they're palms.

katie8753 said...

Changing the address means nothing. LOL

This is where they drank the chocolate milk and ate cheese.

Don't get confused!!!

Marliese said...

There is a God awful carport area across the front yard now, in front of the living room windows. It looks as though someone wanted to widen the driveway from its original single lane, but there wasn't enough room alongside the house so they curved it into the middle of the front yard. It's ugly. It had been a lovely sloping front lawn with pretty views years ago.

katie8753 said...

Thanks Marliese. I had read somewhere that the new owners made some changes but couldn't remember exactly what they changed.

I know that house is supposed to be a mansion, but it seems pretty small on the inside. The landscaping is beautiful though.

Marliese said...

Hi Katie, I've never seen the Labianca home referred to as a mansion. The house is very old, probably built in the 1920's...maybe early 30's but not newer, a typical older Spanish colonial bungalow. The original home is probably one of the older ones in that neighborhood. It is situated on a slope and would have been considered very nice in the 30's...big lot, long sweeping views, rolling heights and citrus, instead of the freeway, traffic, and more houses close by there now.
What creeps me out about it is the original had been an old style drive with gravel or moss and concrete rows, you can still see the scars of it and when I stand there, i think of Rosemary sleeping behind the front bedroom windows and Charlie headed right for her...walking up that driveway, I don't know if he came across the lawn or up the driveway, but at one point he either went up it or came down it. He's a liar. And so did the killers. When you look at the old photo with the police officer standing guard at the end of the drive and then go there now, you can see it's all still there within the changes. I just can't comprehend the legacy of such suffering and death that must be within that house. There had to have once been some care and planning and craftsmanship in situating and building it there there on that know? Till those animals came in and destroyed it.

katie8753 said...

Marliese, thanks for all that info. I agree, it was/is a beautiful place in a very nice neighborhood. Too bad it's tainted with all that violence.

Yes indeed, Charlie is a liar. LOL. I'm not sure how he went up to the house, or how he even got in. I would think the door would have been locked, as Rosemary was already nervous about recent breakins.

I've often wondered how those 3 animals could inflict the kind of slaughter that they did, then casually look in the fridge for refreshments. All the while hearing the silence of death in that house. Beyond belief!

Vera Dreiser said...

Someday I want someone to answer katie8753's question: how DID Charlie get in?
I know the conspiracy folks will jump to say he was let in by Leno or Ro because they knew, or even expected, him and I'm not saying it didn't happen that way, but no one's ever shown me anything to believe that.
And, yes, as Katie wrote, Rosemary was also frightened because of the break-ins. More importantly, they'd also just learned abt the Tate massacre from the paper they bought a half hour earlier.
So, I politely ask, WTF???
And why the significant discreps -- never challenged -- betw the two versions of whether or not Charlie was accompanied by Tex when he first entered the house?
And if he was alone, how did he tie them up? He coulda held the gun on one and had that person tie up the other, but how would he have tied up the 2nd?
And why didn't they cut the wires, like the night before?
And why didn't the girls have knives (supposedly only Tex did; the girls grabbed knives from the kitchen).
And with all the guns at the ranch -- why didn't they bring one that night? (Charlie allegedly left w/ his).
And why didn't the dogs make more of a ruckus or even muck up the scene? Read the trial trscpts -- just like at the Tate house there wasn't a SINGLE animal foot print in blood ANYWHERE!
(I personally don't buy whichever girl said they befriended the dogs by feeding them).
And read Frank's testimony and first police interviews -- he said he called through an open window for his parents and heard nothing. If the dogs were inside, as the official version claims, why weren't they barking like mad at the sound of their owner's voice after being left untended, unwatered and unfed, etc., for nearly 24 hours...W/ THEIR SLAUGHTERED OWNERS IN THE ROASTING HOUSE?
Somebody? Anybody?

Marliese said...

I have no source, but I think Charlie went up to the house and looked in the windows first...saw Leno on the sofa, and went back to the car and got Tex and the two of them went in the unlocked kitchen door in the back. Charlie went and got Rosemary out of bed, they tied them up in the living room, and then Charlie went out and got the girls, leaving Tex in the house. Didn't one of the girls say once somewhere that Charlie came back down the driveway alone?
Maybe coming in the back door was less invasive to the dog? I'm not a dog psychologist, but I've seen my ordinarily fantastic watch dogs hide and become submissive when they sense something they appear truly frightened a coyote slinking around.

katie8753 said...

Vera, these are excellent questions, some of which I've been asking for years, but there are so many different answers it's hard to know what the truth really is.

As Marliese said, Tex says that Charlie went up to the house alone, then came back in a few minutes and told him to join him at the house. He said they slipped in thru an unlocked back door. He says Charlie gave him a leather thong to tie Leno up. This story seems to make more sense.

The police report states: the east side door leading from the living room-dining room area to the outside was standing ajar. The front door was closed, but unlocked. The rear door was locked and there was no evidence of forced entry..... Tex says they left out of the back door. Now if they left out the back door, they must have locked it when they left.

Why didn't the dogs bark? I can't explain that. Like Marliese said, I think it depends on the dog. Some dogs you just can’t shut them up no matter what you do. Others you can entice to be friendly with encouragement. I’m not sure what kind of dogs the LaBiancas had.

Why didn't they cut the phone lines? I don't know, except that I guess they didn't have the bolt cutters.

Why didn't the girls have knives? It's like the LaBianca caper was less planned out for some reason. Why? I don't know.

I think that they dogs were left outside. That's why no bloody dog prints. I've heard both versions.

Also, they must have pulled the shades down because Frank said when he got there, he thought something was really odd that they were down.

Again, these are just my opinions, as of today anyway. LOL.

Anonymous said...

I don't remember the exact source. I remember reading sometime ago, that Charlie went through the door on the right side of the house. It said that Charlie went up through the bushes in front and stayed to the right of the property next to True's house. He then cut across to the patio at the front of the house and saw Leno in the living room. There is a side door on the right, back side of the home. I believe it is this door that Charlie entered the house from. Tex may have considered this as a back door.

Charlie was scouting properties by himself prior to reaching the Labianca's. I don't think he would of changed his game plan. It wouldn't make since to scout with more than one. It wouldn't make since to enter the house by himself either. I believe Charlie went and got Tex after deciding that this was the house. Strategically, it doesn't make since to go alone to subdue someone without back up.

Anonymous said...

Correcting my previous comment....

I just read that Linda did testify that Tex entered the house with the girls. It says that after Manson entered the house and tied up the Labianca's, that he went out of the house to an automoble where six of his followers were waiting. He directed three of those in the car, Tex, Patty and Leslie to go in the house and then Charlie left in the car with the remaining members of the family.

katie8753 said...

Ken, Linda & Tex are describing the story differently, which is nothing new.

I tend to believe Tex, not that he's more credible, but that it makes more sense, that Charlie went and looked in the window, then came back and got Tex to tie up Leno.

In the police report, it states that a "side door" was ajar. I'm thinking that this is the door they entered and exited, and probably didn't shut the door all the way. I can't imagine that the LaBiancas left the door ajar when they got home. They probably entered the back door when they got home that night.

Anonymous said...


As my first comment stated, I agree with you on Tex helping CM tie them up. Strategically, it makes since. There is a side door on the right side of the house. This is the only side door on the house. It is on the back corner, which would cause Tex to remember it as a back door. This may of been the door the Labianca's let their dogs in and out, which might explain why the door would be unlocked. Forgetting to lock it everytime they let the dogs in and out (theory only).