Sunday, May 15, 2011

And The Tour Ends

Cielo Drive- I say "Fuck It" and go up the private road...there's a shot of the new gate... past the original houses from 1969 and the new ones...then over the canyon to Falcon's Lair, shots of the 4 houses and then the new ugly monstrosity on the left which replaced the original house. These canyons play tricks with sounds, like Bug says. And with that. our guest has seen all the major sites, 7 hours and done!

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starship said...

So, Col, you must haven't seen any pictures for a while, because the four houses have been there for quite a while. I'm pretty sure the second and fourth ones from the left are the post 1969 ones.

The Full House producer lives there, no? Some dude named Franklin I think. I've met Dave Coulier (Uncle Joey from Full House) twice now...he's just about the friendliest celebrity you'll ever meet...and it was just last year the last time and I forgot to ask him if he'd ever been to the house and what he knew about it. If there is a next time I will certainly ask him.

FrankM said...

Thanks for these photos, Col. Good to have updated pictures that are clearly placed and dated.

starship said...

Ok, I posted this last week, but then the freaking blogspot thing went awry, I guess.

Anyway, Col, you must not have seen any recent pictures as the four houses have been there for a while...the second and the fourth ones from the left I think are the newer 1969.

I've twice met and been able to spend some time with Dave Coulier...Uncle Joey from Full's his producer that finally bought the Villa Bella thing...his name is Franklin I think. Last time I meant to ask him if he'd ever been up there, what it was like, did he know what the original site was but I forgot! Damn. Hope I get another chance and I won't miss it. Coulier is just about the nicest celebrity you'll ever meet.

A.C. Fisher-Aldag said...

New version of Nikolas Schreck's "Manson Files" is out. Will be available in English soon.

starship said...

Wow...look at me...I reappeared!

RetroBlonde said...

What an absolute eyesore that new house is. It gets uglier with every viewing.

Is the 'twin' house to the original Cielo property still there or has that been destroyed too?