Saturday, March 20, 2010

It Takes All Kinds...

Since starting the first TLB related Blog I have long encouraged others to follow in my footsteps. Some have done a good job. Most have brought the crazy in a big way. Long time blog students will remember JimNY Savage. His blog was full of self pity and stupidity, with delusions of relationships with lying murderess Leslie Van Houten. He also got the Col's Youtube account torn down. So I hope he is locked up somewhere.

I just discovered this blog. I know, but seriously how can I keep up with everything. Opinions are like assholes, everyone has got one.

The blog reads like the Col's retarded third cousin. I have outlined my position often enough that I find it creepy and scary when I see it repeated here, and incorrectly.

There is NO doubt that the BUG was not interested in the truth. There is no doubt that he invented the motivation of Helter Skelter. There is no doubt that Charlie never killed anyone.

These are all true, as any real student of the case will tell you.

This does NOT mean that Charlie didn't get a fair trial. He did. He COULD have played the game better and gotten a better trial. But he CHOSE not to. The law doesn't protect you from your own idiocy and being your own counsel is idiotic.

This does NOT mean that Charlie is some innocent naif. He was present at Hinman and cut his ear. He was present at Shea and orchestrated that murder in many ways. He shot Lotsapoppa. He WAS the leader at Spahn's despite AC's nonsense.

So when I see a blog like the one linked to above, I get depressed. Because the crazies make it harder for the rest of us.


FrankM said...

Just had a look at that 'Manson Haters' blog - and can save the rest of you the effort.

Reading through a few pages shows nothing but semi-literate, uninformed drivel.

But if you want to read posts from White Rabbitt and Candygramma (whether they are actually the same people or not I don't know), or from Ruth Ann (clearly not Ouisch) that's up to you.

Dunno where to go any more for anything inteligent about Manson et al. Any ideas?


starship said...

Surely, Col, you're not saying that Manson never created and subsequently rapped about Helter Skelter, are you?

Marliese said...

I'm glad to know what you think of the Manson Haters blog, Col.

Amazing irony...x creates a hate blog to spew hate filled accusations of hate in others.


sptrfn said...

I do agree, Col Scott, that Manson wasn't just some innocent guy.

There is a guy on You-Tube(his screen name is Botany101) that is a fan of Manson and his music. He has done videos in the past about why Manson should go free, and about some Manson myths.

He says that you are biased against Manson, but I told him that you are about the truth, and if you are against anyone, it is Buglio$i, Debra Tate, and Barbara Hoyt, as well as JimNy and Rabbitt. Keep looking for the truth, Col.

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

I maintain that Charles wasn't the leader at Spahn Ranch because, well, there WAS no leader. In fact, there wasn't any group, really. It was a bunch of hippies, slippies, cowboys, bikers, drifters, artists, criminals and young folks without an address, all inhabiting the same location, who interacted in various ways.

Charles was not the prez of Straight Satans. Charles was not the landowner. Charles wasn't the person "in charge" (whatever that means) of the commerce and industry occurring at the Ranch.

Folks listened to Charles because he hasn't any of the filters on his thought processes that cause other people to lie... therefore, he was plain and truthful. And continues to be. But give directions for complex projects? Um, no, not possible.

Anyway. Other media sources:

Michael Channels's "Backporch Tapes" on You Tube has recent phone calls with Charles, as well as old newsreels, recent media interviews, music and silly stuff.

"Order of ATWA" here on Blogger has recent messages from Charles in regard to ATWA, as well as articles and artistic videos. A related site online, "One World Order" at, has a great archive of photos, art, writings, philosophy, and one of Charles's inventions.

"Manson Mysteries" here on Blogger, done by Flora who is a contributor to this blog, has lots of recent news articles, information on books and media, as well as links to other sites.

andy said...

what a waste of a read. Speaking of reading i know this is OT but any word on any of the books that were supposed to come out?

starship said...

Col...what's new?