Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Bobby's Five Year Denial

Finally connected with Bobby... I don't have the transcripts but his position seems to be that basically Prop 9 fucked him. This was a CA ballot initiative that among other things allows the Parole Board to max out your delays at will. As a "Mansonite" Bobby got fucked again.

From what we learn on the nets the law seems to be redundant and was funded by a billionaire now accused of felony drug conspiracy.

Thats what I know until we get the transcripts.


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

He is very, very lucky that he did not get the max of fifteen, which my fiance's attorney tells us is the new industry standard.

grimtraveller said...

Read the book "The Garbage people." It currently goes by the title "Manson: The Unholy Trail of Charlie and the Family" and it's from 1971. The updated edition is really interesting. Don't want to spoil anything, but it features a lot about and from Bobby. It should be read. Many have said Bobby has not been an honest man for much of his time and unfortunately, books like this confirm that. In his parole hearings, he utterly minimizes his pre conviction crime status. Read this book. It's hard to believe that the guy who says the things in his last 4 hearings that he did say is the same guy that speaks in parts of this book. And if any of the board were aware of this book, hearing him speak.....