Thursday, March 12, 2009

Blogging The New Atkins Book Part TWO- Say What?

Sorry for the delay.


So a second, closer examination of the book leaves the Col scratching his goddamn head.

Anyone else follow the motivation....

seems to flat out as

Charlie "kills"Crowe and therefore makes everyone else kill people?

Seriously is that what she is saying?


Anonymous said...

Um yep. Thats what she's saying. I think she is getting as close to the truth here as she's going to get. All the stuff about her role you can filter through the Sus-o-graph, but it's undeniable that the Crowe incident was the start.

We have 3 senseless murder scenes with one notable commonality: bogus tracks leading back to the Panthers. The Crowe theory explains that.

grimtraveller said...

Not if you read Crowe's court testimony.