Saturday, October 04, 2008

There is Now Joy In Mudville

Bret, the owner of the best damned website on the Manson story, has surfaced.

If you read the postings of the super idiot known as JimNy, you would think he was dead - indeed Jim seemed hopeful that that was the case.

Those of us who care about the case, truly care about getting to the truth (no, not Tom O'Neill) were greatly concerned- where was Bret? Myself, Heaven and Cats, the major online truth seekers (along with the evil Mark Turner) had no idea. No emails replied to. Site down. Phone off.

Here was a guy who in half the time had done three times as much as Bill Nelson without the bullshit Christianity or pedophilia- he had created a site that was filled with so much truth it was invaluable.

Worse yet, some weeks before he disappeared, both he and the Col had been confronted by a "lawyer" ( I may be disbarred in 48 states but I always had people who answered my phone correctly) who was very upset that Bret had revealed the present day identity of convicted murderer and hard core Family member Steve Grogan. Of course her points were ludicrous- what was she going to do, file a case for definition of character? Did she think that released killers have a constitutional right to anonymity? The lawyer was laughed off, but then Bret went POOF and so who knew, right?

The Col, with his unlimited resources and supermodel wife, decided to spend some of his unlimited funds and hire a detective firm in Iceland. There we got the report that just came through from a Lars Lasterston who I take it is a modern day Columbo. Here is an excerpt-

" Bret "Last Name Redacted" filed a police report with the ReykjavikPolice Research Department on June 11, 2008. Complaintant listed his occupation as horse fancier and seal furrier and made special note of his avocation as "Charles Manson Case Researcher and Expert." He mentioned that on 8 June his home office had been "creepy crawled" by persons or persons unknown and his computer system hacked. Witness defined the term as "someone breaking into your house and moving things around, including the canned fish." On 10 June same persons again broke in and reorganized the house to the way it had been before the first breakdown, except for the canned kippers. Police promised to investigate. On 16 June a patrol car made its way to the residence and found the house empty and locked. Complaintant had told his supervisor that he was "being followed by a Moonshadow" and then resigned.

Research from this office indicated multiple suspects:

James XXXX - Internet buffoon who uses the alias "Savage" as well as "Monkey Boy", suspect has an unhealthy obsession with the murderous harlot known as Leslie Van Houten, convicted USA Felon who stabbed a woman to death for shits and giggles. James/Jimmy runs a seldom read blog in which he acknowledged Bret's disappearance and took great glee from it.

Adam Gabriel, also known as Steve Grogan also known as Clem also known as Scramblehead- convicted killer and indecent exposurer who was intimately involved in the many crimes of the Charles Manson Family, including the brutal murder of ranch hand Shorty Shea. Paroled in 1985 after working with police. Expert on creepy crawling and house painting. Assessed by one USA judge as "little more than an animal" or something.

James Whitehouse- lawyer for murderous strumpet Susan Atkins and her husband, trailer park liver and bad hairstyle wearer, failed recently in abortive attempt to free his wife by lying about her medical condition. Known to be livid with Bret for not supporting her release and for not attending the tenth annual Charles Ronson Board reunion.

Darren Faitfull- aka ColScott, aka Light Fingers Louie, aka Alli Ben Satchbone- disbarred attorney from Torrance California who runs the ONLY Official Tate LaBianca Murders Blog on the worldwide web, the only truthful site since the vanishment of Bret. YES suspect has hired this firm to hide Bret but in my experience that could be a bone to throw us off the track"


" Final Conclusion- None of the initial suspects were indicated based on over 1100 hours of manwork. Speaking of manwork, William Garretson and his homosexual liasion with Steven Parent, while likely, had nothing to do with this case. Newly revealed suspect JOHN AESNIHIL, sixties acid casualty, yellow van owner, bon vivant and manager of Steve Railsback has confessed after being hit with several phone books repeatedly around the face and neck. Apparently Bret had custody of several beta tapes that Aesnihil wanted back. Suspect left a message on the machine that investigators overlooked stating "This happened before when I loaned shit to Nelson and his cow wife donated it to UCLA even though it was mine. Never again! I am the AesNihil and I have come to do the Aesnihil's business!!" Suspect stated the creepy crawling was "to send a message - and to get an invitation to his house for kippers." AesNihil, well known for selling things he doesn't own and for blowing Robert Beausoleil's most recent chance for parole through an exhibit at the Clair Obscura Gallery (since closed) in LA. Case closed- AesNihil returned to LA in an undisclosed location, sure to fight extradition as fervently as Watson. Releasing new version of film called Suddenly Last Summer."

So I was shocked to see that I was a suspect- I LOVE BRET. I am not surprised about John- the flashbacks have gotten worse lately- when we last actually spoke he screamed "Ish burples Stren Tenegres" and I think he meant it. I will try to get that film he is doing and see if it provides any clues.

Is any of the above true or not? Who knows- I have never even been to that cold wasteland of a country. This is an opinion site anyway.

I do know that Bret will be back online later in the week. And idiots like Monkeyboy and the other haters can go fuck themselves.


Heaven said...

Thanks so much Col! I'm glad that Bret is ok and I look forward to talking with him again soon!


Brian Davis said...

Yes ! Thanks much for that news Col ! Good to hear Bret is ok and will be back !

So, WAS the Susan Atkins camp actually lying about Susan's condition ?

LOL @ the Monkeyboy !

ColScott said...

Here is all I know
Susan Atkins will die in Prison
The World is good

A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

OMG, that report was utterly totally hilarious! Very glad to hear that Bret is doing well, and that his internet bill has apparently been paid, and that all is right with the world.

P.S. Californians call it "rain". Michiganders call it "spit". Charles is fine. I suck at gin rummy. This weekend has been extraordinarily fun.

deadwoodhbo said...

Dam woman hurry with the pics im dieing to see uncle charlies new clean hair cut.i know som real bad goings on have been ariseing what a breath of fresh air your vist is to charlie all the best rebecca

FrankM said...

Col says: This is an opinion site anyway.

Funny, I could have sworn it was supposed to be about getting to the truth.

Oh well, never mind, that last post was such fun I really don't care.

Thanks for the entertainment today.


ColScott said...

We gotta be careful there are pretend lawyers out there

FrankM said...

Point taken and schtum



paul said...

Effin riotously hilarious, plainly gone over the head of a certain party!: I'm sure you've read...

starship said...

Otter: "Definition of Character?"

Boon: "Forget it, he's on a roll."

Sure hope the part that Bret will be back later this week isn't part of the 'fiction' aspect of this post.

Anonymous said...

Col....very good. That's why you earn the big bucks.

Haven't posted in awhile because school is back in session and time is scarce.

Speaking of Adam Gabriel, what's the latest on him? Last I heard here, you wrote that he was scared shitless and seeing lawyers.

Anything new from him now that Rhythmtown Jive left him behind.

fiona1933 said...

He robbed me, that Bret. He agreed to send me a copy of Hendrickson's film, as i can't buy it from HK, and I sent him the money after he inquired of me several times, did i still want the films? As soon as I did, he never replied to me again, just took the cash. Still, he died.