Thursday, October 02, 2008


So anyone notice that it has been six quick months since Susan Atkins, murderess, tried to get out of jail, claiming that she would be dead in six months?


starship said...

You Know Who works in mysterious ways.....They gave Zevon only three months to live and he lasted a year.

FrankM said...

Not wishing her dead are we, Col?

Thomas a Kempis reckoned that man proposes and God disposes (actually he's supposed to have said "For man proposeth, but God disposeth", but probably in German - or more likely Latin, hey, what do I know - see The Imitation of Christ, Book I, ch. 19).

Myself, I'd rather not play God.


ColScott said...

No Frank (although fuck that quote) just pointing out that had the bitch been released, she would have lived over six months "free". I thought she was lying anyway. So far I am right.

FrankM said...

Maybe a strange way of viewing things, Col? As I remember the request for clemency and a shift from a bed in a prison hospital to a bed in a private home was made not by Susan herself but by others on her behalf. I'm not sure Susan ws even conscious at the time. Or did I get that wrong?

As Pristash says, remission from cancer is a bit unpredictable - perhaps you are too young to have many cases in your family. But it's not a pleasant affair when you are waiting for a relative to die and don't know how long they have - even if she isn't a convicted murderer. I spent a long time with my father on those terms, and now have a sister in the same condition. A few of your blog 'members' have been there too, from comments gleaned over the years.

Sorry you didn't like the Kempis quote. It's not that I'm Roman Catholic, or even religious - it just seemed apt. Guess once a teacher, always a teacher.


Marliese said...

Is Susan Atkins still in a private room in a hospital outside of prison?

starship said...

The request originally came from SA's doctors.

And with the economy going to hell, especially out in Gov Terminator's state, anyone wanna re-think saving the taxpayers some $$$?

Marliese said...

Hi Pristash,

Yeah, that's been reported, that the request came from her doctors. I think it's altogether possible though that the husband initiated the idea by approaching the doctors for their support.

As a California taxpayer, nope, I don't want to rethink my opinion re the money. It's not about the money. She helped murder an unborn child, a child that had as much right to life as any other living being. I think she needs to remain incarcerated for her entire life regardless of the cost of providing the medical care she's entitled to or that she requires.