Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Two Hundred Dollar Photo

Here is a San Francisco Herald Examiner photo from back in the day that sold on ebay for $200. Except the Col gives it to you for free. The caption only names the obvious players.

Shall we play a game?

Okay- Cappy, Squeaky, Sandy, Brenda/Nancy- that is obvious.

Is the other chick Priscilla Cooper?

And which guys are those?

Leave your answers in the comments.


Anonymous said...


From the LAPL.org, it calls the guy in the hat the Rice-O-Phony.

The other guy looks like he could snarf a Buick through a 'strol.

Anonymous said...

And I believe the girl to be Kay Wallace, who makes a brief appearance in the "Manson" documentary. The other guy bears a resemblance to Charles Melton, but I am not sure.

evilliz said...

fatherman in the hat maybe?????

agnostic monk said...

catscradle77 said...
>>>The other guy looks like he could snarf a Buick through a 'strol.

well Cats, I must thank you for teaching me something new. You actually sent me to urbandictionary.com to look up "snarf". Ok, that made sense. But then I found myself puzzled over "'strol"

Let's just say when I finally figured it out I was feeling very dumb.

: )

(p.s. I think Blackbeard Charlie Melton was taller)

Anonymous said...

I had to look what it said too, Monk-lol. Some of those definitions made me laugh really hard, for I never knew them.

Is a pic of Melton:

and I think it is just the hair and beard that make me think of Melton...