Sunday, January 31, 2010

I'm Confused

The Col got an email today from someone who claims to be a friend of a relative of Frykowski. Or maybe Sebring. And this person took umbrage that I would insinuate that either person dealt drugs. They said it was made up by the defense.

Next thing you know someone will try and tell me that Hinman didn't deal drugs either.

Look, it wasn't the defense and it wasn't me. Frykowski was a MAJOR drug dealer. The police determined this. Sebring dealt drugs to his buddies. These are realities.

I DON'T CARE THAT THEY DID. It doesn't matter because they didn't deserve to die for it. LOTS of people especially in 1969 dealt drugs.

But in the search for the truth, we can't cater to latter day sensitivities. The defense didn't make this up- THEY dealt drugs too.

To try and claim otherwise is further obfuscating the point.


A.C. Fisher Aldag said...

Both Frykowski and Sebring have descendents.

Um, WHAT defense? There wasn't much defense in that particular trial.

I'll say it, and too bad if anyone takes umbrage:

Both Frykowski and Sebring were dealing drugs. HARD illegal drugs. Not some pansy little marijuana or something out of mom's medicine cabinet, but substances like MDMA, cocaine and methamphetamines.

Unfortunately it got them and their friends killed.

Nope, nobody deserves to die for being a dope dealer. OR associating with drug dealers. Tell that to the nice ladies and little kids who are sitting on their front porches in Detroit or Chicago or Compton or Miami when they get shot cuz their menfolk are dealing drugs, owe money, or there's a war over sales territory. Yes, it IS exactly the same thing.

FrankM said...

Hi, Col. Guess you've been away (so have I).

Are you revitalising this blog? Or have you laid it out to pasture now?

Guess what I'm asking is, is it worth coming back or should I delete the bookmark?

I'm hoping it's the former, but maybe you can confirm?


ColScott said...

we're back

FrankM said...

Hold ya to it, Col

Need any help just ask


starship said...

Frykowski...setting up a major deal to be the main distributor of MDA in SoCal. So who would that piss off? Who would want him dead?