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When Gypsy Met Nellie part ONE

This is from the second incoherent Nelson Book MANSON - BEHIND THE SCENES. In it, while avoiding the spell checker, he uncovered cool shit and spread a lot of hate. Since I am still hating on Gypsy, let's reprint her chapter, in better English than original. It's pretty amazing how bad she is and how self-serving he is. (True Story- The Col bought his copy in 1997 in Silver Lake in a Porn Shop! It was $25 and they looked at me like wtf? And this was before I was the expert I am today.)

This is all COPYRIGHTED 1997 Bill Nelson's Ghost.


She was once a fugitive from justice, on the run, hiding from the United States Government. Now she is married to an informant, protected, financed and moved when necessary by that same United States Government. Stunning in appearance, dark hair, tall, with eyes that can still stare through you. Her name is Gypsy. Member of the Manson family, never convicted for one of many murders, wounded three times in the Hawthorne Shoot-out. Gypsy, she could whip any of the female Manson family members, and probably most of the male members too. She was street smart, tough, seductive, and dangerous. I am not convinced that she has changed all that much

Finding Gypsy was more luck than ability, you see, it was just handed to me as a gift. Oh! I had learned through the great imposter Julian (pretending to be the son of Ruth Ann Moorehouse) that Gypsy was in the New Mexico area. But I never dreamed that she would be delivered up to me from an old employer. Mr. Richard Fandrich and I had worked together for more than six years. He was the franchisee for Christian Yellow Pages, Inc. (CYP), operating out of Northern California. I was still pasturing the West Valley Church of the Nazarene in Canoga Park, California when I met him. Tired of the politics of small churches and the attempt to resurrect a once lively congregation of over 300 form the less that 20 still attending, I was contacted by CYP to see if there were businessmen in my church who would consider advertising in a new directory for the church. I had few men at all. Within two months of meeting Mr. Fandrich, I left the ministry and moved to Orange County to sell advertising to other Christian business people. I was blessed in that move and became the General Sales Manager for the corporation in another six weeks, leasing in sales, hiring, and firing associates for Southern California. I had not made money like that since I had been in sales prior to the ministry.

Each year, I would contact Dick Fandrich to wish him a Merry Christmas and the end of 1992 was no different. Dick asked me to meet him for old times sake at the Ontario, California airport, just to chat and to see if I wanted to come back to work for him. He was selling in Orange County, which I had already known about and he asked me at our brief meeting, "What have you been doing?"

"I wrote a book on the Manson Murders."

"No, I mean for income?"

"Well, I have been doing all right at it. God has been good to me."

Dick responded, "That is interesting, I had one of the female members of the Manson family working for me."

"You What?"

"Yes, it was Catherine Share."

I blurted out, "You mean Gypsy?"

"Yes. She was working for me for a few months, then she left and over to work for Tommy."

Now it would take another book, (which I wrote, but chose never to publish) to tell that story. Let me just say that there was always a conflict of territorial rights between Mr. Dick Fandrich and Mr. Tommy Thompson. After years of lawsuits, Mr. Thompson won in court, denying Mr. Fandrich the right to sell in the state California. That was one of the reasons why I had departed company with CYP, at my leaving there were thirteen lawsuits pending, one with the Anti-Defamation League. Dick Fandrich had hired Catherine to work in Northern California selling Christian Yellow Page advertising after her release from Federal prison. Catherine was selling and doing pretty well at it, when she learned that she was illegal in doing it. There was an injunction, from the courts protecting Mr. Thompson, and when Catherine was told this, she jumped ship and began selling for Mr. Thompson. Catherine was sent to the northwest, and began selling a directory. Her housing arrangements were unique, because she was rooming with a male friend who also worked for CYP. Mr. Thompson later told me that Catherine wanted very much to prove that she was living in honorable conditions and not "in sin," as it were. When Mr. Thompson visited the territory, Catherine went to great pains to show him where she slept, and where her gentleman roommate reclined.

Catherine moved from there, to the Lake Havasue community. She lived in a mobile home. She stayed in touch with Mr. Thompson and may have done some work selling for him in the Phoenix area. From there, Catherine moved to Texas. She had married her current husband, who was an inmate housed in New Mexico. Previously, Gypsy was married to the escape artist Kenneth Como, who was involved with her in the Hawthorne Shoot-out. When Gypsy did the interview for a television tabloid show, she made them say that she had "dated" Kenneth Como. The producer later told me that they were told to do it that way by Gypsy.

I called Mr. Thompson, in Modesto, California, the rightful owner of the Christian Yellow Pages trademark. We renewed old friendships and I asked about Gypsy. Thompson had often offered me a job with CYP but I always declined that offer. He told me that Catherine had indeed worked for him. He had some good things to say about her, but he made one statement that was interesting. "She still has a bit of larceny in her." He explained to me his observations of her cunning nature, her leaning towards a little deceit and that she had to be watched closely if he was to protect his interest.

Mr. Thompson told me that Share lived just outside of Dallas, that she was married to a man named Shannahan. He told me Share had written to him recently, requesting that he send a letter to the parole board for her husband, showing a valid offer and proof of job placement when he was released. His parole hearing was coming up soon, said Share, and she needed Tommy to come through for her. He gave me her address and I thanked him. My mail was returned. I tried to get a telephone number, but I was told that the number for a Shannahan in that area was unlisted. I called the post office and they told me that my information could not be right, since the numbering did not go that high for the street I named. I called Tommy and asked him if his information was correct. He assured me that it was, told me that he had received letters from Share at that address and that I should just send another letter. Several more times I called Tommy and he finally gave me the name of the person who he was told to address his letter of job guarantee to. It was an office in the Dallas area. I then tried the Federal Locator Identification system, but found that there was no inmate shown by the name of Patrick Shannahan. There are two Federal Prisons in the Dallas area, so I called both of them, choosing the one closest to Dallas first. No inmate by the name of Patrick Shannahan. I called Tommy. "Hey! Tommy, are you sure you know where she lives?" "Yes! I told you, let me look in my files again." He then gave me a little more information.

I believed that if I could find Catherine Share, that I could perhaps start my own Christian advertising firm again, with a reformed believer. I had done rather well, I knew about the lawsuits of the two CYP factions and I knew that if Share could sell, we could do something good. Besides I have never known many people in the sales field who do not need money! I figured that would help her make up her mind. Same type of advertising without all the hassle of suits.

Finally, Tommy was just about out of ideas for me, when he said wait a minute. "Here is the name of her pastor, in Dallas. Try this number." Pastor Joe Oakley. The nameof his church is The Love of Christ Community Church.

I called the number, reached Joe, but was not able to talk to Catherine directly. Joe was in contact with Catherine and he told me about his conversations with her. She was not anxious to meet me. She was elusive. She was suspicious. I penned me first correspondence to Catherine Share, sent through the church address on December 23, 1992. It was as follows:

Dear Catherine,

We have something in common, we both worked for Dick Fandrich with the Christian Yellow Pages, and we both know Tommy Thompson in Modesto, California. I was the general manager for Christian Yellow Pages, overseeing California and Arizona from 1979 to 1983, making some $60,000 and doing in excess of $750,000 annually in gross sales. I was there when Tommy and Dick began their fights, court dates, the suit between the Jewish Anti Defamation League, and the beginning of the demise of a good business to bless Christian business.

We have something else in common: I have written a book on the Manson Family. I am now considered an expert on the case history and have appeared on Geraldo, Now It Can Be Told, The Maury Povich Show, as well as contributed video footage to 48 Hours, Hard Copy, A Currant Affair, and television in California, Indiana, New York, and Texas.

I am a believer and have been a pastor in San Fernando Valley, 1973-75 (right at Topanga Canyon area of Sherman Way; Shoup and Sherman Way). My book was on Charles Tex Watson, and after appearing on television, Susan Atkins agreed to meet me. I was with her five hours the first time, over three the second time. I have read all of the books on the case, and I have a direct mailing list nationwide of people who have read my book, seen me on TV, and purchased from my catalogue of information.

You have fascinated me for years! I asked Tommy if he could give me an address, since he trusts me and knows my heart, he gave me the last one he had. I hope it gets forwarded to you, if it is correct. I want very much to meet you! I can come to Texas. I want to discuss a business proposal with you that I think you will appreciate. Should God bless me in you receiving this letter, please feel free to call me - collect if necessary- or write me back. I attend Calvary Chapel of Costa Mesa. Chuck Smith is my pastor. My wife is a teacher at the school there.

By the way, I have several friends whom I do not discuss with others…Cathy Gillies, Dianne Lake, inside the Family, the LaBianca and Tate family outside.

God bless you today! May you be surrounded by His love. May I be your friend?


Bill Nelson

I received a telephone call from Joe Oakley in response to my letter. He had tried to establish exactly who I was and whether or not I should be trusted. He called Calvary Chapel. I wrote a letter to pastor Joe Oakley on January 11, 1993.

Dear Joe,

Thank you for your telephone call of this morning as you had promised. Upon ending our call, I called the church and spoke with Oden Fong. The more accurate account of him not participating in the conference call was that he had an appointment, but if he felt it necessary, he would have conferenced. He told me that he did not see how he could be helpful in the matter.

Actually, Oden feels that the only correct way for me to pursue this matter is to speak with Catherine herself. Catherine is a very strong woman, as is most all of the former family members that I know, and she can speak very well for herself. I do appreciate your concern, but believe me when I say that there is no need to fear her violation. In fact, it makes me wonder just why you said that she wants to have a commitment that I not pursue this?

As I told you, I am very interested in determining if she would be interested in a directory relationship. No one ever made more money than me, nor created the blessings to the Body of Christ through Christian directories that I have. God gave me a talent to do that job very well. If, as Tommy said, she wanted to gain guaranteed employment for her husband upon parole, then I should think if that were true she would be open to business income opportunities. If she knew Fandrich and Tommy, then she need have no apprehension of me!

Please tell Catherine that I desire to speak with her in person. No notes, recorder, video or camera. A location away from her home security. Oden did make the observation that maybe God wants things to come to the light, if that be true, let’s not hinder it. I await her response in letter or call. I am enclosing the Christmas card I tried to send her with the letter that I read on the telephone.

Regarding Julian, I have some photos of him, and some footage that I took at Barker/Myers Ranch's in February 1992. He is an impostor, is not the offspring of Paul Watkins or Ruth Ann. It would be good for Catherine to know him on sight. He has proved to be an effective liar. Much of the historical file that I have is the result of his work. We did share information on different individuals, and in that time I shared my new information from Tommy about Catherine. Thanks for reminding me of that.

I broke my relationship with him after he failed to pay me the $200.00 fee to ive him a personal tour of Baker Ranch, Myers Ranch, Golar Wash and Ballarat.

I believe that God wants to do a great work with this story, from a Redeeming point of view.

Please give this letter to Catherine. God bless you and her. I do look forward to hearing from her.

Following that letter, I was in communication with Pastor Joe. He inquired of me what my intentions were regarding a conversation with Catherine. We arranged a conference call, one that would not be related to anyone else. She demanded that she not be quoted! She said, "I do not give you permission to share this, quote me, or use any part of this conversation, is that clear?" I responded that it was, then se offered a prayer, more in line with the "Positive Confession kind of movement" and we talked.

KCBS had successfully gained footage of T.J., Ansom, and Michael Brunner. It was time for footage with Gypsy. We completed our story with Michael, Linda, and Ed, the live-in boyfriend. We parted ways with Harvey Levin in Denver. He flew back to Los Angeles. We flew to Dallas. Arriving in the evening, Doug Rittenhouse played the part of big time man in charge. We sat in the bar area of the hotel close to the airport. We debated! I wanted to call Pastor Joe and tell him that we were there. Rittenhouse said no! Don, the faithful cameraman, was undecided. He told Rittenhouse that I was being used to get the best chance at an interview and I had come through for them in the case of T.J. and Michael Brunner. Rittenhouse kept saying that it would be a hidden camera. A total surprise. "We are not going to take a chance and XXX this thing up!"

We argued until late in the night, after we drove by the church to check out the possibilities for the next morning. I just wanted to get away from the two men, so I asked if I could use the van. I had been to Dallas on several occasions before, researching and then promoting my first book on television and radio. I loved Dallas! I just drove towards Denton. No particular place in mind. I just wanted out of there.

Sunday morning came much too soon. We loaded up the van, I in my dress suit, Don in jeans, and Rittenhouse in producer favorite jeans too. (Something about people in the media, they usually only do a shot above the waist since most of them have on a dressed up top, with jeans on the bottom. Kind of an "in" thing)

The church was out in the sticks, not much around. There was a store on the corner, directly across from the church diagonally, a little frame building. It was around 9:00 a.m. and Rittenhouse decided to let me out at that store and he and Don would set up in the parking lot of the church. There was much debate about using the front parking lot or the back lot. We had a 50/50 chance of messing it up. Rittenhouse insisted on the back parking lot. Don didn't know and just went along with the program. He was a true assistant, what ever the producer wanted!

I was really on edge. How could I do this to Catherine? Was I crazy?

How would she react?

I noticed a white T Bird turning the corner slowly, the driver looked at me, checked me out, as I pretended to use the telephone. It was Catherine. She entered the back lot. The news van was situated with the back of the vehicle facing the back entrance to the church. Share got out, took a real hard look at the white van, with the black curtains blocking out her view inside the van.

It was about time for the church service to begin. Easter Sunday morning at that! I entered the front door of the small church. I needed to use the restroom badly. One reason, well OK, the second reason was to stay out of sight. It was now ten after the hour and this little church was not starting on time, how dare them, I thought to myself! "Boy, was this morning ever going to end?" Pastor Joe came near me at the entrance and I believed he recognized me from television. He greeted me, I said hi, but only told him my first name. I was in the hall looking at a wall map of all the 30 to 50 church members with a string from the church to each of their homes.



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Thanks for this, Col. Do you do all the typing youself or do you have an army of elves to whip into submission?

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jempud said...

Thanks for this, Col. Do you do all the typing youself or do you have an army of elves to whip into submission?

Full of admiration for the way you provide interesting content
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