Friday, July 22, 2005

Words have Meaning

I've been thinking hard about the Polanski libel case. I am glad that he won. Vanity Fair seemed to think "Fuck you Roman, you suck we can say anything we want to." A jury of smart educated English people disagreed. I wonder if in America, where the educated avoid jury duty, what would have happened....

If you do the math, Roman LOST a lot of money bringing suit. He did it on principle. I admire people with principle. It seemed a bit daft to be pursuing- it only dragged up his past indiscretions. It showed me that one of the most important people in his life was Sharon.

Frequent reader Shelby is on my case about Heaven from KTS- but I must say, what bothered me the most about her and still does, is not her opinions, it is her stupid, uninformed opinions. I make it a point to not speak without being fairly certain of the facts that I am spewing. I am not perfect but I try to be. She doesn't care AT ALL. And if her defense can be that "she read it in a book", then she can weasel out of anything.

TODAY she claims that Roman's "original sentence was 50 years." This in regards to the statutory rape claims in 1977. This is stupid, retarded and FALSE. Roman pled guilty with the understanding that there would be NO jail time. When a friend overheard the judge commenting in a toilet that he was going to make an example of Roman despite the plea, he fled.

The VICTIM doesn't hold it against Roman but Heaven does to the point where even lies are not enough for her.

Says it all....

------ I just read that the verdict was UNANIMOUS. LOL at the Roman haters...

------ I just read that the judge ordered Vanity Fair to pay costs...this could be another half a million- this is one of the best things under English law- it prevents BS lawsuits...Hooray!

------ "Its editor, Graydon Carter, shook his head at the verdict while Miss Tate's sister, Debra, smiled." LOL at the Debra haters!


Anonymous said...

He could not attend the awards, held in Hollywood, because he still faces sentencing of up to 50 years in prison if he ever returns to the USA.

which was up to the judge and could have been as much as 50 years

However, just before sentencing, the trial judge indicated he had changed his mind and hinted that he might jail Polanski for up to 50 years

Worried he would have to spend 50 years in prison, Polanski fled

However, just before sentencing, the trial judge indicated he had changed his mind and hinted that he might jail Polanski for up to 50 years. The director fled and has never returned to the US. He now lives in France.

is that enough for you or shall i keep going? sorry but it's not retarted and false. you need to work on getting your facts straight. and stop worrying about heaven.

Anonymous said...

no offense intended but you really must not have much of a life if you spend all your time worrying about what heaven says. why not focus more on your book and less on her? this is starting to look like stalking. just pointing that out in case you didn't realize.

ColScott said...

Shelby I finally had you paying attention

quote 1- yes the crime carries that penalty

quote 2- yes it could have been fifty years

quote 3- that is what I already said

quote 4- is what I said

quote 5 is what I said.



Now be normal.

Post 2- Stalking means I would be following her around. I am here PROVOKING Her- please learn English.

Anonymous said...

moronic bitch? thats not an abusive vulgar comment?
why the fascination with just heaven? there are several people on kts who mock and make fun of roman why are you only concerned with just heaven? it would appear as though you are following her around. i'm just telling you how it looks. what is the point in provoking her when she's not going to post here? and i thought the purpose of your blog was for a book. are you now saying the sole purpose is to provoke and bait heaven? if so that sounds like harassment to me.

BK9075 said...

Allow me to jump in here. I am a long time member on the group you mention KTS. I was also an original member of the group KTS. Colscott, I remember you very well, you did nothing but cause problems where ever you went and developed quite a following of people who hate you. You are obsessed with Heaven, it's very clear. If you're hiding in KTS with another ID but don't dare to post, then you are a coward. Your voice isn't wanted in KTS, people there hate you, and you know it. But you continue to shove yourself in knowing no body there wants you. You say it's so you can tell the truth, but the truth is something you don't know. As is clear here, you have been proven wrong on a few of your entries. Truth is not what you seek, harassment is your goal. You only want to get into the group so you can harass members, especially the women. It's very clear you have a problem with women. Your obsession with Heaven is downright scary and I intend to talk to her and convince her to report you to the proper authorities. I'm sure that your internet service provider has rules about stalking and harassing. The reason you only quote Heaven and single her out is because she has beaten you, and you know it. You can't or won't post in KTS because you know if you do she'll catch you. She beat you. That's what has you so pissed off. With all this "truth" you speak of, your focus is always on Heaven. I happen to enjoy her posts, unlike you, she doesn't claim to be an expert and we're all free to seek our own knowledge. Most everything you've ever posted there and here for that matter is wrong and when you're corrected you either attack or just stop posting. I saw the post about Greg Kings book not being released in paperback. Maybe YOU should check YOUR facts. It most certainly was released in paperback because I have a paperback copy. Expert huh? So, tell us Mr Facts, why can't you give a straight answer about Danny DeCarlo being dead. No one here is stupid, we can all see you completely avoiding the question. We KTS members laugh at you because for someone claiming to be an expert and having "superior knowledge" you can't answer even one simple question. That makes you look so stupid. You are a sad, lonely, pathetic human being and I only hope you seek the help you obviously need before you become a danger to someone. Your behavior here is becoming dangerously close to neurotic and psychotic and I find it very unsettling. I don't care to waste another single moment on you so this will be my one and only post to this harassment board you have created. In my final closing statement I have two words for you - seek help.

BK9075 said...

I was also an original member of the group RTV. Excuse me.

ColScott said...

Shelby Dear
fortunately it doesn't sound like harassment under the law

Heaven abused me by accusing me of things I was innocent of and then banning me often from Denise's site.

If I can take her stupid and uneducated responses and use them to show how little people actually know about the case, so much the better for a widely accessible book.

I do not see how I am following her around. This is MY home. I am illustrating how dumb she is without leaving my house.

ColScott said...

I am IN KTS and always have been, and yet, oddly I do not post nor harass. So bzzzt you are wrong already.

I do not post not because of cowardice but because people like yourself do not know the truth nor want to.

I was wrong about the paperback release of Greg's poorly researched book. I admitted it. It also is such a small mistake that it is pathetic you would even still mention it.

NOTHING I ever posted on the boards was wrong. Danny is dead. Roman was NEVER sentenced to 50 years.

Defend Heaven. Defend Caryn. Defend Brooklyn.

It doesn't matter nor does it change the TRUTH.

Paige said...

I just read that the verdict was UNANIMOUS. LOL at the Roman haters...

YES!!! It was unanimous and DEBRA was right there when they read the verdict. She was thrilled!! She then went to Paris and spent 4 days with Roman and they had a wonderful reunion!!! It was a very happy time for all involved!!