Monday, July 11, 2005

Sexy Sadie, You'll Get Yours Yet

There was a woman named Frontera who used to be on the message boards, who really hated it when I pointed out that after killing Sharon Tate, by her own admission, Sadie Mae Glutz/Susan Atkins basically danced in her blood. After tasting it of course. If Susan Atkins is ever paroled, then Saddam Hussein should be made Governor of California.

She was denied parole for four years last month (meaning she'll be eligible again when she is 61 years old. Christ!).

"We're talking about a woman who has been convicted of 8 murders!!! Do we have any idea how many that is. We can eliminate everyone seated at the table including the camera man. That's what she's responsible for. That's what she's been convicted of." said Sequeira in arguing against her release and asked the Board "with that in mind to respectfully deny her for the maximum of 5 years."

Now she's got this lawyer husband James Whitehouse. I loved what he did back in the day- he actually SOLD on ebay (it was a public document) for shipping costs the transcript and plea from Bill Nelson's molestation trial. Let he who is without sin and all that. But does he SERIOUSLY think his wife should be allowed out? She escaped the Death Penalty by a quirk of history- and she still BLAMES Charlie for what happened. Like she couldn't have walked the hell away at any point.

I mean check it-

Atkins said she was under Manson’s influence and that they were all acting on his orders. She has recanted her earlier testimony and now denies stabbing Sharon Tate to death. She said she was present but did not kill anyone.

No one believes you were proud of what you did. You boasted about killing Sharon. There's no way you should be listened to until you stop blaming Charlie. I hope you lie awake at night and remember YOU BLEW YOUR FREE PASS- the BUG actually negotiated a deal to let you walk. You are a killing machine, but he was gonna let you go home free just as long as you helped him GET CHARLIE. How does that feel, knowing that justice got your formerly cute ass for good and for all? You get to die in prison sugar, not hung from a roof beam. Consider yourself lucky!

(Frontera got irked and started her own message board. It was basically her and a Rain Man type lady with an odd name ((sorry, I forget)) and it started with a full page about how the killers were victims too. Pure comedy. No one went on it after it opened. Frontera I believe was revealed as Linda something, a lawyer for Susan/Sadie who was obviously taking the "zealous defense" thing waaaay too far."))

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Deb B said...

I'm new here - do either she or Tex Watson now actually admit/take responsibility for the actual stabbing of Sharon Tate?