Thursday, July 14, 2005

Six Degrees of Tate-LaBianca #1

So you read everything about the case or you wouldn't be able to keep up with us.

Then tell me this...

Tex burns Lotsapoppa for lots of dope. Maybe $5k in 1969 dollars.

Lotsapoppa kidnaps or hold Rosina, Tex's gal pal, and then calls Spahn and says he wants to kill Charles (Watson).

Charlie (Manson) and TJ and Bruce head over to Franklin Avenue.

In the front room two thugs Bryn Lukashevski and Dale Fimple greet them. Charlie wants Rosina released. He confronts Lotsapoppa and in the struggle shoots him in the gut. He makes one of the thugs undress and give him his leather shirt (one of the thongs of which will be used to tie Leno LaBianca). Charlie, Rosina, TJ and Davis leave Lotsapoppa for dead.

NOW- He lives and eventually testifies against Charlie at the Bug's request (using dealers now, how common) to show Charlie's propensity for violence. Okay.

If you believe THE FAMILY by Ed Sanders, later on in the tale, Charlie confronts Dennis Wilson about reneging on the recording deal. One of Wilson's thugs, Bryn Lukashevski, throws Charlie out.

So....the thug working for a pot dealer is also working for a Beach Boy?

Never understood that. Too weird. Too close.

But what does it mean????

[[Aside- the photo is of Bernard Crowe aka Lotsapoppa... is he still alive? Does he look superfly in that foto? He isn't nearly as fat as I pictured when I read about him.]]