Wednesday, July 13, 2005

This Year- Sharon Tate Happens

It's interesting to wonder what would have happened had Sharon NOT been at the house that deadly night. The media would have paid way less attention. The pressure on the police would have been lower. The Bug might not have wanted to take the case. Charlie might not have had to be nailed so firmly. Life changes so easily.

As when anyone dies, the death of Sharon is a tragedy in so many ways. No doubt she would have had Baby Paul and gotten a divorce from Roman the philanderer. She probably would have gotten back with Jay- may have already, since she was practically naked in the bedroom with him when the killers appeared. She hopefully would have found happiness in her life. Her career like so many other starlets, had a year at most to go. She was bored of it. She was not that good an actress. She wanted to be a mom. I mean, for every Demi Moore we know there's an Ally Sheedy and a Molly Ringwald. She didn't have a Meryl Streep career in her.

As we approach August and the 36th Anniversary let's take note- Sharon was amazingly beautiful. And for nothing at all that she did, she was visited by two jerks hopped up on speed and tortured and butchered horrendously. "Look bitch, I have no mercy for you" were the last words she heard. Supposedly "Save my baby" were the last things she ever said. Kind of breaks your heart to look at the photo- doesn't it? Sharon Tate was supposed to "happen" and she did, just not in ways I would wish on anyone....

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