Monday, July 11, 2005

Acid is Groovy- Kill the Pigs!

One of the big Manson memorabilia dealers out there, and the only one with any honesty, is this acid casualty that calls himself Jon Aes-Nihil. He sells bootleg videos out of the back of a yellow van at LA area flea markets, as well as on the web at his site. He's wacky to talk to, since each response ends up with about a three second delay as he struggles to formulate his thoughts. But he really is a sweetheart, especially for a guy who wants to get to the bottom of the case, and violates copyright laws for a living. You know he rocks the house when, after some initial bonding, Bill Nelson would rag on him on his site. I vaguely recall that Bill kept some of John's master tapes that took him years to get back from the guy.

Anyway, word on the street has it that John (Jon?) has finished his homemade film, MANSON FAMILY MOVIES. Now while this isn't a major moment in cinema, this will be interesting to see. Taking the lead from a mention (likely false) in Ed Sanders delirious book THE FAMILY, Jon has been producing, writing and directing this extravaganza in his spare time for something like 192 years. It is supposed to be the killings as if the killers themselves filmed them as they were doing them. It will be cheap, raw, ghastly and probably a big huge mess of madness. I'll be the first one to buy a copy (I've had a VHS cut of the film from his truck for like 5 years now) and I think you should put aside $20 and get yours too. Hell, it's got to be better than the latest coherent Hollywood tripe.

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