Sunday, July 10, 2005

Little Boy Lost

Charles Milles Manson was released from Terminal Island in 1967 at the age of 33. He was a hardened con, and had done time for most of his life. He had robbed, pimped, and stolen. He was a man, a man that when we look back, we tend to only see the madness of- but at various times he had over 35-60 people who thought he was a deity. He had women throw themselves at him. Maybe his prostate did, at least according to legend, make him perma-hard. Who knows? But he was a MAN.

Last weekend TV Land reran the original Helter Skelter twice. It is also on DVD in all its glory for less than $20. While it is based on a work of fiction, the prosecutor's theory of the case, it is a VERY well made re-enactment of what happened after the arrests. When Crazy Charlie appeared and came to stay. Steve Railsback, a man, plays Charlie as a man.

There are so many things inaccurate about the remake, let's call it Helter Shitter, that I do not know where to begin. But the main problem is that Jeremy Davies is a Little Boy trying to act like a man. A child of three could kick his ass. He isn't scary, tough or manly. He's like a frail girl.

How could anyone today watch HIM and understand just what was going on? Wasn't he the guy who slept with his mother in his first movie?

No wonder the remake has all but been forgotten less than a year after it came out.

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