Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Heaven is a Place on Earth....

There is this housewife from somewhere on the East Coast who reads books and regurgitates them as information. She's been obsessed with me for about two years now, which is fine because hell, I'm obsessed with me. We all should be. It bothers her that I have access to firsthand information and have actually interviewed many people involved in the case. There was one time when, because she didn't like my opinions, she took her crayons and left the sandbox and went home- until the moderator of KTS (see link to the right) let her come back and basically shanghai the site.

But no comments about one's person can be taken lightly. Today she babbles--

We don't know what "Harold's" perspective is/was, you couldn't get past his name calling and insults long enough to find out. We did learn that he's very much in love with Bobby B, he seems to like sticking up for Manson and enjoys putting down the victims....
He hates Bugliosi, probably because Bugliosi made something of his life.....

But we actually do know what my opinion is - it is the same opinion that all people who study the facts in the case without prejudice have. Innocent people were murdered senselessly by some young lunatics for no clear reason. This is not arguable- this is what happened.

But God is in the details as they say. And it is in an examination of the details that we find truth.

Words are sacred things. We must defend what we say and not allow lost souls to make it seem like we say otherwise.

My position on Bobby Beausoleil is factual. I know him, unlike most people who react to his name. I have provided letters of support to the most recent parole board. He's done his time. He is guilty of murder but doesn't blame anyone. He has served more time for killing a drug dealer than anyone in American history. He should be freed, under the law. Not my opinion- just facts.

I don't "stick up" for Manson, and this will require several essays. There are TWO Mansons first of all, (actually probably more like 15) the one on Spahn Ranch and the one at the Courthouse. I do like to stress that the "Devil" himself, Charles Manson, actually killed NO person. People tend to be surprised when they hear this truth. If the truth is sticking up, I feel bad for her.

The victims were victims. It is sad what happened to them. None of them deserved what they got. Like many closed minded, under-educated red state pedestrians, the poster seems to think that if you mention that Sharon cheated on Roman (and he on her, by the way), Jay and Sharon and Gibby and Voyteck took LOADS of drugs, or that Steve Parent was likely at the house for a homesexual liasion then you are slamming the victims. There is nothing wrong with ANY of these things. Such complaints say more about the posters than the poor victims.

Bugliosi lied under oath. Bugliosi sold a bill of goods. Bugliosi is like a Punch Puppet, who has no choice but to perform on cue for the public to keep up his charade. I interviewed people like Aaron Stovitz. I know what BUG did to Get Charlie. His karma has been bad ever since- he never made it to public office like he aspired to. Do I hate lawyers that will lie and cheat in order to convict anyone, even a GUILTY person? The better question is, do you?

Heaven, since I know you'll read us every day, pull yourself away from the desk and open your eyes. The ignorance you stop might be your own!

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