Friday, July 29, 2005

There's No Goat Like an Old Goat

Following "Janice's" posts over at KTS is like visting a nursing home to see Granny- it's tough and you feel bad afterwards for pointing out the drool on her shawl. She writes in a big blue scrawl more suited to a small child and replies to like fifty posts at once, all the time citing something she read once as a fact.

She has met NO principal players in this saga.
She has read a few prejudicial books..
She might as well be talking about Clark Kent and Metropolis instead of Tate/LaBianca. It isn't real to her. The KTS ladies are polite to her like to any older lady, never pointing out that she has kind of moved off the plot.

I have nothing against her- she supported me for ten minutes against Heaven back in the day- but even then, she didn't make any sense.

Today she made a snide remark about my facts so this entry is my reply-

Every fact I ever offer is a correct one, not based on the Bug's book or some crap movie. My facts are sturdier than your rattling bones Janice. I will thank you to remember that when the nursing home turns off the computer for the night.

It's Friday- enjoy everybody!!!!


shelby445 said...

janice has been to all of the sites associated with this case. she was sending out spahn dirt remember? i believe she used to live in california

ColScott said...

Spahn Dirt? Funniest thing ever!!!

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