Sunday, July 10, 2005

A Wackee WayBack Memory

We will frequently amuse ourselves herein by reprinting items that once appeared on the infamous site

Here's a letter from 09/02/99. Illiteracy and all.
If we are accidentally violating someone's copyright first prove it and then tell us and we'll do something about it.

Anyway where is Bill Nelson, I miss his madness.


An Observation.
Date: 6/29/99 3:28:02 AM Pacific Daylight Time
From: (John G Slavin)

I read your site today and was heavily shocked by the sad and sicko natures and attitudes of some of these people writing to you! Manson is not a god, he is a screwball product of the sixties anti-everything mentality. I fear these kids and whoever else writes to you are being confused by the odious and talentless Marlin Manson 'rock' star. To clarify, I am mailing from Scotland and have been into heavy metal for many years, I have never had any inclination to follow anyone apart from myself, take drugs or do any anti-social actions.

This goes also for the huge number of real metal fans
in the UK and Europe! Is this what the vaunted USA morals have produced?

Kids worshipping a criminal? It appears so.

Please print my letter because I want to say to these young Manson lovers- "forget this evil madman, go live life and enjoy what it has to offer, art, music, travel!

I know in the US it can be hard to ignore the hassle if you are into metal/rock or look different, but stuff these small minds! It's your life, Manson does not want life, he worships death, bottom line.

To the people who run this site, thanks and I salute your effort to make
people aware of the danger of following people like C Manson and others.

(I don't usually write letters to sites, but I was so shocked at what saw written by these dudes, I had to say my piece- thanks!)



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