Tuesday, July 19, 2005

I never Knew that.....

The kitten image is tragic...from the Guardian...

But giving evidence in court today, Farrow said that Polanski had "brushed off" two women who tried to flirt with him as they waited at the bar for their table.

"He paid no attention because we hadn't seen each other since Sharon's murder and that was so huge. I think I might have been crying and was hugging him and he just brushed them off," said Farrow.

Later, she said, Polanski became so upset that they were forced to leave the restaurant and go for a walk.

"We just started walking around and around the block and he told me about visiting the house where Sharon had been killed and the others and a little kitten that Sharon had and the kitten was still there in the blood," she said.

"You can't believe how the atmosphere was in that time of Sharon's death - the brutality of these unsolved murders - it filled everyone."

Asked by John Kelsey-Fry, for Polanski, whether the director of Tess and Rosemary's Baby had behaved inappropriately in any way with anybody on the night in question, Farrow replied: "No."

Under cross-examination by Tom Shields, for Condé Nast, Farrow admitted she could not be sure whether she and her then boyfriend, Andre Previn, had taken Polanksi back to his hotel after dinner.

But she said she was sure she would not have left him alone in the restaurant.


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