Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Who Mourns for the Drug Dealer?

Every time I would bring up an actual fact on the old message boards or even some groups today like Killed the Sixties, people would freak out and twist the fact into something else that I wasn't saying.

Gary Hinman was murdered by Bobby Beausoleil, Mary Brunner and Susan Atkins after three days of fighting and negotiating in order to get him to make good on $2500 worth of homemade mescaline that allegedly wasn't good. I say allegedly because the bikers TOLD Bobby it wasn't good. Thinking he was with friends, Gary placidly stayed put, even after Charlie showed up and damn near cut off his ear. Finally, in a panic, Bobby stabbed him to death. No mercy was shown. Walls were bloodied and belongings stolen.

I am not sure it means anything, but none of the Hinman Family showed up at any trials. They never show up at the parole hearings. Reportedly Gary had an interest in little boys- had his family written him off? Or is it hard to be outraged when drug dealers get killed?

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