Tuesday, July 12, 2005

No Show Without Punch

The previous post reminded me of of a saying around our house that "There's no show without Punch." Punch, one half of a puppet combo from way back in English History, Punch and Judy, typically would show up in Children's puppet shows all the damn time. It was like "what the hell is Punch doing in this show it doesn't make sense."

So ask yourself- if BUGliosi was NOT trying to get fame and fortune for himself, if he was NOT an opportunist to use a KTS word, then why the hell would he appear on the Bertice Berry Show in 1994? What the hell IS the Bertice Berry Show? You NEVER see a documentary without his fading jowls. He was DESPERATE to get a remake of HELTER SKELTER. His LIFE has been Charles Manson.

Sandra Good, no bastion of stability herself, was on the show. She stated....

On the Berry show, she showed her angry side, saying, "Twenty-five years of this total bullshit, total bullshit," in response to comments by Bugliosi.

More like 36 now Sandy... and there is STILL no show without Punch!


Pseudo-intellectual lunatic said...

i cried when punch fell down during a performance back in 91

ColScott said...
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ColScott said...

Yes but sadly, Punch always comes back for more.

History will bear out the bill of goods he sold us all.

Eddo said...

Have you read Life Expectancy by Dean Koontz? There is a character in this amazing story called "Punchinello" - Punch for short.

I didn't know that the name "Punch" was a well known clown name until I stumbled upon this blog. Interesting site.

Dale Burnz said...

So is BUG an opportunist or a punch puppet?

ColScott said...

Rug Burnz

Punch is a clown, a fool, a jerkwad who perjured himself and created a lie that he sold to society. Like PUNCH he is dangerous to other characters. Like Punch, he will end up burning in hell.