Friday, July 15, 2005

Queries for Pondering

Five Questions for Weekend Thinking----

If Charlie was behind the killings why did Tex, Sadie, Leslie and Katie deny that even AFTER they were acquitted?

If a stranger was in your house walking around, would you wave? Abigail Folger did....

What did Terry Melcher know and to whom did he tell it? He was deathly afraid of Charlie- why? He must have denied other record deals- why fear Charlie?

Who brought the newspaper into the courtroom?

How did Mary Brunner avoid responsibility for killing Gary Hinman even AFTER she flip-flopped on her testimony?

I am Col Scott and I wish you all a good one!!!!


MisterWeinstein said...

by the way - do u endorse charlie or do u think he was a mad scientist?

angie said...

The question concerning Abigail waving I think is easy to answer. Even if it were a stranger to me I would assume that somone else who had known the person had let them into the house. I might wave. I'm sure that Abigail was not familiar with all of the people everyone who was staying in the home at the time was aquainted with. ---Angie

ColScott said...


That is possible...also she was likely VERY stoned and that may have let her guard down.

Rx13 said...

None of them were stoned. MDA WAS found in both Folger and Frykowski's systems, however, the amounts found were minute. Frykowski was at .6 mg and Folger at 2.4 mg according to the autopsy reports. Standard dose was 150 mg. Most people took doses of 170 mg or more. It takes 24 hours for MDS to clear the body. Neither of them had ingested/snorted MDA in nearly 24 hours. No other drugs were found in their systems. And Abigail Folger was the only one that had any alcohol in her system at autopsy - .05.