Sunday, July 17, 2005

Charlie in The Back Room

From the later trials of Charles Milles Manson---

"Q. On Sunday, July 27th of 1969, were you present at the Hinman home when a call was made from the Hinman home to the Spahn Ranch?

"Mr. Kanarek: Your Honor, that assumes facts not in evidence.

"The Court: The objection is overruled.

"Q. By Mr. Manzella: You may answer the question.

"A. These questions are all repetitious. They don't mean anything.

"Defendant Manson: (Through the door of the detention room.) He's trying to put it in the jury's head, girl.

"The Witness: I know. I can see. They can see it, too.

"Q. By Mr. Manzella: Would you answer the question, Miss Brunner?

"The Court: Mr. -- the Court is now speaking to Mr. Manson, who is in the lockup in the rear, and who just shouted through the opening --

"Defendant Manson: When is it going to be my turn?

"The Court: -- through the opening in the door. And the Court is telling Mr. Manson that if he continues to shout through the door, if she [sic he] shouts through the door once more, the Court will order that the small door be closed.

"Defendant Manson: Where'a all the human rights I'm supposed to have?

"The Court: All right. Close it.

"Defendant Manson: Big businessman."


Dale Burnz said...

Its awfully ironic that you happen to post this conversation.

Someone Banned from someplace because of behavior so they automatically feel their rights were violated.

I guess if charlie hadnt have messed around, he could have been in the courtroom on the off chance he had something intellegent to say.

Your opinion??

ColScott said...

Charlie chose to put on a show and acted like an asshole consistently during the trials.
He was likely convicted as much for that as he was for anything else.
He didn't kill anyone but he did scare people- hell, his show was pretty damn scary.