Wednesday, July 13, 2005

Just a Shorty Walk to Chaos

I always wondered- the clearest example of Charlie's so-called evil is the murder of Shorty Shea. Now, we don't know what really went down, but it does seem that Charlie did play a part in it. At the very least, he did send Clem and Bruce to cancel the guy's Christmas.

But it struck me as odd how the DA went after the case. I know they didn't have a body until the eighties but still- evidence pointed to Gypsy and many of the girls being at least accessories after the fact. I look back on the material and I wonder- today, would Zero's death go unpursued? Joel Pugh's? Marina Habe? They knew that these people were for the most part out of control. If I helped clean up Shorty's murder TODAY would i long be out buying houses in Wisconsin like Mary Brunner or watching my son advance in the military like Gypsy?

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Strange_Angel said...

Makes me want to eat at El Coyote.