Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Bill Nelson is Not King David

It was just a few years ago that Roman's suit was filed against Vanity Fair and who did VF seek as one of their witnesses but the legendary Bill Nelson. They wanted him to testify that Roman had no morals and probably did something like he was accused of. I recall Bill proudly posting about this on his site. The date was May 17, 2003. I remember it like it was only yesterday.

Dee de ede ed e edeeeeeee Flashback....

Michal Gross was a reporter calling Bill for information on Roman. Bill tried to babble something about a hit and run Roman may have been involved in. Gross wanted more. Bill slagged him off on his site,

Then your friendly COL sent an email to Gross---not only telling him about the slagging, but linking to this IMPORTANT site- all about MOLESTO.

This is a site that I PRAY the biddies on KTS and elsewhere read. Last year, during one of my recon missions to infiltrate and annoy, I was STUNNED that people defended Nelson on ANY level.

Read the citation- That the defendant placed both hands "up my shorts"..... That defendant had his fingers inside her underwear for "about ten minutes ... That as she was seated in the jacuzzi on the defendant's lap that she could feel that he had "an erection"....
These girls were TWELVE years old.

Nelson pled "No Contest"to annoying and registered as a sex offender.

And my new fans wonder why I would criticize Yahoo/KTS? How could anyone defend this man under any circumstances?

And what was part of Bill's reply to me? SAYS IT ALL!!!
David, great kind of the Bible...he murdered, committed
adultry, and yet God recorded him as "A man after my
own heart". Now go figure that one out...
Hebrews 11 is a remarkable chapter of faith. You
would not boast about any of
them being in your family, but God did.


Anonymous said...

bill nelson where do i begin. i agree with adam gorightly the guy can't operate a spell checker. i think bill is a money hungry greedy *&^^%$ who cared nothing about the victims and only hoped to profit from their deaths.
i kept my opinions about bill to myself while in kts out of respect for bill's neice who is a member there. she was getting upset by what was being said and i can understand that. she was probably embarrassed to be related to a guy like that.
i'm not a lawyer so i don't fully understand why he was not found guilty. i was told that the girls lied and there was no proof it really happened. one persons word against another. can you please explain that without calling me a moron.

ColScott said...

Gladly Shelby

He wasn't found guilty because he stopped the trial and agreed to a plea. Pleas are offered to save the state money and assure a conviction. He was allowed to plead no contest to a lesser charge and register as a sex offender. One would NEVER do this in a child molestation case because of the stigma attached. At least I never would. Unless I was guilty.

Who was his niece? That explains a lot- I never understood why anyone would defend him.


Anonymous said...

i only wish i could remember her name. i think it was jody but i am not sure. i'll ask heaven maybe she remembers. all i remember is his neice was a very nice person who seem rather embarrassed by bill. so out of respect for her member put on a brave face and kept their comments off the group. but privately we all had our opinions.

Anonymous said...

i remember watching something with bill nelson he was interviewing doris tate. he kept asking her the stupidest questions i've ever heard. like "doris, how did it feel knowing sharon was calling out to you as she died?"
what kind of heartless &%$#% asks that kind of question?

ColScott said...

worse, you were watching a tape that he produced and then sold from his website.

Anonymous said...

yes i believe it was. i think it was called sharon tate the victim. i read his book to. he obviously never checks his sources because his book was so inaccurate. i can live with the typos and mispellings that doesn't bother me. but for cripe sakes check your facts!

ColScott said...

If you believe that Jesus is speaking to you directly then facts are unimportant, LOL.

Anonymous said...

i believe jesus does speak to us. but i also think if you're going to publish a book for profit, you should check your facts. hehehe

ColScott said...

You can believe in Jesus and NOT be nuts. He believed that Jesus like hung out and had meetings with him. He was chosen and shit. Slightly worse than GW.

Lee said...

Bill Nelson may have written his book for his own personal gain, but how many people bought it AND read it? When you read the questions he asked Doris, didn't you read her response?

Anonymous said...

i bought it a long time ago on ebay. i paid $5 for it. waste of a good $5 bucks hehe
i'm talking about his book manson behind the scenes and tex watson the man the madness the manipulation. i have packed them both away in a box but i don't recall him asking doris questions in his books. maybe i have just forgotten. it has been a long time.

Denise said...
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