Wednesday, January 04, 2006

What Cha' Gonna' Do When They Come For You....

Most posters on Manson Message boards are uneducated, illiterate, and convinced of the correctness of their position. Yet their position is almost always ill-informed and reactive. Wendy Kline writes on one of these boards

Ok, so then what you are telling me is you think it is ok to take
another life?Why don't we just slap these guys on the wrist and tell
them to be on the Merry F*cking way?Better yet why don't we nominate
them for humanitarian of the year award?You just don't understand,
the reason I DON"T CARE if he gets parolled is because of the
seriousness of his crime.To accidentally take a life is one thing,
but to intentionally do it and then sit a boo who about the paroll
board not giving me a chance is absolute BS.I personally hope he
rotts, his death sentence should of NEVER been overturned.Why was it
overturned not because he went infront of a jury and they thought oh
poor baby we were to harsh on him, it was because The State of
California abolished the death penalty, and later got their heads
out of their ass and reinstated it.Bobby just got lucky, and he
should feel lucky that he alive today to even go infront of a
PB.Again WHY are we so caught up in the murders rights???Why don't
we start thinking about the victims?

This is the problem with half baked thoughts from a badly educated public. The law is what it is not what we would like it to be. Only twelve people in the country have the right to INTERPRET the law the way they would like and they are Supreme Court Justices. That is why it is so scary that BushWacker can appoint so many of them. Otherwise, the law is not what YOU or Wendy SAY it is or what you or Wendy WISH it were. It is what it is and nothing more nor less. It is hard for me as a disbarred attorney to be any clearer for you on this.

I am not sure what "sit a boo hoo about paroll" means- maybe something in French. For the 86th time, every one of the TLB killers had their death sentences overturned because the Supreme Court of the State of California determined in 1972 that the Death Penalty, as then administered constititued cruel and unusual punishment. This made it unconstitutional. This made it illegal. Overturning these sentences made the killer get life sentences WITH the possibility of parole which was the next level down. It also made it as if they NEVER HAD the death sentences to begin with. If you were a real student of the case you would note that NONE of the Parole Boards asks the retarded question "why are you not happy that you avoided the death penalty?"- this is because legally it is as if they never had it.

So now, under the law, ALL of the TLB killers are eligible for parole as of 1978. So now, under the law, each of them has every right to expect to get out.
So now, under the law, the board when they deny them not only must give valid reasons, the board must ALSO indicate what steps must be taken for eventual release.

This is the freaking LAW boys and girls. It is what it says. You know why it is important to understand the law? Because it applies to YOU, boys and girls. If they can keep suspects at Guantanmo without warrants or spy on you without permission, then the law is for shit. And make no doubt about it, YOU are next. The legal system must uphold the LAW at all costs. As they say about Germany back in the day, they came for the Jews and I did nothing, they came for the queers and I did nothing and then they came for ME.

That's why I think Manson was wronged- BUGliosi perjured himself during the trial. He lied under oath and broke the law.

That is why I am pissed about Bobby- they couldn't come up with legitimate reasons to keep him in jail so they made some up, which is against the law.

If you don't agree with the law, then work to change it. Learn to spell and write letters to your lawmakers, not Yahoo.

But understand that messing with the law is messing with YOU.


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i just copied your post and sent it to Barbara who will get it out to Bobby. Keep talking White Rabbitt. Keep talking.