Thursday, January 19, 2006

Intriguing Footnote

On an MSNBC special four years ago they mentioned that at one point the girls on the corner, in order to get attention for the plight of their friends, crawled on all fours the length of LA while passerby mocked and spat at them.

I think they thought it was biblical.

They showed footage of it while Squeaky talked over the scene.

Here is a screen capture.

I never heard anything ever about this before or after the show.

It's not even mentioned on the web.

Sure just a footnote, but interesting, no?


RichSpeck said...

In reference to the Macdonald murders, yes there was a blood message according to Noguchi's book "Coroner at Large".

""On the headboard of the bed, a word was scrawled in human blood:"PIG"".

But your point about it being rare is I think accurate.

JRCD2 said...

I would never spit on anyone but would I have mocked them? You're damn right I would have! Seeing them crawling through the streets of downtown LA is just too funny!

Jane Doe said...

It was mentioned in Jess Bravin's book called The Life and Times of Lynette Alice Fromme as the "Crawl for Freedom". He claimed Fromme was the one who staged it in order to bring greater attention to The Family's plight.

JRCD2 said...

Another example of Squeaky's ideas that went wrong. Freaky Squeaky-what a waste of a life!

agnostic monk said...

I like the way you put that, jrcd2. "ideas that went wrong". Every socio-political stunt that Squeaky and The Family tried to do was a failure. Some of them claimed the Tate-Labianca murders were meant to bring the horror of the Vietnam War into America's homes. Fantastic idea, girls and boys. Really, brilliant strategy. It all seemed to work out so well for you and for the country.

Their plans were less than effective, to say the least. Oh they got the worlds attention. They shocked the globe. But it didn't have the effect they intended.

The contrast between how the Manson Family saw themselves (revolutionaries? speakers of truth? bringers of light and justice to a corrupt establishment?) and how the world saw the Manson Family... Did they even get it?

ColScott said...

Monk- where you been?

agnostic monk said...

Col! How YOU doin? (that was my best Joey Tribbiani). I've been working, dealing with some family stuff. I've been lurking. But it took your post about Yana The Witch to bring me out of a posting lull.

I just got some tapes from John Aes-Nihil. The man is an oracle to the past. God bless John Aes-Nihil. Manson 70. Squeaky on the ranch. Bruce Davis and Brenda McCann returning to the fold on the corner of Temple and Broadway, with Brenda telling reporters her forehead just means she's Xing herself "out of your society. I'm out of your thought. I'm on one thought... My Father takes good care of me."

Col, how are you doing these days? I hope you are well.

Col, Yana The Witch is truly sorry. Truly, she is. :)

Salem said...

It was just their way of protesting.

Bruce Hall said...
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Audio Magic said...

The MS NBC special with Matt Lauer was on just a few weeks ago. From what I have learned over the years, being on Manson message boards and so on, it's full of misinformation. I wish they would update it, and present it with the the more believable facts such as the ones on this blog or on a Manson site that disputes the Bug and his fairy tales.

Salem said...

I agree Audio.

This Blog is by far the best and the people that post are not ONE sided. They can think outa the box.

4Sharon said...

It is walks like a dog...must be a dog.

4Sharon said...

I was talking about the picture of the women walking...if they walk like a dog, they must be a dog.