Thursday, January 19, 2006

Old MacDonald and the bloody writings

from CBS News (thanks to richspeak)

“I looked at that and saw how everything was laid out," he says. "I saw a weapon over to the side. And the position of her body. On the headboard of the bed, the word ‘pig’ was written in blood." It’s at this point, investigators say, that with his entire family dead, MacDonald decided to include himself in the attack in order to be believed. Kearns believes MacDonald stabbed himself, collapsing a lung. Now a victim himself, investigators say MacDonald then went about setting a stage to fit his story of an attack by drug-crazed hippies, a story they discovered MacDonald may have borrowed from some very recent history. In the apartment, investigators found a copy of Esquire magazine, which included articles about the Tate/LaBianca murders. In the summer of 1969, just six months earlier, the nation was stunned by a seemingly senseless series of murders in southern California. On Aug. 9, actress Sharon Tate and four houseguests were brutally murdered in the middle of the night. The following night, Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were slaughtered in their home. Both crimes were carried out by the cult-like followers of Charles Manson and the issue of Esquire found in the MacDonald home contained a detailed account of the murders. Ivory says the article described the crime scenes, described the word "pig" being written on the walls, and described the hippies coming in and causing mayhem in the house. Investigators also found a finger smudge, in blood, along the edge of the magazine. While it could not be positively linked to MacDonald, it worked with Ivory’s theory of the crime. Bill Ivory believes MacDonald looked up the articles after murders “to get his story straight.” Ivory and his team’s interpretation of the evidence pointed them to just one suspect, Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald.


JRCD2 said...

MacDonald is guilty as sin. He killed his pregnant wife and his 2 little girls while he was taking very high doses of amphetamines. That explains the "overkill". He had some self-inflicted wounds that were never life threatening. As a physician, he would know how to create wounds that looked serious but weren't.
And if a bunch of hippies busted into his house and used an ice pick and a 2x4 to kill his wife and children, why would they not kill him? He was the only one who could identify them! He'll rot in prison til he dies. I'll never understand why he didn't get the death penalty unless they didn't have the death penalty in the state where he committed the atrocities for which he was convicted. MacDonald held his baby daughter on his lap while he stabbed her in the chest with an ice pick that was a through and through wound. It's hard to believe he's been incacerated all of these years and not one of his fellow lifers didn't take care of business-if you know what I mean.

pamebabby said...

I agree completely. If drug-crazed hippies were committing these acts, why didn't they find the drugs MacDonald had stashed? And, why kill 2 little girls? Most kids won't wake up if a hurricane is coming through. Those crimes were personal,IMO.

RichSpeck said...

Ewwww.. an Esquire with blood on it.

Do ya think that maybe this reporter was selling something?

At least do some research. Did he have a subscription? Did he have other magazines with information about TLB? Does anybody else have an Esquire that had access to the home?

That was probably inadmissable with good cause and the reporter was just selling an article.

Audio Magic said...

Jeffrey MacDonald was not only a doctor but an decorated officer in the Army. There was a Televison movie based on a book about this case called 'Fatal Vision' and it sucked. I hear that he is still claiming his innocense and another book was (I think) co-written by his attorney called "Fatal Justice" (not sure about the title) He claimed to have seen some hippy chick wearing a blonde wig and a floppy hat. Blonde hairs from a wif were suppodely found at the crime scene. There are some wild stories about this case. Stories that are ourageous have surfaced about several witnesses and perps...Unfortunately, they are all dead.

During the Scott Peterson trial I thought about Jeffrey MacDonald and how much they even looked alike. I think Dr. Jeffrey MacDonald was a psychopath, and what do they call men who murder their families? Oh, Family Annilhiators. That's how Park Dietz describes this kind of scenerio. Of course, this kind of depraved act does not apply to women I guess. Andrea Yates wasn't a family annihiltor was she? HA! (Yeah right) If Russel Yates had done the very same thing? He would be be sitting on Texas' Death Row. Men get sentenced--women get diagnosed with some idiotic syndrome.

Heaven said...

You'd think that if this was all true, they would have killed him first. A pregnant woman and two little girls are the least of the threats in that house.

Bren said...

I watched a recap story of this on 48 Hours not too long ago.
I can't think of any other copycat murder other then this one.
I don't have an opinion on him being guilty or innocent. I just know that it was a horrible crime, and it is really sad.
Bren :)

Deb B said...

The Esquire magazine with a smudge of blood on it is true. He discussed it with a friend who was over for dinner 2 nights before the murders. "Hey - you should read this - it's wild!" Based on affidavit of friend done shortly after murders.

He was prosecuted under federal jurisdiction - no death penality from 1972 until 1988 - he was tried in 1979.

He was recently granted leave to file an appeal of his conviction.

Guilty as sin - hope he slowly rots.

Deb B said...

Woman on death row for killing children - Darlie Routier.

Not that I think gender isn't a factor in punishment, but I also I think it depends on if the accused admits guilt and a lot of other things ($$$).

Jane Doe said...

Routier was convicted and put on death row for murdering one child, her five year old son Damon.

4Sharon said...

I agree jrcd2, McDonald is a guilty as sin. He was a playboy, didn't want another baby, on drugs and he flipped. He thought he could stage it to look like the Manson killings. He was a big ol playboy and is sitting right where he belongs. His father-in-law defended him staunchly, until he found he was lieing and started researching on his own.