Monday, January 09, 2006

The Big Oogler

What Kind of person----

Posts on a message board dozens of times a day absolutely NO valuable information....?

Tries to flirt in every post with women who he has never met who humor him at best ....?

Has the nerve to question the Col's superior knowledge and yet doesn't have a grasp of the English language....?

Has the nerve to be a member of a group that claims to honor the victims of a horrific homicide and yet uses as a screen name a handle that mocks the surviving sister of one of the victims, who is a victim herself ....?

Says he never reads the Blog but is here every day, we can check the numbers....?

Manages to actually mock the victims (see KTS post 61240 just today!) while communicating nothing interesting....?

Might be tolerable if funny, but my farts are funnier....

Ladies I gentlemen I give you KTS's THE BIG OOGLER. Eddy/Steve whatever your pathetic real life name is, take a bow....

How many other nimrods do you people put up with out there who are just a waste of space on the boards out there?

Names, people, names- let's go!


GLH said...


nellieoleson said...

well said col

1965opinion said...

Here's my take on the 'Debra situation'. I've heard all the stories over the years and if I had one or two concerns it would be one, heavy handedness over some groups(KTS) and various fan boards. Two, sitting and waiting... to see if, through CMG the plans for Sharon materialize.

If I were Debra I would be building bridges with an active boards/groups. Every member is a potential parol letter writer, and also a voter. Patti seemed, from what I've read, to work well in role of diplomat.

The whole 'ogler' situation was explained as editing by the TV production crew. Debra too was horrified by the way it came out/across. Both Robin Olsen(love her or hate her)and Sharon's cousin Pam Turner explained this to various boards, groups.

As far as making money on Sharon's image I hope Debra makes millions. Why shouldn't the Tate family make money? Nobody questions the Presleys or the heirs to the Monroe estate?(A drug overdose and a sucide/murder?) But everything do with Sharon is 2nd guessed. Except of course when alternative rock stars want to call themselves by the name of the man her arrainged her murder.

Who knows why Debra chose not to be publicly active during the years prior to the death of her mother and sister? It took Doris ten years to complete her mourning and become and activist. Maybe it took Debra longer? I can't imagine if I was 16 I'd recover from a shock like the murder of a sibling in even 20 years. Let alone face the public with a crusade for justice?

And yes calling yourself 'The Big Oogler', especially when the situation had been explained IS cruel.

Everyone wants Debra to be active in ways like her mother and sister but why should she want to reach out to various boards/groups? You treat her like shit.

shelby445 said...

How many other nimrods do you people put up with out there who are just a waste of space on the boards out there?

jimmy on kts. i just delete his posts without even looking at them.

Elmer Fudd said...

wascally wabbitt,,,,sorry nellie...yosemite sam wants to come on the hunt too...Elmer Fudd