Saturday, January 07, 2006

In response to Comments Section on Patti Tate

Guys, very funny on the Nelson tape ideas and him putting Lisa up to it. Look, he is very amused to the left...not.

Also, I don't care about whether Debra licked another woman or not. I have the Oui photoshoot wherein I can gaze at her clit anytime I am bored.

I believe that Lisa Statman was her lover, and took care of the kids. I believe she stayed involved in the family after Patti's freaking tragic death.

Let's leave the sex out of it for a second, okay? Lisa DEFINITELY became a close part of the Family.

HOW IN THE HELL DID THAT HAPPEN? She was obsessed with the case via Nelson- and moves into the Tate nest?

I don't get it.


desert louse said...

How can you see her clit with that gigantic bush between her legs?

The 70's were a very hairy decade.

Bruce Hall said...

Bill Nelson always seemed to "Get Himself Off" whenever he talked about the sexlives of the Manson Family girls.

Exactly who went down on who?

I know that Sandy and Lynette had a thing going but what's the lowdown on the others?

Did CountrySue have any playmates?

We know that Susan was into anything with anyone at anytime.

What about Katie and Leslie? Any playmates for them?

And Ouisch and Gypsy?

Bruce Hall said...

Is there a picture of Lisa Statman around anywhere?

That picture of Bill Nelson is almost a dead ringer for that chicken guy, Frank Perdue.

You should create a blog entry called "Who's zooming who", like that song goes and list all of the Lesbian matchups that we know of among the Manson girls and the Tate clan.

Denise said...

Debra didn't have a lezbian affair with Lisa, it was Patti...wasn't it? Debra's married and Lisa is now guardian of Patti's kids.

Denise said...

anyways, the way I hear it, Lisa was a tenant of the guest house on Cielo. Bill met with her and she arranged for him to photograph the grounds. While talking, Bill N. showed her the photo's that a cop had "allegedly" given him of the last week of Sharon's life. Lisa "allegedly" felt incensed about him having these photos and stole them from Bill. She later contacted Patti Tate telling her she had some photo's that "rightfully" belonged to the Tate family and if they could meet, she would turn these over to her. The rest is "alleged" history.....(and up for much speculation).

cortex_jnr said...

A subtle approach by Lisa if you ask me. She really must have wanted to get into Patti's panties to be so direct with her. Never underestimate the determination of a woman.


Jackie said...

How come this Lisa person has never ever been mentioned on KTS?