Thursday, January 12, 2006

Set the Record Straight- part two

Then on March 5th, the same Gallery showed BOBBY's Erotic Art.

Nothing to do with Tate or Manson.

No Death Photos. No Aesnihil except at the reception.

and in Bobby's own words

At this point Commissioner Farmer broke with formality and explained his reasons for this decision. I was impressed by his candor. Even though what he was telling me was devastating, I was appreciative of his willingness to be up front and open in telling me his reasoning for determining that 36 years of imprisonment was not enough. This was a first.

The hinge pin was the computer printout. I thought that maybe the erotic art was going to be a sticking point, but I was wrong about that. Commissioner Farmer carefully stated that he was not a prude, that while some people might consider explicit adult fantasy art to be pornography (as the prosecutor had suggested), he did not. It was not the nature of the art that bothered him . . .

No, what disturbed the hearing panel, he said, is that as late as 2005, this very year, I had contracted with an agent or gallery owner to allow my artwork to be displayed and marketed to the public in a manner that exploited the notoriety of my crime and the Manson connection to promote sales of my art and music (the Dreamways CD). This, he said, demonstrated a “serious lapse of judgment” that required a longer period of confinement so that there would be adequate time to allow the Board to evaluate my “ability to maintain a distance from Manson” in the public eye, and refrain from involvement with such displays in the future. He mentioned – again, with surprising candor – that he was concerned about possible repercussions from the governor and the public if he were to vote to parole me under the present circumstances.

I wanted to scream STOPP!!!!!!! I wanted to have an opportunity to tell him that he had made a mistake, to explain that the conclusion he had arrived at was based on evidence that was faulty due to omission of the original context, that was “cooked” to mislead. I wanted an opportunity to present evidence of my own to demonstrate that there had been no attempt to capitalize on the Manson connection or my crime as a strategy for promoting the Dreamways series art show, and any other work I have created.

I have been adamant in my communications with everyone who has assisted me in publishing my work that it be allowed to succeed or fail on its own merits. I have, in all cases, asked them to avoid making public references to the criminal part of my past except as necessary to meet the most basic requirements of ethical disclosure (it would be criminal of me to not be honest and divulge that this element exists). For the gallery show of my art I authorized the use of an “artist bio” that summarizes my life from birth to the present, and includes a very brief passing mention of Manson amid comments on the most essential circumstances of my imprisonment these many years; included with the intention of minimally meeting the basic requirements of ethical disclosure. I will provide each of you with a copy of this brief bio. Unless there is some other mention of Manson in relation to me on the gallery’s website that I am unaware of, it was this document that the hearing panel based their decision to find me unsuitable for parole.

This is tragic and sad but please do not twist what happened.


Heaven said...

Thanks for clarifying Col. I figured there had to be more to the story then just them denying him for erotic art.

nellieoleson said...

well said heaven, denise told me u were the person who turned me down from joining kts, i hope u reconciter my application, peace love nellie oleson walnut grove minnasota

JRCD2 said...

I think denying Bobby parole for 3 years is a travesty of justice.
The reasons given for his denial still don't make a damn bit of sense to me.

salome said...

The reasons really don't make sense to me either. Of course, the reasons they give Leslie don't make sense either. Regardless, of whether I want them to stay imprisoned or not (which I do), I can admit that the reason wasn't fair. The parole board just seems to make flimsy excuses because they can't come out and say that they are never going to release them. They are running out of excuses in regards to Leslie and Bobby anyway.